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Action is a real time gameplay and screen recorder for the Windows operating systems. The quality of this recorder is that it is capable of recording videos in HD quality without generating mega file size. Being a multifunctional video recorder and screen capturing platform Action can be used for performing various other general purpose recordings as well in addition to simply gameplay recording. The other activities that you can perform by using Action are recording music, recording web player videos, capture screenshots, remotely access PC, access Android from PC to play video games and a lot of others. Now you are free to imagine about the functionalities of this universal screen and video recording platform. For all type of video and screen recording, Action will always deliver you the outstanding performance. The GPU utilization system of Action will ensure you are getting the smoothest real time HD gameplay video recording. Some of the main technical features of the Action are desktop recording & gameplay recording, desktop & gameplay live streaming, game benchmarking, FPS benchmarking, audio only recording, capturing screenshots of Windows & desktop based games, screen & gameplay recording export and upload, remote PC control with remote action system, separate audio & video managers, and support for multicore CPU. From the above mentioned features and advantages you can make a rough guess what is there for you at Action.

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Open Broadcaster Software

OBS is a video and streaming recording platform that works to record video from games, webcam, full screen or various windows. It can also be utilized to make live streaming to video sharing websites or to a custom address that you may share it with other who will watch the video you shared. It saves the captured videos as FLV or MP4 with quite fine quality and a small size.…

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Evolve is such a software that makes it easy to cast your games on Twitch, share captured images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and display your achievements and playtime. It reduces on the irritations of multiplayer gaming by presenting a party system with voice chat and effective LANs, matchmaking, and support for all major IM protocols. It is very simple that will start working when you will start…

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XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster is a desktop software deliberated to make your multimedia broadcasting and recording much easier and in a delightful manner. Its live output broadcasting trait enables you to self-produce video broadcasts, conferences, distance learning courses, campus-wide newscasts, game broadcasts and much more. It is simple yet professional live streaming platform designed to make the process of live screen capturing and recording easy and simple for you. By using this…

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D3DGear is a professional level of video game recording software that will allow you to capture video games without even affecting the game performance at any level. D3DGear is extremely rapid video game recording program and Twitch Streaming Software that can record video games to HD movie or live streams video game to twitch.tv site with finest quality and little performance blow. It allows user to capture picture video game…

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Flash Media Live Encoder

Flash Media Live Encoder is the product by the Adobe for enjoying the audio and video capturing for high quality streaming. This live audio and video capture program is a media encoder that streams the real-time audio and video to Flash Video Streaming Services or Adobe Media Server Software. This software allow its users to broadcast live events like webcasts, events, concerts, sporting events and much more. Some of the…

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Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a screen and video recording program that will take you from the start of screen recording to the end of finished video. This video and screen recorder will make you able to record all type of videos being played on the desktop screen. The activity can be any type on the desktop screen. You can even use it for recording the video games as well. This program…

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BandiCam is a screen recording tool that will allow you to record everything on the desktop either it is streaming of live channel on browser or playing of video games. Each and every part on your desktop will be record by the BandiCam in real time as per your own instructions. Two main area of functioning of the BandiCam are game recording software and Windows screen recorder. Both these sections…

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ZD Soft Screen Recorder

ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a web and desktop video recorder particularly for the PC video games. If you want to enjoy the high performance in an easy to use screen recording environment then ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a screen recording program that is designed for the Windows operating systems. First benefit of using ZD Soft Screen Recorder is that it is available in both online and desktop version.…

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WM Capture

WM Capture also known by the name of WMRecorder is a video recording and screen capturing platform to deliver you a platform to record games and other activities on the desktop screen in real time. This video recorder can also be used for recording the live chat and discussion sessions. In short, WM Capture support for the all type of screen and video recording system. It will make you able…

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SmartPixel is a multifunctional video screen capturing and video editing software for the Windows and Android mobile operating systems. For those who want to get the HD quality game videos will surely like the simple and user friendly screen capturing and recording system of the SmartPixel. This video recorder was originally designed for the gamers but now its features have been extended to various other general purpose screen capturing and…

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LoiLo Game Recorder

Just like its name, LoiLo Game Recorder is a real time video game recorder. You can even use this program as an image capturing platform as well. For the purpose of recording, LoiLo Game Recorder support for the motion JPEG format so that you can manage the right balance between image quality and file size. This will also make you able to create amazing full HD videos in a best…

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PlayClaw is the name of an advanced level of video game recording tool. This game video recorder is capable of displaying the useful overlays. The main reasons for going with the PlayClaw are the six main advantages that it is delivering to its gamers and general users. These six advantages are high performance, no limits for capture FPS, small files recording, support for many audio sources, streaming and user friendly…

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LiteCam Game

LiteCam Game is a 120FPS game capture and gameplay recorder. This software is listed among those game recorders that are capable of recording those video games that are based on the OpenGL and DirectX graphics technologies. If you are also playing that level of games want to enjoy the real time gameplay recording then here is the LiteCam Game with the same motto. It is a very easy, smooth and…

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HyperCam is the name of a universal screen capturing software that utilizes the advanced screen capturing and video recording technologies. You can use this program for even recording the 3Dfx GLIDE and DirectX based apps and games as well. After recording of the video you can simply save it into the formats of WMC, ASF, AVI and MP4 as well. In addition to recording video games and desktop screen, you…

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Screencast-O-Matic is such a program that helps you to record a video from your screen. Hence, it is a screen capture tool that operates as a browser addon on Mac computers and Windows. It is capable of saving videos like AVI, FLV or MP4. It offers to record your screen with just a few clicks, and after you are finished your video, it facilitates you to upload it from there…

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Welcome to a universal video and screen recording program that is capable of recording the screen of desktop and also of the video games. If you want to enjoy the both features and functionalities simultaneously then here is FRAPS. The exceptional about FRAPS is that you can even use it for recording those games that are based on the graphical technologies of OpenGL or DirectX. In the latest version, FRAPS…

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