12 Alternatives to Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe Edge Web Fonts is a font providing services by the Adobe Inc. Here the graphic designers can find almost free fonts for their websites and brands. This one is a service free of cost providing access to a huge collection of fonts for your website. You can get benefits from this service free of cost and there is no limit. Adobe Edge Web Fonts provides you with the access to a wide range of web font collection made possible by contributions from Adobe, Google, and designers around the world. Adobe Edge Web Fonts contains a wide library of fonts for websites and blogs. Adobe Edge Web Fonts is one of the best platforms for graphic designers where they can find fonts of almost all style and designs at a single place. No need to search for each individual font over the internet when Adobe Edge Web Fonts is there and providing fonts for free of all type for all type of websites as well.

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Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a free platform of web fonts for web designers and graphic designers. Here the graphic designer can find high-quality commercial use fonts. Font Squirrel is a pack containing free fonts for commercial use. The company searches the web for really free and, high-quality fonts. It also has the world’s top, and only of its kind, @font-face font generator that can be used to create web-kits, or to…

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DaFont contains the fonts that are their authors’ property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. Here, you will come across the categories such as Cartoon, Comic, Groovy, Old School, Curly, Western, Eroded, Distorted, Destroy, Horror, Fire, Ice, Decorative, Typewriter, Stencil, Army, Retro, Grid, Various and much more. Here the graphic designer can find fonts of all type in alphabetical order that is an easy system for…

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Typekit is a commercial platform for getting fonts. Subscribe for subscription and get access to unlimited fonts for your web, logos, taglines and much more. The easy and quick browsing system of Typekit lets the graphic designers to instantly and quickly reach to their desired font. Typekit is marked with one of the easiest ways to use actual fonts on the internet. This one is a subscription-based service for connecting…

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FontDaddy is a source of finding fonts for free. Thousands of fonts are available at FontDaddy that can be download for PC and Mac. FontDaddy is considered to be one of the best online resources for free fonts. It contains freeware, public domain, and open source fonts. Here, you can find the plethora of free fonts for Mac and PC and download them for free. The fonts here are divided…

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Brick is the platform of free fonts that are also allowed to be used for commercial purpose for free. Brick is surely a true type of decorative ANSI font. Brick also enables the graphic designers that in addition to downloading fonts they can also share it with others as well. The category of Brick is really wide and subcategories are expanded too. Here the user can find and download various…

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Open Font Library

Open Font Library is a free database of fonts that s providing high-quality fonts for free with the aim of making the development and creation of fonts easy and simple. The fonts available at Open Font Library are released under free license system that means the fonts available at Open Font Library can be downloaded, remixed and shared for free. In addition to providing fonts, it also provides the tips…

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TypeCatcher lets you discover, search, and download Google Web Fonts to use them offline. This site allows you preview fonts with customizable size and text. Here, you can browse the source code for the development focus branch or get a copy of the branch using the commands given on the site. If you have no access to Google Web Fonts then TypeCatcher is perfect for you that will fetch Google…

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Fonts.com is the database of tens of thousands of high-quality fonts for web and desktops. Fonts.com lets the users browse high-class fonts either by simply browsing or by identity. Here the graphic designer can find out the unlimited fonts including open water, water polo, centuries, 3D, modern, techo, weddings, ceremonies, diving, year, swimming and much more.  Fonts.com is the store of almost 150,000 fonts that can be used for both…

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FontSpace is the platform of over 30,000 fonts that are available for free downloading for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. FontSpace is the platform of TrueType and OpenType fonts for both operating systems. FontSpace is the community of graphic designers where they share their fonts with other users and with that methods, FontSpace becomes a platform for getting free fonts. Almost 100,000 fonts are being downloaded on the…

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MyFonts is one of the best digital font distributors over the internet that is known for providing fonts for desktop and websites. Here the graphic designers can found fonts from classic to modern. Fonts available at MyFonts are for print, products, and screens. Every day it comes with a lot of fonts. MyFonts also work as a market for type foundries and individual type designers that are also known as…

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UrbanFonts is a place for cool fonts that are free as well. UrbanFonts is the place of fonts for PC and Mac. The fonts available at UrbanFonts are TrueType fonts. Here the user can explore both free and premium fonts. List of free fonts includes the adults, cartoons, math, science, trains, objects, desert, celebrations, happy, occasions, media and much more. Premium fonts list is also very extensive. One of the…

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1001 Fonts

1001 Fonts is a font providing platform. Its name is 1001 Fonts, but the fonts available in the directory of 1001 Fonts are not restricted to 1001 only. 1001 Fonts is the free platform for getting true type and postscript fonts for Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Almost tens of thousands of fonts are available at 1001 Fonts. Most of the fonts are free, but it also deals in high-class…

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