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AppBeat is a real time web monitoring center that allows the webmasters and web administrators to check the online service proactively so that they can take the precautionary measures before it affects the overall infrastructure. The simple, user-friendly interface but highly powerful wizard dialog configuration web specific monitoring parameters will let you to check the real-time position of your website. Once you will start using AppBeat, your websites will be periodically checked from the global probes of AppBeat. The automatic monitoring system of AppBeat will then send an alert in case of detection of any outage. You can define the issues as well whom notification you want to get. AppBeat offers a lot of real time monitoring services to its users. It monitors the web server certificates for the purpose of validity and send an alert before they expire. AppBeat check the connectivity for arbitrary port using UDP or TCP protocols. AppBeat is also capable of testing the almost all email servers. It has native support for the time to time site monitoring over all protocols as well.

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MxToolBox is the website dedicated to checking the DNS MX records online for free. All you need is to put the name of the domain name, and in return, you will get the DNS lookup status, SMTP diagnostics, blacklist check and various other results as well. This online DNS lookup system is offering the free and accurate network diagnostics. It is offering several types of diagnostics tools as well. The…

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Pingdom is one of the best websites over the internet for monitoring the performance of any internet site. If the performance of your website is getting down continuously, then there is a website named Pingdom that will allow you to check for what are the possible errors your website is constantly facing. What makes Pingdom special one is that it doesn’t need any installation at all and offers the free…

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RBLTracker is the name of a free and easy to use backlist check service and backlist monitoring website over the internet that makes it easy for its users to check their domains and IP addresses. It also sends the alerts to the users when they get backlisted so that they can make the important decision immediately. Three key benefits of using RBLTracker are the benefits that it is offering to…

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BlacklistAlert is a simple to use website that offers the lookup service to its client. Within few seconds you can get the detailed information of a website. BlacklistAlert is said to be one of the robust websites over the internet that permit its users just to provide the IP or domain name and in return get the complete blacklist detail of a site. BlacklistAlert offers two ways to its users…

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BlacklistMonitoring is an online source for getting the detailed information regarding the blacklist issues. This website basically allows its users to get the information on how to diagnose the blacklist issues. It is offering various free tools to its users to check their email for blacklisting for almost free. This online portal over the internet basically assists the legitimate the recipients and email markets to better understand the delivery system…

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HetrixTools is the name of an easy to use and free blacklist checker and blacklist monitoring platform that allow its users to check the status of any website or IP address within few seconds. If you want to improve your business, then you need to confirm that you are at good state on the online platforms that you have created. Among a lot of websites over the internet, one leading…

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DNSBL is an online source that shows the detailed blacklist status of IP address, mail server on more than hundred servers located in several parts of the world. It is one of the leading DNS checking platforms over the internet that permit its client to get the each and every detailed regarding their mail server. All they need is to just provide the IP address and get the detailed report…

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SMTPDiag Tool

SMTPDiag Tool is a system, server and network troubleshooting tool designed by the Microsoft. The main function of this tools id to work directly on the MS Windows server with the SMTP/IIS enabled services or with MS Exchange Server. What make SMTPDiag Tool special one is that it uses the same APLIs as Windows and Exchange deploys to diagnose the connection and configuration issues involving DNS and SMTP? SMTPDiag Tool…

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Cloud2SME is an internet connection and diagnosing system that features a start of the art internet data center and internet infrastructure of international standards. Cloud2SME offers the best benefit of the latest technology to the IT administrator and empowers the people with the help of technology that doesn’t have the capability to afford it either due to monetary reasons of lack of success paves the path for other also. Cloud2SME…

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ElasticHosts Ltd Cloud

ElasticHosts Ltd Cloud is the provider of cloud-based servers for the Linux and Windows VPS hosting services. The quality of ElasticHosts Ltd Cloud is that it delivers a simple, cost efficient and flexible cloud server with high compact performance, availability for the IT professionals worldwide. The main highlighted features and functions of the ElasticHosts Ltd Cloud are that it simplifies the complex IT interfaces and offers several kinds of customization…

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Webcron is the name of a real time web server and website monitoring platform. Webcron is basically a time-based scheduler hosted service on a web server. This web-based service offers the users with the features of timeout up to 3600 seconds, launch every minute, and its API is easy to integrate. The online information service of Webcron allows the users to get notified instantly via email and SMS. The global…

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UptimeRobot is a website monitoring tool that delivers the real-time website and even server status to its users. UptimeRobot will immediately information whenever there will arise any downtime. UptimeRobot is an entirely free service that allows its users to start monitoring in less than half minute. Today thousands of users are using this web-based monitoring service. The powerful features being offered by the UptimeRobot are checking of multiple HTTPs, ping,…

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RapidSpike is a real-time website performance monitoring tool that monitors the website and even network uptime. It also tracks and improves the performance of the websites and entire network from a centralized dashboard. With the usage of this platform, you will be able to get the detailed website performance monitoring. It is the perfect means for understanding the real world performance of the critical app and website processes. RapidSpike will…

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Netthrob is a real time website monitoring tool whose automated monitoring systems monitors the performance of the website every three minutes and forwards the real time performance report to the users via email, SMS, and phone. Netthrob features powerful monitoring tools so that you are the first to know about the real-time health status of your website. May be you don’t bother to monitor the internet site if it is…

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ServersUp is the name of an advanced server monitoring system designed for the ever-changing websites. ServersUp will always keep you in the known status. ServersUp is containing almost all those features and functions that are required to monitor the real-time performance of the servers and alert the users if some things go down or up. The best about ServersUp is that it support for almost all protocols and even custom…

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DNSBL Information

DNSBL Information is a spam database lookup platform that offers and spam blocking list to the IT administrator so that they can block messages coming from specific systems that have a history of extending spam messages only. DNSBL Information is one of the most accomplished platforms over the internet offering the IT administrators with the system of checking that blacklist of their mail server’s IP address on over hundred DNS…

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DownNotifier is the name of a free to use and highly quality website monitoring platform that offers the enterprise level of web monitoring to its clients. The way of working of DownNotifier is kind of interesting. It basically sends a free alert to its users when the website is down. The best about DownNotifier is that it monitors the every minute performance of the website and informs the users in…

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Datapath.io is a network performance monitoring tool that allows the users to optimize their network performance. This internet traffic optimization platform intelligently reroutes the dynamic traffic to enhance the performance and maximize the availability as well. With the usage of this platform, you will be able to get network performance optimization, Anycast IP and inter-region connect. Datapath.io is the most technical and advanced way to connected AWS regions for a…

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Uptrends is the name of a real-time website monitoring and web performance monitoring platform. It allows the webmasters to monitor the real time uptime, downtime, optimize web performance and monitor the various steps from almost two hundred locations across the globe. Uptrends likewise send the alerts to the users as well. It is available in both free and paid version. The free version of Uptrends contains very limited features while…

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StatusCake is a real time web monitoring tool for getting the accurate website monitoring reports and knowing about the downtime immediately in case of emergency. Monitoring website is not an easy task and it became even impossible when it comes to monitoring the high value websites. For any webmaster it is very important to find the simplest and failproof way to get downtime alerts in case of emergency. StatusCake offers…

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