15 Alternatives to Adblock Super

Adblock Super is a premium adblocker, pop-up blocker and script blocker that is available in the form of an extension for the Chrome. It is best for blockings ads across the internet including YouTube and Facebook. It blocks all advertisements on all web pages including every kind of social media, chats blogs and video uploading & downloading platforms. Just add it in Chrome and block ads of YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and even of Chrome. The best about Adblock Super is that it is not for blocking advertisement on your websites only. It also works as security maintainer as well because of having a special security module that lets the users enhance their security when they are online. By using this adblocker, the users can get the double benefit of ad blocking and privacy surety. If you are tired of viewing nasty ads or whenever you click anywhere on the websites and dozens of advertisement start to open automatically then simply use Adblock Super that will give you a high peace of mind that will ultimately result in uninterrupted searching whenever you will be on the internet. Adblock Super is a highly customizable extension that lets the users uncheck those websites from where they want to get advertisements.

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Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox that enables the users to block those annoying pop-up windows that open on mouse clicks and other user actions. Be default many web browsers doesn’t block any pop-ups that are opened on mouse click or other user events. However, Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon has the functionality of blocking the pop-ups as it adds the pop-up filters in the browser. By…

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Adguard AdBlocker

Adguard AdBlocker is an adblock extension for Firefox, Safari, Yandex, Palemoon, Opera and Chrome. It is the best extension against advertising and pop-ups. It blocks ads on Facebook, YouTube, and all other websites. It effectively blocks all types of advertising on all web pages even on social media platforms and popular video sites. It blocks all kind of ads, pop-ups, banners, text ads and other they annoy the user during…

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Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is a multi-browser ad blocking extension that is available for free for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera and almost all other popular web browsers. It can block ads of fifty most popular websites that includes social media sites, video sites, and many others. It also blocks those scripts that are developed to track your searching over the internet. Simply install the Ad Muncher and you are free to…

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Better Pop Up Blocker

Better Pop Up Blocker is a free adblocker extension that is an expert in blocks popups and popunders that are annoying you during searching and browsing on most popular websites and search engines platforms. It blocks popups and ads on every those sites and page that you visit and moreover, it also notify the users when any popup is blocked by the Better Pop Up Blocker. Better Pop Up Blocker…

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Simple Adblock

Simple Adblock is an easy-to-use adblocker for Internet Explore that is available for free. Simple Adblock is a simple approach to adblocking. No need to create advanced filter lists, just install the extension of Simple Adblock for Internet Explorer, choose your country and region and enjoy the features of Simple Adblock. It blocks all kind of advertising either it is in the form of animations, texts, gifs, JavaScript layers, or…

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Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker is an extension for Google Chrome that blocks the popups and popunders whenever you enter in a website or visit a page. Moreover, whenever a popup or popunders is blocked by Poper Blocker a notification for blocking appears so you can view blocked content by clicking on its links in the notification or click Allows Always to allow future popups from that website. The main function of any…

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Facebook AdBlock

Heading itself telling about the purpose that Facebook AdBlock is especially for Facebook users. It is available for Google Chrome only. It is a simple ad blocker for Facebook and removes all annoying Facebook ads forever. The main features of using Facebook AdBlock is that it works reliable with the new Facebook design blocks even ads in the news stream plus Facebook video ads. By simply installing the Facebook AdBlock…

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AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free way to search over the internet without even caring for the annoying ads and scripts that disrupt the searching of the serious internet users. For those who use the internet for entertainment purpose only may not think it a serious issue, but for the developers and serious researchers it is the most annoying thing that disrupts their searching over the internet continuously. Here is the…

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Ka-Block! is a special adblocking extension for the Safari browser so it can be used by the OS X users only. It is an extension that has been designed for the purpose of providing you with the ad free browsing. The other features of Ka-Block! are that it never slow down the searching speed of the visitors and also enhance the security and privacy of its users as well. Ka-Block!…

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RedMorph Browser Controller

RedMorph Browser Controller is basically a multipurpose extension for the most of the web browsers that provide the users with those tools and features that assist them in developing their web browsers as they want. These features and functions are regarding preventing unwanted content, preventing malware from downloading, filtering unwanted ads, loading web pages faster, anonymous search, and private & safe internet access. That means a single version of RedMorph…

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Adfender is an all-in-one adblocker and privacy protector that is available for almost all web browsers. By using this tool, the users can stop those advertisements and popups that automatically download and open in the multiple tabs and windows whenever the users click anywhere on the web page. This can be even used for blocking the invisible tracking that is monitoring the behavior of the users. So, it can be…

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Morally Right AdBlock

Crafted with the state-of-the-art searching and browsing technology, Morally Right AdBlock is an extension for the web browsers that basically used to blocks all type of malware, tracking, annoying ads and those that annoy the users while searching over the internet. If you want to enjoy the full speed of your internet connection for your own searching purpose only instead of sharing with those ads that keep downloading all the…

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The advertisements on the web browsers are gradually increasing day by day because these are the source of earning for the web owner and bloggers. But the serious internet searchers know that how it become difficult to focus on the content for which they are looking for because for a single piece of information they have to face the dozens of advertisements and popups that get automatically opened whenever the…

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Bluhell Firewall

Bluhell Firewall is an add-on for Firefox for those searchers who want to get the faster browsing experience by simply blocking those web resources in the shape of advertisements, pop-ups, and unwanted content. By using the Bluhell Firewall, the users of Firefox can enjoy the clean pages at a faster speed. Bluhell Firewall is basically set the basic features regarding adblocking, tracking blocker and privacy protector that’s why it is…

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NoAds is a special add-on for the Opera users that allow them to get rid of nasty ads and unwanted content that does nothing except to slow down the speed and performance of the web browser. The best about NoAds is that it is a highly configurable add-on that in addition to providing the users with control to decide for each and everything regarding blocking provides them with the system…

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