15 Acronis Alternatives

Acronis is a universal level of backup and data recovery platform for home and business users. It is one of the best ways to protect the sensitive information in a multi-layered protected platform. There are two main editions of the Acronis, Acronis for Home and Acronis for Business. It is the provider of complete and cost-effective data backup and management system. For each type of its users, Acronis delivers the backup & disk management system, disaster recovery, storage management, secure content & file access, synchronization, share the data with others and much more. Acronis is the provider of various level of services to its users that are Acronis Backup, Acronis Backup Service, Acronis Access Advanced and Acronis Disaster Recovery Service. Acronis Backup that is the point of discussion here is the name of all-in-one complete data protection with exceptional ease of use. It is also important to discuss the Acronis Backup Service that is the name of an affordable, web-based, local & cloud backup service for any system and device. Use Acronis and enjoy the secure content access, synchronization and share the solution for the enterprises. There is no free plan and trail system of Acronis. You are required to go for any paid version of the Acronis that are available in the shape of Acronis for Personal PC, Acronis Backup for Server Subscription, Acronis Backup for Workstation Subscription, Acronis Backup for Windows, Linux Servers and few others. All of these are available for different prices.

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CrashPlan is a web based data backup and data management system that will make you able securely to save all of your personal and business data. If you are afraid of losing your data because of sudden hard disk crash or system crash then simply use the online backup data management system of CrashPlan and keep all of your data safe and secure all the time. The other benefit of…

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SpiderOak is the one of the best solutions for securing your data in an online environment. It is for those who really care about the privacy of their data. SpiderOak gives an easy, protected and combined free online backup, storage, access, sharing & sync utility for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It offers a distinct idea to online backup, synchronization, and sharing. The distinction is not just evaluated in…

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BackBlaze is the name of secure and safe cloud backup and storage service that delivers the personal online backup system for both individual and commercial purposes. BackBlaze backup encrypted and uploads all your data without any trouble – no digging through folders, no picking files. Your data is backed up online to your datacenters, so nothing can spoil it. You can restore from the web or get a DVD or…

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Duplicati is the only portable backup tool which is capable of sending backups in encrypted form to another computer or MS Live SkyDrive using one of the various techniques. Duplicati is the name of a free cloud backup system that allows the users securely to save their data in an encrypted format. Duplicati is capable of working with WebDAV, SSH, Amazon S3 and various other data management and cloud data…

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Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is listed among those backup management systems that in addition to providing the platform for making the backup, contains the system of auto updating of the backup of the data. Means the built-in scheduler of Cobian Backup will allow you to update your backup automatically at regular interval of time. This will ensure that you are not living with an outdated backup and moreover you don’t need to…

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Mozy is a web based data backup solutions for keeping the computer data and other online data safe and secure in a cloud-based data backup system. You are only required first to go for any account, choose the plan and start uploading your data for the purpose of making the backup of it. Mozy is an online backup utility that provides a set-in-and-forget-it solution for backing up all of the…

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IDrive is offering its web based data backup system for PCs and all iDevices. Against a very low subscription charges, you can enjoy the one of the best states of the art data protection system of the IDrive for making the backup of your online and offline data. It will protect all of your devices at a central platform. The exceptional about IDrive is that in addition to offline, it…

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Comodo Online Backup

Comodo Online Backup is an online platform where you can securely manage the backup of your data. This cloud-based backup management system will ensure the protection of your data from all type of internal and external threats. Its cloud backup system is available for all type of users either these are of individual nature or having a business background. It is available in two version, online form and a software…

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Carbonite is the name of an automated cloud backup system for PCs and servers. The web based data backup system of Carbonite will deliver you an unlimited data protections system for your personal and commercial purposes. The way of working of Carbonite is very simple. First install it in your PC and then start making the backup. For the information of the readers, although Carbonite is available in an installable…

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SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is listed among those few cloud-based data backup management systems, offered the infinite cloud storage and encrypted automatic backup management system. The synchronization system that is considered as the must have part of the all backup management systems is also the part of SOS Online Backup that will make you able to access your data from any desktop PC or even mobile device. SOS Online Backup delivers…

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OpenDrive is the name of a web based cloud backup management and storage platform that offers the unlimited cloud storage and cloud content management systems to its users to individual and business’s needs. Real-time collaboration is one of the best features of the OpenDrive that is for those teams working on a common project. Being a cross-platform, OpenDrive is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Its API is also…

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JungleDisk is one of the leading online data backup systems for the desktops and workgroups. The primary business of the JungleDisk was to provide the threat protection system, however, now offering the backup management system as well. Being a cross platform backup solution provider, JungleDisk is fully compatible with almost all devices and operating systems making it possible for its users to get their data synchronized across all supported devices.…

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Arq Backup

Arq Backup is a cloud backup and data management system for PC and Mac users. The best about Arq Backup is that it is entirely compatible with the other leading online cloud storage providers like Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, Google Cloud Storage, etc. All your files uploaded at the Arq Backup will be stored securely and readable only by you. Three main benefits you will get from the…

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Mevvo is the provider of an unlimited data backup management system. Before going for any plan, you can use its features on a limited time trial period as well. Almost all plans of Mevvo ensures the providence of unlimited storage space to make the backup of the data. Four simple steps are required to start with Mevvo. Simply create a free account and download the setup of Mevvo for PC…

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Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup is a tool backup for Windows compatible VMware ESXi, SQL and tape. Discover the advantages of the Uranium Backup, virtual machine backup, exchange, SQL backup system, drive image backup and tape backup. Uranium Backup is said to be one of the best easy and simple to users’ platform to perform but backups of Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi/vSphere virtual machines, etc. It can even perform the backups of the…

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