13 Alternatives to Academic Presenter

Academic Presenter is a presentation maker that lets the presentation maker to create a special type of vector-based presentations. Academic Presenter is the professional way of presenting the rough ideas into a sleek and professional way. It is such a nice platform for representing the large graphs in addition to raster images, audios, and videos. The functions of Academic Presenter are divided into two parts; the first part or sector is for proposing handy tools to create frames and graphs. While the second one is for animation purpose that enables the users to create stunning transitions in camera and elements for representing various segments to the presentation. The other best thing that is about Academic Presenter is that it is a totally free presentation maker for each and every type of work. Academic Presenter lets the users create huge graphs like hierarchical and vector-based presentations by using the various levels and tools available in Academic Presenter.

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FreeOffice is a free program for creating the creative presentation. FreeOffice is a multiplatform program that is available for Windows, Linux, and Android mobile operating systems. It is free for use for both home and business purposes. Most of the people considered it a software that can be used instead of Microsoft Office as well as it employs the TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations. FreeOffice is one of the best and…

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LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress is a fully featured application of the LibreOffice for creating stunning and amazing multimedia presentations. LibreOffice Impress is actually the part of the open source office suite of the LibreOffice that is developed and produced by The Document Foundation. For those presenters who are looking for a free and open source presentation maker are suggested to use the LibreOffice Impress for creating the effective and impressive multimedia presentations.…

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Google Slides

Google Slides is the product of Google that is for creating the presentation and slideshows. In office productivity tools, there are basically three parts that are word processor, spreadsheet, and a presentation program. Among these Google Slides is a tool of Google that is for making presentations. Google Slides is an application for creating inspiring, beautiful, impactful, and stunning presentations. By using the Google Slides, anyone can freely create, edit,…

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LaTeX is an application for creating slides for presentations. LaTeX is a presentation making program that supports the both LaTeX-dvips and pdflatex. Just like its previous version, LaTeX has special syntax for reshaping slides. LaTeX is available for Windows and Unix-based operating systems. It is one of the best presentation making applications that is used for creating the professional and high level of presentations. Among a lot of available packages…

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WPS Office

WPS Office stands for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet Office. WPS Office is an application for the Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems for creating stunning presentations. As apparent from its name, writer, presentation, and spreadsheet, WPS Office is such a great application that can be used for any purpose either word processing, spreadsheets making and making the stunning presentations. The basic version of WPS Office is available for free,…

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Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a brand new presentation application that is a means for telling your story and data in a creative and beautiful way. Just start your work with few and rough ideas and then the tools of Haiku Deck will assist you in presenting your ideas in a comprehensive and professional way. Either it is about your business idea, a photo slideshow, a minimal manifesto, or student presentations, Haiku…

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Zoho Office Suite

Zoho Office Suite is a basically a web-based office suite and SaaS application for presentations making. Zoho Office Suite is basically integrated with the powers of performing word processing, spreadsheets, databases, note-taking, web conferencing, CRM, project management, invoicing and various other tools. Zoho Office Suite is a web-based application whose most features are available for free. Zoho Office Suite is an open source application and programming interface that is best…

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SlideDog is a multimedia presentation application that gives the freedom to users to present whatever they want in a professional to create an impact over the audience. Time to using traditional slide creator has gone away. Now it is the era of SlideDog for creating seamless presentations. SlideDog is such an advanced application that lets its users combine any media into one multimedia presentation. If the question is about embedding…

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MediaShout is a presentation software that is for Church usage. MediaShout lets the users create and present the ministry messages to the audience. The newer version of MediaShout is integrated with a lot of advanced and high-tech features. The main features and functions of MediaShout are multiple objects per slide (all on the same slide), announcement deck & manager (automatically manage announcement), stage mirroring (mirror your main display), new user…

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Kingsoft Office Presentation

Kingsoft Office Presentation is the part of Kingsoft Office Suite. Kingsoft Office Presentation is a free presentation maker that is regarded as the competitor of MS Office PowerPoint. This tool is capable in building impressive presentation slideshow with rich features and elements. The totally free version of Kingsoft Office Presentation lets the users to easily and quickly create professional and dynamic presentations and slideshows through its user-friendly features that are…

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Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is the chief open-source office software package for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. The suite comprises a Writer which helps users in composing, editing, formatting, and sometimes printing of any type of written material; Calc which offers spreadsheet for analyzing and storage of data in tabular form; Impress that is employed to display information in the form of a slide show with three supreme functions,…


Powerpoint is such an application which offers you to draw slides that help beautifying the presentation. Developed by Microsoft, PowerPoint provides convenient options for new users as well who can easily form what they like to. It was officially launched on May 22, 1990, as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although, it was a trend-setting program yet there are quite a number of other such software which can…


Keynote is a presentation application that is the part of iWork productivity suite. Keynote is developed by the Apple Inc. for Max OS X operating systems. Keynote is a presentation making application for Mac OS X users and lets the users create and present beautiful and stunning presentation.  Keynote is integrated with a lot of presentations and effects tools that brings the visual ideas in a soft life. The features…

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