27 CA Unified Infrastructure Management Alternatives

CA Unified Infrastructure Management is a unified, powerful and robust IT monitoring solution for the IT administrators using which they can get the agile IT services. What makes CA Unified Infrastructure Management different from most of the IT infrastructure management program is that it ensure the better management of the hybrid and cloud IT infrastructures. It offers a single and standalone analytics driven solution for efficiently and proactively managing all type of infrastructures either it is modern, cloud-based or hybrid based. It is listed among those few IT monitoring and management solutions that offer the comprehensive coverage, intelligent analytics, open and extensible architecture. With the usage of the solution being offered by the CA Unified Infrastructure Management the users can speed the time for repairing and reducing monitoring efforts and even improve the end user experience and accelerate the new deployments as well. The solution being offered by the CA Unified Infrastructure Management also offers the automated monitoring deployment and configuration as well that is suitable for high scale environments.

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System Center Configuration Manager

System Center Configuration Manager that was formerly known as Systems Management Server and now known as ConfigMgr is a system management software designed and developed by the Microsoft. This program is widely used for managing the large set of PCs using Windows NT, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and also Windows Phone, iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems. This program basically provides the various control and management systems in…

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Specops Deploy

Specops Deploy is the name of an advanced deployment program that simplifies the installation of the software and applications in addition to the multiple operating systems. All these functions are performed by the Specops Deploy in the Active Directory environments. Specops Deploy-assist the IT system administrators with its advanced and holistic approach to password security and easy to use desktop management system that eliminates the manual ways of doing a…

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Brainware Software Management

Brainware Software Management is a software and security management system for the IT and network administrators. Brainware Software Management is designed to meet the basic and advanced requirements of its users regarding software updates and security matters. It is offering its support for both desktop and smartphone operating systems. Most of the time manual installation and then step by step configuration takes too much time of the user, but now…

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Siveo Pulse

Siveo Pulse is an advanced workstation management programs for those IT users and administrators who are required to manage the large workstations of the large sized enterprises. It is simply a perfect IT infrastructure management solution for all type of IT-based enterprises. What makes Siveo Pulse special one is that it is packed with those features and tools that are useful to manage the IT infrastructure in a more organized…

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Puppet CM

Puppet CM is called to be the shortest path to better software. For its availability of multiple IT automation tools, security features, and several other management tools, Puppet CM is called as a program to automate the IT infrastructure. If you are an IT administrator or network developer and is spending more time on managing and deploying new and innovative applications and services, then Puppet CM is a perfect CM…

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Rudder is an open source configuration and audit management system designed for the IT teams to automate system configuration across their large IT infrastructure. The best about Rudder is that is easy to use, role-based and offers the web driven solution for all kinds of IT compliance and infrastructure automation. The interface of Rudder is so simple and user-friendly that it make it compatible for all kind of users either…

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ZENworks that is also called as Micro Focus ZENworks is a pack of multiple software products that are used for managing and maintaining the entire lifecycle of desktop PCs, servers, laptops and several types of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. With its state of the art features and way of working, ZENworks aims to protect the corporate data of its client by ensuring the secure and identity-based protection for…

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Stands for open PC server integration, opsi.org is an open source client management system that is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. opsi.org itself is based on the Linux servers and offers the services of automatic installation of operating systems, automatic distribution of software and patch management, inventories for both software and hardware and license management system as well. The opsi.org servers can easily run on SLES, CentOS,…

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EIP SAM is basically called as EIP SAM Solution Server management system that is used for managing and maintaining the entire IT infrastructure of a large workstation. It offers those tools and functions to the IT clients that assist them in managing IT infrastructure. The automatic scheduling system of EIP SAM makes its users able to save and utilize the large-scale operating system upgrades or even migration of data. In…

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Symantec Client Management Suite

Symantec Client Management Suite is an IT management system for the large scale workstations and IT infrastructures. This advanced client management system basically manages the all kind of software and devices throughout their lifecycle for all leading operating systems and even for the virtual environments as well. What make Symantec Client Management Suite special one is that it automates the all those tasks that take too much time of the…

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IT Asset Tool

IT Asset Tool is a highly advanced asset and inventory management program for the small and medium size business. It is really fast and free IT administrator program that is offered for free to use. This free to use software management system is comprising the tools and functions like free software asset management system, powerful report engine, software and hardware inventory and easy to start system. the easy to use…

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DX-Union Management Suite

DX-Union Management Suite is a program that is known as best in the class client and server management system for managing large size IUT infrastructure and workstations. This program that is backed by the state of the art managing technologies lets its users to easily manage and maintain all of their workplace systems and leads the available resources to the greater ROI. The main benefits of using DX-Union Management Suite…

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LANDesk is the name of a leading IT asset management system that offers its management services across the multiple network infrastructures and operating systems. The main management systems being offered by the LANDesk are service management, security management, asset management and process management system for the entire organization. The system of LANDesk can be used by the all operating systems and devices. With the usage of this program, you will…

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Ansible is one of the best IT management tools that address the automation needs of the IT users by offering them the leading system deployments tools. With the usage of Ansible, the user can easily scale their workstation environment and can even create the new installation environment as well in a very short amount of time. Ansible is also available for the developers with the availability of open source code…

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LabTech is one of the leading IT automation programs that is designed for automating the all kind of IT related tasks and improving the IT services as well. The distinguish feature of LabTech is that it offers the remote monitoring and management solution to its users as well. The services being offered by the LabTech are subdivided into two sections namely solutions for IT service providers and solutions for IT…

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Chef is a program for automating the entire workstation and related IT infrastructure. The best about Chef is that at a time it can easily manage thousands of servers and even turning the infrastructure into code as well. By using Chef, you will be able to get more scale, speed and consistency by easily automating the entire IT infrastructure. Don’t worry about the placement of the infrastructure at all. Whether…

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Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA is a highly advanced IT management and monitoring program that assist the IT developers and administrators in overcoming the complex issues of managing the IT operations. This IT management system will allow you to transform your organization with a fully integrated advanced IT management platform. The state of the art features and functions of Kaseya VSA will improve your work with tools and services that the IT departments…

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SaltStack is a fantastic and real-time configuration management system that offers the even driven automation, scalable for software and IT products defined data center. SaltStack is widely available for the large-scale business that’s why it is being used by the most of the largest businesses of today. This program is used for the purpose of automation of data center, server provisioning, hybrid cloud buildings and application configuration management system. It…

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BMC Client Management

BMC Client Management is one of the best programs for discovering and managing the devices without worrying about the location of the devices at all. It permits the users to audit their software and hardware inventory, push patches management system and even deploy software whether they are using the Internet or over the LAN without even going for using the VPN system at all. BMC Client Management delivers the endpoint…

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SolarWinds is a simple yet professional level of IT management software and monitoring tools that built for those IT engineers who are in search for powerful and affordable tools. The best about SolarWinds is that it minimizes the network outages and also enhances the performance of the entire system with the usage of its own designed advanced networking tools. The main software and IT infrastructure management tools being offered by…

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Heat ITSM is a cloud-based IT management system that offers the highly advanced, simple yet powerful, flexible and all in all cloud IT management solution. This program will give you the option to automate the workflows and eliminate the manual work process as well. If you are looking for an all in one and most secure support ticket solution or IT help desk then Heat ITSM is software that can…

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IBM Tivoli Monitoring

IBM Tivoli Monitoring aims to manage and solve the problems of almost all IT based products and services. The tools and solutions being offered by the IBM Tivoli Monitoring let the users to manage the performance of their products and services related to large scale workstations and IT infrastructures. This program basically a monitor the performance of the operating systems and other applications. The products being offered by the IBM…

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BladeLogic Automation Suite

BladeLogic Automation Suite is simply a best in the class digital enterprise management solutions that delivers those functions that are capable of automating the management and control of the all of the devices and operating systems. It permits its clients quickly and securely configure, provision, patch and maintain the all kind of servers either it is a cloud, virtual or physical. The main solutions being offered by the BladeLogic Automation…

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For those users who are looking for replacing their unstructured and scattered work patterns with an automated system will surely like the ServiceNow that lets its users to easily improve their service levels and improve their way of working from traditional to modern day working styles. ServiceNow contains almost all those tools and modules that are considered to be important one for the purpose of consolidating the IT tools to…

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LAN Desk Management Suite

LAN Desk Management Suite is a new kind of IT infrastructure and IT information management system that aim to modernize the IT environment of business. It allows its users to manage all of their devices with the assistance of a single and unified endpoint management solution. For its wide range of features and functions, LANDesk is called to be one of the most reliable client management programs that contain the…

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AVG Managed Workplace

AVG Managed Workplace is a remote IT management and monitoring program by the AVG. This program lets the IT administrators take the timely action and drive their business forward. The best about AVG Managed Workplace is that it integrates the world best class protection system. AVG Managed Workplace is designed to empower its users to standardize their managed service delivery. The key features of the AVG Managed Workplace are availability…

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vRealize Operations

vRealize Operations is a highly advanced IT operations management program that offers an intelligent operations management from simple applications to the infrastructure. The quality of this program is that it is fully capable of improving the systems and applications performance also prevents the business disruptions to makes the IT infrastructure and workstation performance more efficient than before. Recently vRealize Operations has launched some more featured cases that are SDDC performance…

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