26 Alternatives to AceMoney

AceMoney is a personal financial management system that is designed for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. AceMoney called itself the replacement of the leading financial management software and programs. By using the AceMoney, the users can manage their financial life in a more organized way. It is a program that will offer you with the accounts management system of assigning different accounting heads to your financial transactions. The best about AceMoney is that it supports for the various international currencies and make them able to manage their accounts in their own currencies. The users can even add own currency as well. Either it is about management of online banking records, or recording of expenses, tracking the spending habits or keeping the record of any other type of income and expense, AceMoney is best for all. AceMoney is made for those users who don’t know about accounting. So, simply use the AceMoney and deal with your accounts and financial life as you are a professional accountant. A free trial is available for all, however, in order to access the full features and commands of AceMoney you will be required to go to the full version of AceMoney that is available for $39.99.

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Quicken is a multipurpose personal finance management program that is used for meeting the requirements of personal financial management life. By using this program, the users can control the basic requirements of financial issues like money management, budgeting, income and expense management and many more. Quicken is available for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems users. By using this personal finance management program the users of both operating…

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Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, multi-platform, multi-purpose, and all set private finance tool. It initially supports manage one’s finance and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a nice utility to get a bird’s eye view of your financial worth. The software takes in all the essential features that mostly users would like to see in a personal finance tool. It is…

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Buxfer is a free online finance tool for budgeting and expense organizing. It allows assessing shared expenses, split bills, and debts. It offers you easily monitor all your accounts through one and unified place. There is even an iPhone app that lets you to crunch in those digits anywhere, anytime. It also allows you track shared expenses so if you and comrades decided to go out for some amusement, you…

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MoneyTrackin is online money and other financial management system for getting full command and control over the entire financial life by using the easy to use yet powerful financial management tools. The best about MoneyTrackin is that its financial system is based on the generally acceptable accounting principles that are approved by the International Accounting Standard Boards. MoneyTrackin is a free online service that helps you in acquiring an outstanding…

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Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money was the personal finance management program by the Microsoft that was capable of dealing with the online banking system, managing the personal financial life, maintaining the account balances, tracking the income and expenses, creating the budgeting, viewing the cash flows forecasting and dealing with other kinds of financial issues as well. It is still available for downloading and installing but support by the Microsoft for Microsoft Money had…

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Microsoft Money Plus Sunset

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset is the money management solution by the Microsoft that is introduced by the Microsoft as a replacement for its previous money management system Microsoft Money. It is also the replacement of the other three versions of Microsoft Money Plus namely Microsoft Money Plus Essentials, Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe and Microsoft Money Plus Premium versions. All current version of Microsoft Money Plus Sunset is online. For those…

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HomeBank is a free tool that can be utilized to manage your individual accounts. It is intended to assess your finances elaborately using robust filtering tools and graphs. If you are searching for an easy way to organize your accounts, then HomeBank should be the tool of choice. It even provides to different individuals scattered all across the globe as it’s available in almost 50 languages and operates on Mac…

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KMyMoney is a personal finance management system for the Mac and Windows operating system users that is based on the system of double entry accounting principles and recordkeeping. There are no means of maintaining the record if it is not based on those principles that are necessary for an excellent management of the accounts. KMyMoney is a program that provides you the solution to this basic issue by offering you…

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MoneyWiz is a personal financial solution for iDevices that contains the almost four hundred plus features and functions regarding the management of accounting and financial records. The best about MoneyWiz is that it contains those accounting solutions that assist the users in dealing with their financial life in a best and more perfect way. MoneyWiz is a multiplatform and multifunctional money management solution that is offering its money management system…

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MoneyManagerNET is an open source personal accounting and finance solution that is based on the most of the features and functions of MoneyManagerEX. Its way of working and managing the accounts of its users are as much same as of the MoneyManagerEX. So, here the users can expect the almost same style of working. MoneyManagerNET is a free, open-source, multi-platform, multipurpose, and all set private finance tool. It initially supports…

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Squirrel is a simple yet powerful personal financial application for the Mac OS X operating system that assists the users in planning and tracking the personal with more ease and fun. Squirrel is a nice way to organize your transaction in a more comprehensive way. Managing too many accounts on papers is a little hard task but all you can do by simply using the Squirrel that will make it…

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iCompta is a multiple account management program that is designed with the purpose of providing the easy solution and systems to manage the personal finances in a more systemized way. Simply use the iCompta and it will work as your personal assistant and will assist you in controlling your financial life in a more organized way. iCompta is a multifunctional financial solution that will assist you in managing all of…

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Moneyspire is said to be the advanced level of personal finance management and budgeting program for the Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating system users. Moneyspire is now available for iOS devices as well and allow the users to sync the desktop version of Moneyspire with its version for Apple smartphones. That system of Moneyspire allows the users to access their personal accounts anytime from any part of the…

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If you are looking for a personal financial management tool that assist you in tracking your income and expenses and also support for the system of budget management then SmartAmount will be a great help for you that will provide you the solution of the basics personal finance and money management issues. Unlike most of the data analysis systems, SmartAmount focus is not on the revenue and income only; rather…

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Here is LoveMoney to get more outcome and real benefit from your money. If you are unable to manage too many physical and paper accounts then here is the LoveMoney to digitalize your financial life according to acceptable accounting principles. LoveMoney is for those clever and smart people who are want to personalize their account in a more systemized and are in the need of those tools that let them…

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Money for Mac

Money for Mac is an ultimate finance management solution to manage the financial life in a more comprehensive way. Either it is about keeping the record of income and expenses, management of investments of budgets, control the bills or reminders for bill, or anything else that is directly or indirectly linked with the financial issues, Money for Mac will provide you the solution for all. The other best quality of…

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Personal Capital

For the first time, Personal Capital is a wealth management system that works in addition to providing the solution for the personal finance as well. Personal Capital is a highly advanced and configured way to take control of the money, manage personal assets, track the investments and organize and control the financial life in a more advanced and systemized way by adapting the intellectual strategies. By using the Personal Capital,…

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jGnash is a multiplatform and multifunctional financial management application that is based on the concept of double entry accounting system. Double entry means the entry passed in the one head of accounts will automatically get its effect in the other respective accounts automatically. The other quality of jGnash is that it can import the files into formats of OFX and QIF as well. That means you can import the record…

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Banktivity is a full featured personal accounting system for the Mac OS X operating systems. Either it is about making the budgets or keeping the record of online bill payment or the management of personal wealth, Banktivity will delivers you the best ever accounting solution that will assist you in organizing your financial life in a more systemized and organized way. Simply use the Banktivity and take control of your…

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iFinance is the name of comprehensive and user-friendly approach towards the financial life. iFinance is an application that will help you in keeping the track of personal income and expense of all type. The best about iFinance is that it can be even used for business purposes as well but for the small size business only. For the first time when you will use the iFinance you will be very…

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Fortora Fresh Finance

Fortora Fresh Finance is a straightforward and easy to use personal wealth and money management solution for the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems users. The easy to understand system of Fortora Fresh Finance make the users able to track their bills, income & expenses, monitoring the investment & budget and performing various other functions easily. Fortora Fresh Finance has the ability to sync between Mac and Windows systems…

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MoneyLine is a personal accounting and finance software that delivers the easy to use home accounting and checkbook system for the personal purposes. MoneyLine is for those users who want to track all of their money and wealth either it is about bank accounts, a track of income and expenses and organizing the financial issues to control them in a better way. The main advantages of using MoneyLine are the…

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BankTree is a highly personalized nature of personal finance tool that will make it very straightforward and easy for you to get the full command and control over your personal financial life. Whatever your current financial situation is, BankTree will always make a room for you to keep it as per your own requirement by assisting you in setting personal saving goals. BankTree is available in the format of both…

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Mint is a web-based money management application. Check out what Mint can do; credit card records, bill due and payment records, bank register, bill management, budgeting & investment, credit score, etc. No downloading, no installing, use in the air. Today in the world of technology earning more is no more difficult issue but managing the earning is the real one. Mint is that accounting software that lets its users manage…

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CheckBook, as apparent from the name, is a kind of digital check registers that enables the users to manage their bank and check records at a centralized place. But the other best feature of CheckBook is that it also works as a personal finance manager in addition to maintenance of check records. It was basically designed for Mac OS X, but now it is also available for iOS and Android…

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GnuCash is a free accounting tool for individuals and small business to maintain mega-transactions. GnuCash is available for free for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. This open source accounting software lets its users maintain their record of their day to day transactions. Those small businesses that are looking for full-fledged accounting software are advised to use GnuCash and centralize their whole accounting department. The interface of GnuCash…

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