23 Best Sandbox Software

    Sandbox software are basically used in the software development. It is like creating a fake or virtual environment in the system to test the new programs and tools without even changing the environment of the system. Sandbox software are basically of a great help for the software developers to protect the system being attacked by viruses, threats or similar attacks. These sandbox software are based on the security mechanism that operate in the any application or software in an isolated environment. These will then make it sure that there is no changing in your system after the installation of any new software. It is up to you whether you want to keep the software installed or simply want to remove it.  These will make you able to create a fake or virtual environment in the system just like real operating environment in the system. This virtual environment will now make you able to protect their PC or laptop from being attacked by the malicious threats or unwanted changes. All changes will be made on it instead of happening on the real one. These sandbox software will automatically control the installation of new programs and the changes that will be introduced by the new program in the system. After installation if you noticed any malicious activities then you can restore system to its original state by performing reboot and it looks as if nothing happened. Moreover, if you want to save any file or folder permanently on the real local or mapped drive then you can also do the same.


    Sandboxie is a freemium software and to some extent applications isolation and checking program that allows the developers and programmer to check for the internal health and the overall status of their program. If you are keen in testing new software and are also conscious about their credibility, then there are a lot of isolation programs, which enables you to test safely new software without actually or permanently to install…

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    Hopedot VOS

    Hopedot VOS is an advanced and professional software that enables you to create an entirely new virtual environment similar to Windows operating systems on your system. After that, you can install and run new applications or software as you do on Windows operating systems. It also provides personal privacy for the Internet and all your user accounts data will be impossible to access by any third party. In short, you…

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    Cuckoo Sandbox

    Cuckoo Sandbox is a software checking program that makes the users of Windows operating systems able to test the health of new software in advance before installing it in the system. Unlike creating the virtual environment permanently, its way of working is little different from those programs that create the virtual environment in the system. Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source automated and modular malware analysis system for Windows, Mac,…

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    BufferZone is the name of end point security system that makes the large enterprises able to keep their internal IT environment safe and secure when it is about introducing the significant changes in masses. BufferZone is a security program that is mainly designed for the purpose of keeping the IT system protect from zero-day exploits, phishing scams and those other unwanted threats that try to make the place in the…

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    GeSWall is the name of the advanced level of intrusion prevention system that itself is an easy to use and non-intrusive system that ensures the safe use of the internet. Maybe you are not aware of the fact that your system automatically keeps itself running in introducing the new changes in the system that can be harmful and beneficial for the system at the same time. GeSWall will make you…

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    BitBox is a free virtual environment creator for Windows and Linux. In fact it is used for secure and comfortable web browsing. Today almost everyone have to interact with Internet in their daily lives and for that purpose web browsing is performed, which can results in automatically sharing of personal data from system or receiving of any threats or malfunctions programs from the Internet. Here comes the need of an…

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    SHADE Sandbox

    SHADE Sandbox is a security enhancement tool for the Windows operating systems. SHADE Sandbox is said to be the replacement of the antivirus and protection tools for the Windows operating systems because of being based on the security features of the antivirus programs. However, at the same time SHADE Sandbox is very different from the antivirus because the way of working and protection system of SHADE Sandbox is very different…

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    iCore Virtual Account

    iCore Virtual Account that was previously known as the iCore Computer 3-in-1 is a virtualization technology based program for the purpose of sandboxing. iCore Virtual Account is a comparatively new program in the world of sandboxing but is doing well because of possessing the state of the art protection technologies. iCore Virtual Account is a program that will significantly reduce the threats attached to the installation of the new program…

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    Evalaze is a virtualization based application that allows the users to install any new program that seems to be suspicious in a fake environment instead of enabling it first to install in the real environment of the real operating systems. Evalaze is particularly designed for those developers and programmers who are required to deal with many programs, and that can be harmful to their system as well because of the…

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    Cameyo is a program for testing the new application or software without even installing it in the system. Cameyo is a multipurpose software teleport program that is available for Windows and Linux operating systems. The main highlighted advantages of using the Cameyo are testing any kind of software without installing it in the system, discover the features and functions of the program, keep the system secure by installing the software…

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    VMware ThinApp

    Sometimes installing any new program or software in the system or migration of data from one system to another can be harmful. In that case, there comes the need of a program that describes us to install which program in the system and discard which changes permanently from the system. VMware ThinApp is based on the technology of virtualization and sandbox that allow the users to accelerate the app deployment…

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    Software Virtualization Solution

    If you are looking for an application that provide you the system of creating the fake environment or virtual environment against the real environment of your operating system so that you can try your new software then here is the Software Virtualization Solution for the same purpose. Software Virtualization Solution is a free for personal use and allows the users to easily try the new software, tool and even the…

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    Comodo Virtual Desktop

    Comodo Virtual Desktop is a sandboxed OS and virtualization system being operated by the Comodo that is popularly known as providing the Chromium-based web browsers. Comodo Virtual Desktop has its own way of making the system of its users keep and secure. Unlike other sandbox operating systems and those programs that are based on the technology of virtualization, Comodo Virtual Desktop has its own independent state of the art protection…

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    Deep Freeze

    Those IT and network administrators who have been tired of using the technology of re-imaging machines will surely like the redirection system of Deep Freeze that makes the users able to get back the original state of the system anytime. Deep Freeze is the ultimate protection provider of the workstation and internal IT server that creates a virtualization type environment system. However, the virtualization or fake environment creation system of…

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    Mbox is the based on the technology of sandbox and is primarily deployed for the purpose of configuration or carry on those activities on the system that are suspicious are in nature. If you are in need of configuration or need the troubleshooting help and want to bring back your system to the earliest stage to discard the all those new changes that have been installed during the installation of…

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    Toolwiz TimeFreeze

    Toolwiz TimeFreeze is a system restore program that is based on the technology of virtualization and makes the users able to discard any unwanted changes that become the part of the system because of the installation of the new program in the system. Commercial or premium software are much time secure as compared to the free software. Free application and programs can be more harmful for the system because these…

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    Enigma Virtual Box

    Enigma Virtual Box is an advanced level of system protection system that is based on the system of sandboxing and virtualization. After installing the Enigma Virtual Box, the users will no more be required to install any kind of antivirus or system protection program because Enigma Virtual Box is capable in protecting the system against all kind of unwanted changes either these are coming via online world or happening because…

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    Enigma Protector

    Enigma Protector is designed by the developers of Enigma Virtual Box and more advanced and secure mode of virtualization as compared to the Enigma Virtual Box. Enigma Protector is basically a software licensing, software protection and software virtualization system that is based on the technologies of sandboxing and virtualization. Enigma Protector is said to be the highly advanced and professional system for executable files licensing and protection. Enigma Protector is…

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    Microsoft Application Virtualization

    Microsoft Application Virtualization that is simply called as the Microsoft App-V is the virtualization system by the Microsoft that makes the users able to test the new programs and software in the Windows operating systems without even really installing then directly on the PC. Microsoft Application Virtualization make it easier and simpler for the IT experts to deploy across a fleet of devices by allowing anywhere access to virtualized applications…

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    Spoon is a program for testing any software and program without even installing in the system. The way of working of Spoon is little different as compared to the normal sandbox and virtualization technology based programs. Spoon also provides the solution of testing any new program and software without even installing it in the system. Spoon is available in three versions that are Spoon Browser Sandbox, Spoon Selenium Sandbox and…

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    Comodo Time Machine

    Comodo Time Machine is a rollback system program that is little based on the features and functions of virtualization sandboxing. Comodo Time Machine being operated by the Comodo that is popularly known as providing the Chromium-based web browsers. Comodo Time Machine has its own way of making the system of its users keep and secure. Instead of creating the virtualization environment in the system, Comodo Time Machine is based on…

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    Comodo Internet Security

    Comodo Internet Security is a sandboxing solution for online activities only. Means Comodo Internet Security can be used for the purpose of online activities only and securing the system from the online threats only. If you are looking for a virtualization sandboxing system for the purpose of testing new programs or software, then Comodo Internet Security may not work for you because it is not designed for the offline purpose.…

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    Shadow Defender

    Shadow Defender is an advanced level of PC protection program that makes the users of Windows operating systems able to protect the real environment of their system and prevent it from making unwanted changes without permission. Shadow Defender is a form of creating a fake or virtual environment in the system just like real operating environment in the system. This virtual environment will now make the users able to protect…

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