12 Alternatives to AcroBible

AcroBible is a Bible application that contains the full version of Old Testaments and New Testaments. AcroBible is a multiplatform application that is largely available for almost all mobile operating systems. AcroBible is a new way to enjoy the Bible reading experience in an offline environment and particularly designed to enhance the Bible reading experience of its users. The easy to use touch interface of AcroBible make it easy and simple for the users to easily search for any particular verse and navigate from one chapter to another one and study the Bible with a brand new reading experience. The main features that are the part of the all versions of the AcroBible are availability of full version of both Old and New Testaments, advanced search system that support the both phrases and single word, system for creating and managing bookmarks in the app, option to attach multiple notes to multiple verses, availability of two reading modes landscape and portrait, setting the Bible reading plans for a whole year, sync bookmarks, and notes, a lot of study tools available for downloading, free devotional downloads and a lot of others.

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With the availability of almost 1200 Bible versions, Bible is a free to read Bible application that allows the smartphone users to get the advantage of reading and understanding the Bible right in their smartphone. The main advantage of using Bible app is that in addition to providing the text based versions of Bible, this application support for the system of audio listening of bibles as well. The users of…

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Bible+ is the availability of dozens of multiple versions of Bible in which most popular one are NASB, NIV, KJV and various others. Bible+ provide its readers with the best selection option and to switch between a primary and additional version of Bible according to their own requirement to get the knowledge of the Bible in an easy to understandable environment. For the information of readers, Bible+ has no support…

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Bible.is is an application to experience the words of God in an easy to understand the environment. Bible.is make it easy for its readers to read all verses and chapters of Bible in an easy to read the environment and scroll for any part of the Bible simply and easily. In addition, to reading the words of God you can share these precious words with your friends as well. The…

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Holy Bible Offline

Holy Bible Offline is one of the most customizable apps that you may have ever read and will ever encounter in future. With a completely new and user catchy Bible application, Holy Bible Offline provide the best ever reading experience to the users. The best about Holy Bible Offline is that it is entirely different from the classic and traditional level of Bible apps. In addition to providing the Bible…

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Holy Bible, King James Version

Holy Bible, King James Version is the King James Version of Bible app that provides the real meanings of the words of God. Holy Bible, King James Version is particularly designed for the Android mobile operating systems that are based on the easy to use yet powerful search system. Holy Bible, King James Version also support for the annotating and bookmarking as well that enhance the reading experience of the…

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Mantis Bible Study

Mantis Bible Study is the provider of Bible apps and resources that enhance the reading experience of Bible. Mantis Bible Study is the platform of almost two hundred plus resources that can be purchased from the web site of Mantis Bible Study or from the App Store. Mantis Bible Study is the set of most advanced Bible studying tools that make the reading experience of Bible very easy and simple.…

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BibleGateway is an application to enjoy the favorite web experience of BibleGateway from the smartphones. BibleGateway is the provider of various features and functions that are in shape of reading any part of Bible and listening to the same, notes making system, option to highlights any part of favorite verses, share the text and verses with others, quick history to easily switch between different part of the chapters, and setting…

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Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is a Bible containing an application that is entirely based on the Old Testimonials of Bible and is based on the classic Hebrew and Greek word tools. For those who want to get themselves encouraged and inspired all the time by simply following the words of God are advised to use the Blue Letter Bible that will make them able to find the real treasures from the…

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Logos Bible App

Logos Bible App is Bible reading application that will assist you in taking your Bible reading and exploring level to a next stage. Logos Bible App is not about reading the Bible only at the surface; in fact, it is an application that will assist you in exploring the real meaning of Bible and getting the true message of God by going through the reading style of Logos Bible App.…

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Olive Tree Bible Study

Olive Tree Bible Study is a Bible study application that is available for almost all mobile operating systems. Olive Tree Bible Study is the perfect way to understand the real messages hidden in the words of God that He has revealed in a shape of Bible. Olive Tree Bible Study is the basically the collection of hundreds and thousands of Bible apps. In a single app, Olive Tree Bible Study…

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NIV Bible

NIV Bible is the new international version of Bible that is available in the shape of application for the smartphones. NIV Bible is the original translation of Bible in the English language that has been translated into the hundreds of renowned Christian scholars across the globe. In addition to English that is the basic version of NIV Bible, it is available in various other international languages as well making it…

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ESV CrossWay

ESV CrossWay is a Bible application that is the set of various study tools that were particularly designed to be the most beautiful and intuitive Bible reading and understanding application. ESV CrossWay provides the various selection options to its users in a shape of journaling, study, devotional, youth, text, reference and languages. Each feature of ESV CrossWay is available in the shape of a category that makes it easy and…

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