20 Alternatives to 1Password

1Password is a multipurpose and cross platform password manager that is available for Windows, Mac, and smartphones for managing social media accounts and many other platforms. It is a platform for managing all information at one place for storing logins, credit cards information, identities, notes and other important data that you will never like to share with others because of security issues. The password managing system of the 1Password allows the users to add their websites in the 1Password along with account information and the next time when they will be required to login that website they are simply required to use 1Password and login to that website instead of manually inserting every information. This was just about a single website and then accessing it. In 1Password, you can add many websites as you want. Use 1Password and login to websites and your accounts without remembering any password, fill credit cards and identities without typing and many others. In addition to all these, the users can keep other non-relevant personal data in the 1Password as well. Simply use 1Password and keep everything secure and securely access everything as well. 1Password has also an auto form filler system as well where you are required to first save all your personal data with the 1Password and next time when you will be required to fill any form simply use 1Password and it will fill it out by itself.

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KeePass is an open source password manager that is primarily used to manage all the passwords of social media accounts and other websites or the system itself at a centralize place and then instead of manually putting password each time in a website simply using the KeePass to enter the password. Almost everyone who like to use the internet regularly, have multiple accounts on social media sites, web platforms and…

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Dashlane is an ultimate password manager, digital wallet and auto form filler. Single setup of Dashlane can be used for two basic internet requirements of managing and securing passwords of almost all websites in a digital wallet of Dashlane and auto form filling system that saves the time of the users. Dashlane is a way to track your password all the time and automatically login to any social media platform…

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KeePassX is a highly encrypted password and data management application. If you are such type of person who remains worried about your private credentials then KeePassX is for you. The advantages and benefits of using KeePassX are that it will save all of your information including usernames, passwords, URLs, attachments and lot of other online activities in a single database. The password saving system of KeePassX then allow the users…

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RoboForm is s multifunctional password keeper and password manager that is available for free for almost all Windows operating systems. RoboForm delivers the users with a highly encrypted password manager where they can keep the al their accounts credentials secure and safe like keeping in a digital locker or wallet. If you are tired of remembering each and every password and inserting it again and again then RoboForm is the…

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PasswordBox is a free password manager and tracker that deliver the users with the system of managing multiple accounts and logins from a single platform. Don’t worry if you are using multiple users names and accounts, simply use the all-in-one password manager of PasswordBox that will assist you in managing all of your accounts. PasswordBox is available for Windows, OS X, and smartphones as well. The best about PasswordBox is…

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Secret Server

Secret Server is an enterprise level of a password manager that itself comes in the enterprise version. Secret Server is basically designed for the IT administrators and IT professional to manage their passwords. Secret Server is an enterprise application that is particularly designed for active directory integration and automatic changing of passwords on servers, workstations, routers and many others. The Secret Server provides granular permissions and full auditing for accountability.…

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Sticky Password Pro

Sticky Password Pro is an automatic password manager and form filler that enhances the efficiency of the users by saving their time that otherwise wasted in logging each time of filling the new form. The password management system of Sticky Password Pro allow the users to keep the list of those websites where they are required to frequently check in and also provide the username along with password as well.…

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Handy Password Manager

Handy Password Manager is a multipurpose password manager and form filler that memories the all information regarding accounts and other data and stores the entire data of the users. Next time it automatically fills the web forms on the requirements of its users. This system of Handy Password Manager saves the time of the users as they are not required to each time provide the all details of their when…

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Secure Login

Secure Login is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox that is integrated with the solution of password management for those users who have to frequently login to various websites. By using the Secure Login the can overcome on the basic issue of logging into each and every desired website again and again. The process is very simple that starts from installing the extension and then adding the all websites along…

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KeyWallet is a free to use password manager and tracking system that delivers the users with the ease of saving the accounts information of any website and accessing these at any time and from anywhere. The users are only required to remember the one master account and password and that will be of the KeyWallet. Now in the KeyWallet, the users can save the each and every type of their…

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Keefox is an ethical password manager and auto login system that features a comprehensive password encryption system and auto login system. After using the Keefox you will save that it has saved a lot of your time and you are nor more required to lost passwords as everything is being managed by the Keefox. It is a simple to use and highly configurable application that works quickly as it has…

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PassPack is a multipurpose password manager and auto login system that can be used by both individuals and large enterprises. PassPack has its own encryption system that provides the highly secure environment to the users to manage and organize all of their passwords. It is a way to maintain the strong password. The password management system of the PassPack enables the users to manage multiple logins per site. A lot…

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Intuitive Passwords

Intuitive Passwords is one of the best web based password manager and data storage platform. Data storage in that sense here you can save your personal and important information safe and secure. Intuitive Passwords simplifies the online searching experience of the users by simply providing them a platform where they can save the accounts and passwords of all of their favorite websites in order to get the easiest access and…

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Mitto Password Manager

Mitto Password Manager is a cross platform password and accounts manager that delivers the free service of adding the passwords and accounts information of multiple websites in one place and checking in to this website in future on demands. Instead of remembering the login information or user name and password of each and every website it is best to keep the all that secure at that platform that in addition…

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Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is a flexible yet secure means for password management and important data storage platform. Having Keeper Password Manager means having a digital vault all the time with you that except you no one can dare to access. The multi factor authentication system of Keeper Password Manager ensures the safety and security of the users by granting access to the valid persons only. In addition to keeping the…

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mSecure password manager is a fine blend of the protection and flexibility that is based on the personal requirements of the users. mSecure provides the straightforward solution to managing passwords, storing information and sharing with others. Today every website uses the system of account making for their own record and the willing users are required to go for that. Now it becomes a headache for the users to remember the…

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LogMeOnce is a multifunctional password and security management solution. Only those users can understand the need of having a password manager who are frequently required to access their multiple accounts and for this, they have to provide username and password again and again. But LogMeOnce is the solution of these users and it provides them a centralized platform where they can enlist the all of their favorite websites and can…

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Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe is a password and online identity management platform by the Norton for keeping the private data regarding passwords and other personal information safe and secure. Norton Identity Safe is a free to use password manager that even allow its users to freely logging into their demanded sites easier and more secure. The process of Norton Identity Safe for auto logging is merely like other password managers where…

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Trend Micro Password Manager

Trend Micro Password Manager is a one password management system for your entire websites login. Trend Micro Password Manager is a website password management platform that lets the users manage the all of the login IDs, usernames, and passwords of their favorite websites. All the required to use the Trend Micro Password Manager where they can keep all these logins secure at a central secure location and can access anytime…

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LastPass is an all-in-one password manager and multiple for filler. The powerful encryption system of the LastPass allows the users to generate the random password for their all accounts and save them in a digital wallet in shape of LastPass. Next time when they are required to access the accounts simply use the LastPass and login to the account about whatever it is. It is simply a secure digital wallet…

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