12 Alternatives to BibDesk

BibDesk is the name of a graphical database manager for the Mac OS X operating system. BibDesk is one of the best bibliography and references management program that will make the process of managing references and bibliographies easy and simple for you. It is, in fact, a bibTeX front end system that is used in combination with LaTeX but at the same time deploys the various external databases connectivity as well for the purpose of importing and exporting and linking the local documents also. With the help of this reference management program, you can easily manage both bibliographic information and all of its associated files or web links. It will simplify the process of using your bibliography in other applications particularly those that uses the LaTeX system. In addition to free, BibDesk is an open source platform that will permit you to change its source code subject to your own specific requirement. The four main features of the BibDesk are about manage references, find references and import & export. The reference management system of BibDesk will allow you to start with basic bibliographic data and goes forth to include the all necessary details like publication type, abstracts or links to  web pages or local files or PDFs and even any other kind of file that is related to the publication. On your request, BibDesk will automatically move and rename all stored files as well. The advanced search system of BibDesk will make you able to quickly sift through the saved bibliography in order to search for the terms you enter.

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Mendeley is a desktop and web utility for organizing and sharing research papers, finding research and associating online. It combines Mendeley Desktop, a PDF and reference management software (available for Windows, OS X and Linux) with Mendeley Web, an online social network for researchers. Mendeley is a free reference manager and PDF organizer for students and researchers. It is best reference manager and academic, social network. Use Mendeley and make…

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EndNote is a software to maintain the research work. It is the best tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations, and references on Windows and Macintosh desktop. It is not merely a standard reference manager. It moves through the research process as the user search, organize, write, publish and share his research work. Tap into hundreds of online databases and instantly find what you are looking for. It automatically downloads…

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Zotero displays an icon the moment a resource is being seen on multiple websites such as library catalogs, PubMed, Google Scholar, Amazon.com, Wikipedia, Google Books and publishers’ websites. By clicking this icon you can save the entire reference information to the Zotero storage. Zotero is also capable to save a replica of the webpage, or, in the case of academic articles, a copy of the entire text PDF. The user…

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Qiqqa is the name of a free research and reference manager that guides the users thorough their literature by understanding their research niche. It then highlights the most specific and most influential papers in that niche. It is one of the best reference managers for academic, students and researchers. It search and then read annotate the PDFs then review the work and write up and create the bibliographies instantly. Capture…

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Docear that is called as an academic literature suite is one of the best academic literature management systems to manage all of your research and references works. Design with the purpose of offering a very simple and straightforward management solutions to the users, Docear assit its users in creating, organizing and then discovering their academic literature. The exceptional about Docear is its straightforward interface. Because of its advanced level of…

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Papers is the name of your own personal library and a best one library for research, in fact, your personal library for research work. It allows the researchers and students to collect and curate the research material. Use Papers and find across 20+ search engines from PubMed and Scopus to arXiv and Google Scholar. Moreover, multiple results can be imported directly into the library with a single click. Take advantage…

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JabRef is an application for managing BibTeX databases. This reference management platform deploys the BibLaTeX and BibTeX as its default formats; that’s why can be used for LaTeX as well. JabRef offers an all-set interface for editing BibTeX files, for importing data from online scientific databases, and for organizing and finding BibTeX files. The bells and whistles of JabRef include customizable export filters, customizable BibTeX key generation, and much more.…

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RefWorks is a web based bibliography and reference management platform that permits its users to create their own personal database of references and then product the bibliographies in multiple formats. This reference management program delivers the solutions for better research management, writing and collaboration at a centralize platform. After having this program you will be not required at all to have different programs or tools for reference management. RefWorks is…

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Citavi is the new way of organizing your knowledge with an advanced reference management system. This platform is going to help you in managing your references, planning the tasks and organizing the knowledge. Check out what you can do or what Citavi will do for you? You will enjoy the searching of resources worldwide, managing references, analyzing texts, highlighting texts, save ideas, structure the work, plan tasks, availability of perfect…

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This free reference and citation manager platform is especially for the researchers.  By having the desktop version of ReadCube or its application you can read, manage and discover the new type of literature all the time. ReadCube is separately available for researchers, teams, and publishers. For each type of its users, ReadCube has its own designed features. The ultimate research toolkit of ReadCube contains the basic resources in shape of…

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Colwiz is the name of a free research group manager and reference manager. It will make you able to easily create bibliography and citations in thousands of styles and set your own research system in the cloud. The users of Colwiz can easily share their references and files with others by of cloud as well. Colwiz has divided its functioning system into two main areas namely Colwiz for Reference Management…

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Bookends is a fully featured reference management program designed for the students and professional researchers to manage and organize their references and research work in a more systemized way. The latest version of Bookends now support for the cloud synchronization that will be surely a great help for those who are frequently required to access their work from multiple platforms and different places. With the synchronization of Bookends with the…

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