27 Alternative Apps Like AirPinCast

This easy to use application will assist you in streaming media files of your tablet and smartphone and even from the DLNA and UPnP media servers to many other devices. One of the best things about AirPinCast is that it can stream media files from multiple devices like Android and a lot of other media servers to the UPnP or DLNA renders like gaming consoles and smartTVs as well. The main highlighted features and functions of this application are its support for multi-language, support for image rotation, support for loopback play mode, and support for ASS, SSA, and SRT subtitles while video streaming in case you are using AirPlay or DLNA receiver. The interface of AirPinCast is so simple and user-friendly that you will not face any issue at all. Even the users with non-technical knowledge can simply use this application because it comes with pre-configuration system. For the information of the readers, the screen mirroring system of this application work with DLNA and AirPlay Receiver installed on the Android TVs or boxes. Moreover, before using this application your tablet or smartphone should be rooted. AirPinCast is simply one of the best applications available over the internet allowing the users to get full command and control over all of their streaming content.

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Based on a simple to use interface and quick response system, AirScreen is a best in the class application that widely support for a wide range of wireless transmission protocol receiver for the Android smartphones and tablets. This simple to use application permit the smartphone users to deploy the local network connections with the friends and family members to experience streaming of available media in smartphones and tablets on big…

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JustCast for Chromecast

This application allows the smartphone users to instantly cast their local media files of the smartphones like images, videos, movies, music and much more to Chromecast. For the images, JustCast for Chromecast allows the smartphone users to slideshow the photos to Chromecast and choose the starting point of the slideshow as well. The users of this application can even select a specific folder or all photos to the slideshow as…

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Gallery Cast

Gallery Cast is a free to use application that is used for displaying the photos and videos of the smartphone to the smartTV and Windows operating systems as well. It is jam-packed with advanced features and functions like zooming system, and enjoying controlling the media playing on the smartTV or Windows from the Android devices making the Android devices able to work as a remote control. One of the best…

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RaysCast For Chromecast

If you are looking of a simple to use application allows you to instantly cast your favorite multimedia files from your smartphones or tablets to the Chromecast, smart TV and other devices, and then RaysCast For Chromecast is an application designed for that purpose. RaysCast For Chromecast even allow its users to cast the videos, movies, music and images from the websites as well with the brand new webcasting feature…

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My nScreen

This application deploys the cloud technology and after that offers the system of interconnectivity and interoperability between smartTV and smartphones. It is basically a multi-screen interaction application that contains media sharing, remote control and several other types of applications. On the basis of media sharing system, the users of this application can easily share any multimedia file from their smartphone to smart TV with the friends and family members. My…

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T-Cast is a simple to use application that basically used for transforming the smartphone into a remote control and then accessing the smartTV. This application for smart TV, allows the smartphone users to control their TV using a smartphone. The main highlighted features and functions of this application are that it uses the smartphone to control smart TV, allow the users to cast the latest movies and dramas to the…

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Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV

Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV enable the smartphone users to instantly cast their HD videos to a wide range of devices like smart TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, DLNA receivers, Apple TV, gaming consoles and several another type of devices from multiple sources including local to the tablet and smartphones. The main devices being supported by the Server Cast Chromecast/SmartTV for the purpose of streaming are Windows media players, Chromecast, smart TV, Roku…

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TCL nScreen Pro

TCL nScreen Pro is a free to use application that basically connects the Android smartphones to the smartTV via WiFi and then displays all of the multimedia content of the smartphone to that smartTV so that you can enjoy streaming of smartphone content on the big screen. After connecting the smartphone with smartTV, your smartphone will operate as a remote control device to operate the smartTV via this simple to…

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Castaway Free

Castaway Free is an easy and simple to use application that allow the smartphone users to cast Facebook videos and photos, Google+ photos and videos and local photos and videos from the Android devices to Chromecast. Castaway Free is a free to use application however support of advertisement as well. The free version of Castaway Free contains limited features and functions however if you want to get more features and…

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Nero Streaming Player

Nero Streaming Player is a streaming offering application that supports for the streaming, transferring and enjoying multimedia files over multiple devices. If you want to play music or want to enjoy video and movies from the smartphone but on the big screen and speakers then Nero Streaming Player is an application that will make it possible for you to stream your content across multiple devices and even smartTVs. With the…

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AirPlay/DLNA Receiver

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver is an application designed to stream media files from the Android and iOS devices to the many other supported devices. AirPlay/DLNA Receiver is a free to use application that supports for smartphones without screen mirroring system at all. The latest version of AirPlay/DLNA Receiver is now supporting for the iOS devices and works stable and offers the more features and better working experience. It’s time to say goodbye…

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CastBox is basically designed to cast online videos to the Chromecast devices. It will make it easy and simple for you to watch movies without any interruption at all. One of the best things about CastBox is that it allows its users to control their Video stream while casting their videos. This simple to use application allow the smartphone users to send the media files from their Android smartphone device…

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PlayTo Chromecast

For those smartphone users who are looking for a smart way to enjoying their videos and movies without any interruption at all. if you are new to the Chromecast then PlayTo Chromecast is a simple to use application that will give you full command and control over all of your streaming content. This simple to use and powerful application will allow you to cast all of your favorite media and…

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Videostream for Chromecast

Videostream for Chromecast is a super-fast application for streaming the downloaded videos over multiple devices. it even allows its users to stream videos in HD quality wirelessly to the TV. Videostream for Chromecast is available in the Chrome Web Store, Android, and iOS app store. Videostream for Chromecast is easy to use application that supports for remote access with the availability of robust extension and requires only minimal configuration to…

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Any Cast

This multimedia content streaming application basically allow the smartphone users to first send the videos from Android tablet and smartphones gallery to their TV and then start enjoying the content on the big screen. For the information of the readers, Any Cast widely supports the MP4 and 3GP format of videos and allows the users to enjoy the streaming of full length and uninterrupted video at Chromecast device in this…

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MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser

MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser is a powerful application that enables the smartphone users to stream music, videos and even access the images from any DLNA and UPnP supported media server located in the home network on the tablet or the smartphone device. If any UPnP media server is installed on any office or home system, then it can be used for streaming music and movies on the smartphone device.…

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AirWire is a highly advanced application that enables its users to connect to their smartphone or any tablet device to a network, select any file and start playing any multimedia file. In case you have created any playlist into your device then AirWire will instantly access that application and will enable you to simply start listening to multimedia files including movies, music, TV series and even images on a big…

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MegaCast is basically a HD video player with the function of transcoding support that enable the smartphone users to get full command and control over the streaming content. This application will allow you to simply stream any video from any smartphone device to any smartTV. This program features a wide range of features and functions and allows the smartphone users to simply play any video and even those videos that…

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This highly comprehensive application named iMediaShare allows the smartphone users to easily streamg all of their favorite movies and videos from their smartphone devices to HD TV without any cost at all. What make iMediaShare special one is that it don’t require any setup, no dongle and don’t go to remote access system at all. All of your music, videos and even photos will become easily available to play on…

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All Screen

This proprietary video syndication tool runs on many devices, effectively a deliver the premium content to the target audiences across multiple screens at once. The main advantage of using this application is that it connects its users with engaging content across multiple devices. The devices being supported by the All Screen are Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Kodi aka XBMC, Android TV, smart TV with capability of DLNA and UPNP  and…

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This simple to use application named Tubio designed to enable the smartphone users to cast their web videos, movies, music and lot of other entertaining stuff from their smartphone device to any TV wirelessly. Tubio is available for free without any limitation at all and allow the users to even browse their favorite web media files to explore a wide range of web-based movies and videos as well. One of…

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EZ Web Video Cast

This simple to use streaming and data accessing application is compatible with Google Chromecast and any Google Cast powered device. It is a browser-based application that enables its users to stream videos of TV shows, online movies, online videos and much more from websites to the Chromecast platforms. One of the best things about EZ Web Video Cast is that when you will busy on browsing web videos from the…

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Video & TV Cast

Video & TV Cast is called to be free to use application for streaming free online videos, movies and much more from Android and iOS devices to the big TV screens. Using Video & TV Cast is so easy and simple that you will get a new way of enjoying videos, movies and rest of the multimedia content in HD quality. Its time to say goodbye to the cable connection…

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Web Video Cast

This application for streaming content from multiple devices on multiple devices is based on three main functions of searching, connecting and enjoying. This simple to use application lets the smartphone users and smart device users to watch the videos from websites on the TVs. Web Video Cast is basically designed for streaming media files from the online services like sports, live streaming of TV channels, IPTV, movies websites and much…

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AllConnect  is one of finest multimedia streaming supporting application that allow the smartphone users to discover all of the devices for remote content streaming and controlling all of the content within few minutes. This application will make it possible for you to stream whatever is available on your tablet or smartphone to any device located in the home. AllConnect is called to be listed among those few listed applications that…

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LocalCast for Chromecast

With millions of users across the globe, LocalCast for Chromecast is one of the best casting applications available for the smartphone users. It is the simplest and fastest solution for sending music, videos, images and much more on the basis of WiFi or any other available internet connection. Right from the platform of your tablet or smartphone or any other application and even the web page and cloud storage you…

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BubbleUPNP is an application designed for streaming all of the multimedia files to the multiple devices while setting in any other place. It widely supports for almost all kind of devices and allows its users to stream all kind of multimedia files like videos, music, photos and much more to multiple devices. This application is widely available in two versions of BubbleUPNP Pro and Free. BubbleUPNP Pro comes with most…

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