15 Alternatives to Accountable2You

Accountable2You is for maintaining the integrity of your business and home environment. Accountable2You is a multiplatform application that is available for iOS, Android, Windows operating system, Google Chrome extension, and Kindle Fire. Accountable2You is an accountability application for all type of devices. Accountable2You is a multiplatform application including Windows, Chrome Browser, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Use Accountable2You and be responsible for maintaining integrity. The top notch features of Accountable2You are simple device management, real-time alerts, full activity reports, safe & secure environment, privacy, powerful rating system, time limit alert system and much more. Each device that is supported with Accountable2You has its own accountability partners. Accountable2You is easy to use application whose installation process is very simple. Accountable2You is for unlimited accountability partners and unlimited devices per account. Get alerts in real-time for highly questionable activity. Accountable2You provides alerts report generated hourly for all questionable activities, etc.

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Norton Family

Norton Family is a parental control software for arranging the safe web browsing for the children. By using this application, parents can ensure the internet safety for their child to restrict them intentionally or unintentionally restricted from the adult websites, videos and images. In past, it was known by the name of Online Famliy.Norton. Norton Family is actually a cloud-based parental control platform that is for those parents who wants…

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HomeGuard Activity Monitor

HomeGuard Activity Monitor is actually a power filter, screenshots, and keyloggers based on user actions, program blocker, internet time restriction and adult content blocker software that provides the online and offline security. HomeGuard Activity Monitor is an advanced and professional parental control application. In addition to parental control, HomeGuard Activity Monitor also works as activity monitoring as well and provides an online and offline safety to family and child. The…

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K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection is another powerful application that lets the parents to fully control the activities of their kids over the internet. It gives the power to the parents to filter and control the adult content, advertisement and inappropriate websites. K9 Web Protection is regarded as one of the best parental control and internet filtering application that lets the parents provide a safe and healthier internet environment to their kids.…

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Anti-Porn is a porn blocker application that lets the parents arrange safe and secure internet for their child. The best about Anti-Porn is that it enables the users to block thousands of porn websites that are in English, Japanese, Russian and dozens of other international languages. Anti-Porn is regarded as one of the best parental control application that lets the users protect their kids from inappropriate and adult websites and…

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Qustodio is for managing and controlling the children’s internet activity. Qustodio is best for protecting, understanding and managing the internet activity of your child. Qustodio is for those parents who wants to keep an eye over the online activities of their child. Qustodio lets the users block harmful and adult websites, content and protect their child from online bullying. Qustodio is regarded as one of the best parental control application.…

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NxFilter is a free web filtering application that controls the user activity on the internet. It enables the users to monitor the activity of their child over the internet from searching to internet usage and block user request for websites. NxFilter is a gateway to safe and bullying free the internet. NxFilter is a freeware web filter for everyone. Setting NxFilter is very easy as it doesn’t require too much…

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Salfeld Child Control

Salfeld Child Control is a parental control application for parents to arrange safe and secure internet for their child over Windows operating systems. Salfeld Child Control enables the parents to restrict access the child to websites, browsers, messengers, games, etc. Salfeld Child Control is an application for Windows PCs. No one wants their kids to access adult and harmful websites and keeping themselves busy over the computer in their free…

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CyberPatrol Parental Controls

CyberPatrol Parental Controls is a tool that allows the parents to monitor the activities of their child over the internet. Parents can block the adult contents either it is video, image or advertisements by using the CyberPatrol Parental Controls. CyberPatrol Parental Controls works as an internet blocker and controller as well. The advantages of using CyberPatrol Parental Controls are getting control over the activities of child over system and internet,…

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BrowseControl is a website filter application for business and enterprises who wants to control the internet access and block websites in the office environment. It can be also used by the parents for arranging safe and secure internet for their child. BrowseControl is an application for internet access control and web filtering software. The advantages of using BrowseControl are blocking any websites and content easily, implement a restricted internet using…

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DansGuardian is a powerful web content, URL and PICS filtering application that can be used by all. It can be used for restricting children from accessing porn and adult websites and can be used in the office environment as well. In addition to controlling websites, DansGuardian also works as virus filtering and integrated with monitoring functions as well. DansGuardian is a multiplatform application that is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux…

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Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Family Safety is actually the service by Windows operating systems for setting up child accounts and adds them to your secure family account. After adding them in a family account, the child will not be able to see inappropriate content. Windows Live Family Safety lets the parents assist their child to stay safe online by creating a child accounts for them and adding them to the family account…

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Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is an internet accountability and web filtering application. It is for monitoring what you child do online and instructing to them about it. Parents can see where their kids go online and restrict their approach to adults and inappropriate control. Covenant Eyes is also called an internet accountability software or simply accountability software. Covenant Eyes is a multiplatform application that lets the users avoid pornography use and set…

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Pluckeye is a free to use internet content filter. Pluckeye is specially designed for self-control while searching the internet. It automatically blocks the inappropriate websites and content. Pluckeye is one of the best internet content filter and porn filter that is designed with the purpose of making the user able to get control over their self. Blocking inappropriate material for others and blocking content for self, are two different problems.…

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Protectr is a sophisticated and advanced parental control software that lets the parents arrange secure and safe internet for their child over Android handsets and tablets. Use Protectr and control the activities of your child. So, use Protectr and give Android phone or tablet to your child confidently. Protectr is such a nice application that provides the parents a system to control the behaviour of their child while using the…

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Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes is an internet filter application for Mac and PC. This parental control application enables the parents to filter websites, videos, and music. The user can also get reports of searching in the shape of messages as well. Safe Eyes lets the users of Windows and PC to filter websites, videos, music, social networking, instant messaging, gaming, time limits and much more. Safe Eyes lets the users get real-time…

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