8 389 Directory Server Alternatives

389 Directory Server is an open source LDAP server that was first known by the name of Fedora Directory Server. 389 Directory Server is said to be the enterprise level of the management server that is best known for its multi-master replication system and the featured of handing the largest LDAPs at the same time. It is a free to use server system that can be used for the handling of small to largest level of the enterprises server management system. The three most important advantages of using 389 Directory Server are performance, reliability and scalability. When it comes to performance than 389 Directory Server is capable of handling the thousands of functions at the same time. In term of reliability, 389 Directory Server is the provider to a stable directory server that contains the rich feature set of backup technologies. 389 Directory Server is the one of the largest databases that depends on the size of your hard disk. Despite the fact that it provides the advanced level of functionalities to its users, 389 Directory Server provide the high throughout performance and ease of expansion at the same time. The main highlighted features and functions of 389 Directory Server are surety for high performance, multi master replication system, availability of extensive documentation, availability of active directory user, group synchronization system, support for LDAPv3 and many others.

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Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that developed for Microsoft Windows domain networks and is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. An AD domain controller authenticates and authorizes all users and computer in a Windows domain type network assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software. For example, when a user logs into a computer that…

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Univention Corporate Server

Univention Corporate Server is an efficient and highly advanced IT system that integrates the open source software to make the networking work in the largest enterprises simple and easy. Univention Corporate Server is the perfect solution for those who want to get the solutions of the basic MS Windows server. In addition to integrating the features and functions of MS Windows Server, Univention Corporate Server has owned sets of features…

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Apache Directory

Apache Directory is the independent directory of those tools and programs that are basically used in any kind of LDAP servers. However, there is only one limitation, and that is Apache Directory can be used with the ApacheDS only. It is a kind of Eclipse RCP application that is based on the composition of several OSGI plugins and architectures that can be easily upgraded by using the other additional tools…

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LepideAuditor for Active Directory

LepideAuditor for Active Directory is said to be the must have part of the IT environment and IT administration purpose. The real benefit of using LepideAuditor for Active Directory will emerge in case of sudden failure in the implications of any program in the ITT system or when there will be chances of catastrophic of implications or failure of any event. Despite the fact that continuous developments are being made…

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OpenLDAP is an open source program for the successful implementation of the LDAP in the IT and networking environment. OpenLDAP is the solution provider of an independent platform known as LDAP. Most of the Linux distro use the OpenLDAP programs for the support of LDAP. Being a multiplatform software, OpenLDAP is available for the Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Solaris and few others operating systems and devices. The three most…

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JXPlorer is an open source and globalized Java base LDAP browser that contains an extensive range of extensible architecture to extends its functionalities. JXPlorer support for the GUI browsing, LDIF, DSML and second and third version of LDAP. JXPlorer is a cross-platform LDAP browser that works as the LDAP editor as well. JXPlorer is a standard compliant general purpose LDAP client that can be easily used for the purpose of…

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ApacheDS is basically the one of the largest directory providers of those featured rich directories that are extensible and embeddable at the same time. ApacheDS is entirely written in Java and has been authorized for the purpose of using with the LDAPv3 because it is compatible with the LDAPv3 for this purpose. The two basic functions supported by the ApacheDS are Change Password Protocol and Kerberos 5. ApacheDS is basically…

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Samba is a free and open source program that is the provider of file and printing services to the SMB and CIFS-based clients. Samba is freely available and very different from most of the CIFs and SMB implementations because it permits it users with the option of interoperability between UNIX and Linux servers and even Windows-based clients as well. Samba is said to be a program that is capable of…

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