14 Best Free Online Proofreading Services

    Whether you are a blog writer, columnist, feature writer or any other type of writer, there are a number of mistakes you would have been doing unconsciously. These could be of grammatical, content, language or any such big and minor mistakes which cause you bad impression in your writing. Since writing is the impression of personality, you are expressing yourself while presenting anything through your writing. And while being a professional writer it would cause you a great deal either in your favor or against you. So, to ensure the efficiency in your writing, you will need to review your writing content. It sounds not feasible when your content is lengthy and you get tired after producing such blogs or articles containing heap of words. Well, this is no longer an issue thanks to enormous development in the field of technology. Now, there are many software and applications deliberated to perform this task for you. The following list is especially designed to through lights on some of the best software created for proofreading.


    PaperRater is an online proofreading application that can be used to polish your writing skills. PaperRater lets the both beginners and professionals to use PaperRater easily for the purpose of checking the grammar and vocabulary mistakes. The list of available tools by the PaperRater are online proof reading system, vocabulary builder, plagiarism checker, confused word quiz system and various other that will make you able to produce the high quality…

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    WhiteSmoke is an online grammar and vocabulary checker platform to get the rating and grading against your paper and assignment in advance before submitting it to the other person. When it comes to the lengthy paper or assignment containing dozens of pages and thousands of words it becomes difficult to read the each and every line. Here comes the need of the WhiteSmoke that will do the same for you…

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    Polish My Writing

    Popularly known as After the Deadline, Polish My Writing is a free online proofreading service offering a separate module in the Jetpack WordPress Plugin. As soon as it is activated, it is accessible for performing proofreading. It goes for checking grammatical mistakes, typos and makes suggestions for your writing style. It points out the spelling errors by highlighting the in red color, suggestions for grammar in green color and blue…

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    SpellCheckPlus is a web-based grammar and spell checker system that can be used for getting the rating and grading against any kind of paper and assignment as well. It is a platform that is basically used to deal with the lengthy and complex level of papers and assignments that need careful proof reading before submitting to the desired persons or institutes. SpellCheckPlus is like a system for getting the feedback…

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    Grammarbase is an online platform for getting more proficient in writing by polishing the writing skills and methodologies. Grammarbase is an entirely free grammar checker where you can check for the grammar errors in your content. The main advantages of using the Grammarbase are the services that it offers to its users in shape of showing all types of mistakes, fix the mistakes and formats automatically or at the desired…

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    Ginger is a free grammar and spell checker platform that can be used for the purpose of describing about your writing in the best way by getting it proofread first and then delivering to the desired person or institute. By using the Ginger, you can easily check for those grammar and spell mistakes that you were unable to find after the proof reading again and again. Ginger is based on…

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    Slick Write

    Slick Write is a highly professional level of web based proofreading tool that is particularly designed for those users who want to get their documents checked before final submission. Slick Write is being backed by the advanced level of grammar and paper rating technologies that make it possible for the users to easily get their documents scanned and checked against the potential errors in shape of grammar, potential style mistakes,…

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    Grammarly is one of the best web based and plugin based writing enhancement tool to increase the level of professionalism in the writing. Grammarly provide its grammar, spell and vocabulary checking system in two methods; first, one is the online system of Grammarly that requires from the users to paste or type their text in the dialog box of Grammarly and get their document checked for the grammar mistakes, spell…

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    Proofread Bot

    Proofread Bot is a unique level of paper rater that is based on the system of providing the users with the system of online grammar, plagiarisms, spell and style checking. Proofread Bot is a way to improve your level of written communication by first getting the grade against your document from a professional level of proofreader. In addition to available in online format, Proofread Bot is available in shape of…

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    GrammarCheck is an online grammar checker and editor that allow the users either to write text in the GrammarCheck as a conventional word processor or just paste their desired text in the GrammarCheck that they want to get checked for the grammatical errors and mistakes. GrammarCheck is a way to improve the level of your writing before emailing or sharing with others. The best about GrammarCheck is that in addition…

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    VirtualWritingTutor is a totally free spell and grammar checker for the students and professional researchers. It is a program that is particularly designed for the ELS and IELTS students to improve their level of writing by polishing it through the grammar and spell checking system of the VirtualWritingTutor. It is an online program that detects that common ESL punctuation and spelling mistakes that are often overlooked by the users. In…

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    Gramlee is a proofreading service provider that utilize the human proofreading methodologies in mechanical way. In addition to proofreading, Gramlee deals in the copy editing service as well. The way of proofreading service of Gramlee is entirely different as compared to the other grammar checker and paper rater services. Instead of providing the result of the inputted text in real time, Gramlee provide the checked documents via email. Moreover, it…

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    NounPlus is a freemium document checker to get the mistakes corrected in your submitted documents in real time. NounPlus only deals in grammar and spell checking and provide the best proofreading experience to the users. The main advantages and benefits of using NounPlus are the level of services that it offers to its users in shape of grammar check with full level of confidence, check sentence, grammar corrector and grammar…

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    1Checker is a premium level of proofreader that provide the ideal solution for proofreading by providing the options in shape of grammar check, spell check, dictionary level, vocabulary level, style review, translation and many more. In short, number of possibilities for checking the paper or very high in the 1Checker that make it sure for the users they get the best proofread paper in return. It is advised to you…

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