14 Alternatives to A Note

A Note is a sticky notes maker to create the notes type of post-it. The free notes making system of A Note is only available for Windows operating systems as well. The best about A Note is that it never distract the users while working on their other projects as instead of floating on the desktop or on the top of Windows, it makes the home in the system tray and the user can any time access it from there with a single or double click to appear on the main screen. Its features are not as greater as compared to the other one but still it is doing its best by providing the features and functions in shape of alarm system, printing option, font adjustment, note color changing, autosave system, dockable format, and a lot of other features. The best here is its alarm system. Sometimes it happened that notes even missed over important tasks despite the fact that we have created the notes. The reason behind that it is not enough to create the note only. What matter most is to stay in touch with that and alarm is the best option that keeps us warn and alert about the notes we have created. Then there is translation system in the A Note that is for translating the notes in other languages.

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7 Sticky Notes

7 Sticky Notes is a free desktop notes application that creates sticky notes directly on the desktop of computer and assists the users in organizing and scheduling tasks. The core features of 7 Sticky Notes are powerful tasks & to-do list organizer, cool looking desktop notes, amazing user interaction, beautiful visual effects, and light, reliable & fully customizable. The super cool and useful sticky notes of the 7 Sticky Notes…

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If you are tired of using paper notes or want to make the environment of notes paperless then here is a little utility for PC that will allow you to down any your important tasks and display on the desktop of your PC. It is Stickies that make it easy for the users to manage all of their notes or to-do lists without even messing with the settings of the…

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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is an integrated feature of adding notes in the Windows operating systems. The feature automatically installed in the PC during the installation of the fresh copy of Windows on the PC. The users of Windows OS can freely use the available Sticky Notes in their PC to write and manage a to-do list, writing any phone number, urgent work to do, or a lot of other notes and…

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Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes is software that enables the users to keep everything in mind. Simple Sticky Notes is a totally free, simple, fast, efficient, and easy-to-use note taking software. Check out what will you get by simply using the Simple Sticky Notes; an easy to use system to put important bits of info down and to retrieve them. Love the color choice options and doesn’t seem to be a limit…

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StickyPad is an easy to use and invaluable system to make the digital notes and place them on any part of the desktop. StickyPad enables the users to keep every reminder on the desktop and make a comprehensive to-do list. This is an easy-to-use tool that enables the users to place sticky notes on the desktop screen. There are many unique features in StickyPad like writing and accessing the notes…

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Hott Notes

Hott Notes is a free reminder for Windows operating systems. It is totally free without additional advertisements, pop-ups, and spyware. The features that are in favor of Hott Notes are the reminder of important events, a checklist to keep track of work, scribble to write notes with style, pleasant interface, customizable themes & tools, editing notes and clicking done when finished, managing large number of notes in a single platform.…

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Atnotes is a free and easy-to-use tool that enables the users to schedule their tasks and create a to-do list by creating notes and placing them on the desktop screen. It uses very low space and memory of the system. The other impressive thing about Atnotes is that it automatically makes a short key in the system tray and allows the users to use a distraction free desktop. Unlike most…

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Kontact – Knotes

Kontact – Knotes is an open source sticky and digital notes provider that comes with the infinite number of blocks and sticky notes. The notes and blocks that are being offered by the Kontact – Knotes are totally configurable and customizable that allows the users to deal with their notes according to their liking. There is no system of the lot of themes in the Kontact – Knotes as instead…

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PNotes that stands for Portable Notes or Printable Notes is a notes making system for Windows for managing and organizing your day-to-day life. There are so many things regarding housekeeping, shopping, making a to-do list, completing tasks on the daily basis and all these requires serious planning on user part. PNotes is a way that allows these busy users to never miss their train again by forgetting any important event…

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Evernote Sticky Notes

Evernote Sticky Notes is an easy and efficient note taking and making the tool that lets the users create simple and easy to readable to-do list. The best about Evernote Sticky Notes is that it automatically synchronized with the other platform and even the cloud storage platforms in order to share the notes with others as well. Available in various classes of colors along with elegant color schemes that are…

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Sticky Notes 8

Sticky Notes 8 is an elegant and simple to use sticky notes creating tool for the Windows operating system. Sticky Notes 8 provides its users with the system of synchronization with the other devices. That means the notes created in the Windows can be accessed from the Windows smartphones and tablet PC as well. In addition to providing the unlimited notes, Sticky Notes 8 provides the users with the configuration…

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DeskNotes is a sticky note creating software for desktop PC. In addition to simply creating the new stick notes, DeskNotes allow the users to convert their existing notes with the sticky notes as well. DeskNotes is a way to keep the ideas organized at a single place and accessing them anytime. The users can even create the reminders and alerts for their upcoming events and important tasks as well. There…

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AltarSoft Sticky Notes Manager

AltarSoft Sticky Notes Manager is an electronic or digital sticky note making application to add the simple sticky notes on the desktop about the important tasks and events and getting in touch with them all the time. AltarSoft Sticky Notes Manager allows the users to create the transparent sticky notes on the desktop screen. AltarSoft Sticky Notes Manager make it easy for the users to create the notes according to…

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Rockford Sticky Notes

Based on the modern user interface and more fabulous colors, Rockford Sticky Notes is a sticky note creator that works on the keyboard shortcuts. Rockford Sticky Notes is a way to make your life easier by organizing the important tasks and to-do list in an organized platform. The best about Rockford Sticky Notes is that it will keep all your notes safe and organized even after the sudden shutdown, system…

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