18 Alternatives to Aeroadmin

Aeroadmin is a free and portable remote access platform for the Windows operating systems that provide the IT and network administrators easily access the remote desktop from a local desktop PC. Accessing the remote desktop from a local desktop PC looks as the users were working on the remote PC by sitting in front of it, however, in reality, he is sitting in from of the local computer and from that place controlling and managing the remote PC.  There is no requirement of the installation as Aeroadmin is highly portable remote desktop platform. The best above all is that it works behind firewalls and NAT and requires no configuration. All the settings that are the regarded as the must have for a better controlling of any remote desktop PC are already the part of the Aeroadmin and requires no configuration. In that sense, Aeroadmin can be said as a non-customizable platform and may be proved irritating for the some users. The main advantages of using Aeroadmin are the availability of stable and secure environment for establishing connection, multifunctional, secure remote connection in both RSA and AES encrypted environment. Aeroadmin also supports for the remote transferring of files, remote office access, employees monitoring & control, search of the lost PC, and data isolation system.

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LogMeIn is a remote desktop accessing application that enables the users to access and manage their computers remotely from any part of the world. Remotely accessing the computers means the users can transfer files between multiple devices without using any flash drives are doing emails, they can print documents from the remote computer to the local printer in the office, and can even watch videos and listen audio on the…

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TeamViewer is a remote PC accessing platform that forwards to the users an easier system of accessing the remote PC from the local system. It provides users with the system of screen sharing as well. After using the Team Viewer the users can enjoy the features of sharing multiple files, drag-and-drop option to transfer files, installing the software on the remote PC from the local PC, ability to open several…

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Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is a remote desktop accessing and connecting feature of the Windows operating system that enables the Windows users to easily connect their computers to other computers that are running Windows. After this, the user can enjoy the access and control of the entire computer and its programs and files from the local computer just like using it physically by sitting in front of the remote computer. In…

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RealVNC is a remote accessing and controlling software for desktop PC that provides the users with the tools of remotely accessing and controlling their desktop or mobile from other desktop or mobile operating system. RealVNC can be used by individuals to large enterprises to manage their devices from a single platform for remotely accessing them.  RealVNC is a simple way to take control of the remote computers and enjoying these…

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GoToMyPC is software that gives you the freedom of remotely accessing and managing desktop PC or Mac from any other device and any part of the world. Just connect two systems and enjoy the features of remote access from any device. After making the connection between two systems you will be able to instantly work on your programs and files from your local place as you are doing at your…

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UltraVNC is a simple to use remote accessing platform that displays the screen of another computer on the home screen of local PC. It is an open source remote desktop and remote administration platform for Windows operating systems. This simple utility enables the users to control the other PC by using the mouse and keyboard of their local PC. That means there is the availability of the features for enjoying…

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TightVNC is free-to-use remote control and access software that enables the users to see the desktop of a remote PC and control it with own keyboard and mouse just like were using the remote computer by sitting in front of it. The best about TightVNC is that it is free for both business and personal users. It is best for administration, technical, education, and many more purposes. TightVNC is cross-platform…

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Remmina is a remote desktop client for those administrators and travelers who want to remotely access their personal or business computers over the internet. The core technical features of Remmina are maintaining a detailed list of connection profiles, instantly connections via directly putting in the server address, see other desktop screens in a high scrollable and scalable resolution, view desktop in full-screen mode and window screen and many more. Remmina…

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Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is a remote desktop accessing platform that allows the users to access their PC from anywhere from any device just using an internet and LAN connection. Remote Utilities is a hybrid way of remote accessing for easily accessing the management of any system. The main features of the Remote Utilities are direct point2point to access VPN/LAN, bypass the firewall with the self-hosted server and cloud server, licensing system…

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Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is an instant remote accessing platform that is based on the system of zero configuration remote accessing. Ammyy Admin is the best one remote desktop accessing platform that is useful for the IT administrators and the webinars by using which they can easily control any remote desktop from a local PC. Ammyy Admin is the easiest way to establish the connection among multiple desktop PC and fully access…

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RemotePC is a remote access system to PC from any part of the world. RemotePC is a way to enjoy the multiple remote PC in real-time. Based on the features of providing the superior performance, RemotePC allows the Mac and PC users to access these operating systems remotely from the other devices and even the smartphones as well. RemotePC makes it easy for the users to access the PC from…

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Firnass is a Java based desktop and screen sharing platform for the Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Firnass comes with the must have features of VoIP and file transfer. The best above all is that Firnass is a non-configurable application that comes on the internet and ready to use environment where the users are only required to install the Firnass at both remote and local computer in order to…

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AnyDesk is one of the most popular desktop accessing applications for the Windows operating systems. AnyDesk is a way to accessing the data installed on the remote PC from the local PC while staying at the home. AnyDesk is capable in the transmitting the even sixty frames in a second over internet connections and local area networks. AnyDesk is one of the best and compelling remote desktop applications for accessing…

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Bomgar is an ITSM, and CRM based remote desktop program that allows the users to connect securely. There is no requirement of VPN as Bomgar will manage the all. The two main area of functionalities of Bomgar are Secure Remote System for IT administrators and supports centers and secondly it is the Privileged Access Management system of the Bomgar that is especially for the security professionals. Both of these features…

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LiteManager is a remote access platform for providing the remote control, remote support and remote administration and management to office PC or home PC. It is a free to use desktop management and remote access platform. The main advantages of using the LiteManager are it allow the users to access and view the entire structure of a remote PC. It provides the files and folders management system in the shape…

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ShowMyPC is a remote access tool that is specially designed for the system and IT administrators to remotely manage any system. By using the ShowMyPC the users can get instant remove access to the remote PCs and manage the even larger enterprise networks as well from anywhere. It is a fast and reliable remote access and remote control platform that offers the connection system in a secure environment. Just an…

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Anyplace Control

Anyplace Control is remote control software for Windows operating systems. The fast and easy remote control access system of Anyplace Control enables the users to remotely access any PC from anywhere and control it like they were sitting in front of the remote PC. The best about Anyplace Control is that it even allows the users to connect the PC via the firewalls and routers as well. There is no…

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Splashtop is a highly encrypted and secured remote access service provider that delivers the best transmission speed to the users. Splashtop is a multi-functional that can be easily used by the both individuals and professionals of the large enterprises. The business persons can use it for the alignment and file transferring system. It can be also used for educational purposes as well for making the presentations and enhancing the collaboration…

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  1. Kindly add R-HUB remote support servers in the above list. It is an on premise solution which works from behind your corporate firewall.