26 Alternatives to Convert for Windows

Convert for Windows is the name of a simple and easy to use unit conversion tool for the Windows operating systems. With the usage of this program the Windows users can easily convert the almost all popular units of measurement like time, speed, mass, distance, temperature, and much more. One of the best things about Convert for Windows is that it allows its users to even create custom conversions system as well. The interface of the Convert for Windows is very simple and easy. Rather than offering the list of units and categories, all units are arranged in a tab format. In the input area the users need to select the unit for value and after that select the output value and the unit will be converted into the other unit. The latest version of Convert for Windows is widely available for the all versions of the Windows operating systems. Moreover, it can now be used with Linux and UNIX based operating systems as well. For the information of the readers, Convert for Windows is a free to use application. Overall, Convert for Windows is one of the best applications for the purpose of unit conversion purpose.

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WiseCalc is a simple to use unit conversion program that offers a free scientific calculation to its users. This all on one calculator is capable of performing multiple unit conversions and will create matrices and even complex calculations as well. The installation process of WiseCalc is not too much difficult however you need to install the .NET Framework in the system. The interface of this program is very simple and…

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ESBUnitConv Portable

ESBUnitConv Portable is a user friendly unit converting program that offers a simple way to its users to get their unit values converted from one to another one. The measurement units being converted by the ESBUnitConv Portable are grouped into the categories of angles, energy, area, flow, force and much more. With the assistance of this conversion application any Windows users can perform conversion of almost six hundred measurement units…

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Master Converter

Master Converter is really a powerful unit converter for the Windows operating systems users. This unit converter utility is capable in converting almost eight hundred different types of units that are categorized in almost fifty categories. This unit converter also allows the users to add their own units and categories as well. This simple to use yet powerful application is designed to perform one specific function, and that is to…

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Sicyon Units Converter

This unit converting application is all in one unit conversion system that you would ever need from such a great unit converter. The best about this unit converter is that it offers an enormous amount of versatility to its users for conversions over four hundred units of measurement in almost sixty-five multiple categories, this freeware scientific and engineering converter software contains the advanced functions and tools in the shape of…

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This advanced and super-fast unit converting application support for converting more than five thousand units that are categorized in almost one hundred categories. The best about NumericalChameleon is that in addition to converting the important physical units it is also capable in nonstandard categories like time zones, exchange rates, spoken numbers, unicodes, calendar and much more. The quality of this unit converter is that it converts the multiple units with…

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Basic Metric Converter

This easy to use conversion program empowers its users to convert multiple measurement units with the assistance of a simple and easy to use interface. It is one of the simplest and advanced unit converting programs that is capable of performing conversions between a wide range of units of measurement. This software is basically designed for being used in an offline environment without the need of internet connection at all.…

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N-Converter that is also called as Newton Converter allows its users to convert multiple units into few simple steps. This simple to use unit converting application is capable of converting between multiple measurement units. It instantly performs the conversion when it comes to making conversion between length, force, mass, prefix, angle, pressure, energy and much more. N-Converter is basically designed for being used in offline mode when the users always…

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Protech Measurements

Protech Measurements is a highly compact and powerful application that empowers its users to seamlessly and instantly convert multiple measurement units. The main units for conversion purpose being supported by the Protech Measurements are volume, length, temperature, mass, area and much more. The interface of this unit converter is really easy and simple that makes the process of conversion really easy and simple for its users. It empowers its users…

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This simple unit converting application empowers its users to converted multiple units of measurement and perform several other types of calculations as well. Most of the users use the Google search engine to make the conversion between multiple units of measurement. If you want to use a simple and fastest application to make the conversion between multiple measurement units then ProKon is a best application for that purpose. This software…

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Uconeer is basically an engineering converting program that empowers the scientists, engineers and technicians to get one measurement unit converted into another one. If you want an accurate and fastest conversion program then Uconeer is simply an ideal conversion calculator for that purpose. This simple to use program comes with the support for converting units in more than forty six categories. All of the units and categories offered by the…

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PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter

PetroSharp BigDecimal Unit Converter is a simple yet highly powerful unit converting a program that allows its users to convert multiple measurement units. It is an advanced and powerful unit converter that is capable of converting hundreds of measurement units in few simple steps. This reliable unit converter offers the users comprehensive lists of all those units that you need to convert. The units being offered by the PetroSharp BigDecimal…

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Quick Conversion-LITE

Quick Conversion-LITE is really a simple to use unit converting application that offers its users with a multiple ways of converting different measurement units. It support for multiple measurement units like inches, millimeters, yards, meters, feet and much more. The main advantage of using Quick Conversion-LITE is that it shows the converted units within few steps just after the typing of value. The interface of this application is very simple…

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32bit Convert It

32bit Convert It is a simple to use application that allow its users to convert any type of measurement unit to another one. It offers a wide range of unit converting option and categories. 32bit Convert It empowers its users to set their own conversion values as well. Once installed this software will not take too much resources of your system at all. The interface of this program is very…

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Byte Converter

As the name proposes, Byte Converter is a unit converting application that is capable of converting any unit of measurement to the micro level. Byte Converter is simply a great tool for converting the numerical values between different units and then getting the right conversion figure within few seconds. One of the best things about Byte Converter is that it is a portable application and also works as a standalone…

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Unit Converter Gadget

Unit Converter Gadget is a unit conversion for the Windows users that empowers them to always get the right conversion with this advanced unit converter. It is a simple and useful application that allows the users to convert one unit of measurement to another one. It is simply a small and simple to use unit converter that is capable of performing quick conversions to and from a wide range of…

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Convert123 is a unit converting tool that lets the Windows users convert between multiple scientific units and puts at their disposal multiple tools for copying and saving conversion data and even sharing the data by means of email as well. The simple to use interface of Convert123 make it easy for the users to convert the multiple numerical values from one unit of measurement to another one. For the information…

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Convertbot is an artificial unit conversion system that allows its users to convert everything and anything from area to radioactivity measurement with an easy to use unit converting tool. If you are not familiar with the basic unit conversion techniques then Convertbot is a simple application that will simplify the complex unit conversion process of you. With the usage of this simple to use application yo9u can deal with hundreds…

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Converber is the name of a simple to use but highly compact and powerful unit converter that makes it easy for its users to perform the unit conversions between twenty-one hundred units of measurements that are divided into fifty categories. The additional quality of Converber is that it offers its users with the features of system integration and project management as well. The simple to use interface and layout of…

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Mostappz Unit Converter

Mostappz Unit Converter is a simple to use convertor for almost all operating systems and devices including for the smartphones as well. This simple to use unit converter is simply of a great help for the students, engineers, scientists and those other professionals who have to normally deal with complex calculation and converting one unit of measurement to another unit of measurement. However, this unit converter is going to solve…

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multiConvert is a simple to use small sized unit converter for converting any unit into another one and getting the real time result on the main window of this program. The users are only required to type the unit value in the text field and select the other unit in which they want this will to get converted, and it will automatically be converted from one unit of measurement to…

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Super Unit Converter

Super Unit Converter is a super-fast multifunctional unit converter that allows the Windows users to convert the units to different measurement units. It gives the options of enabled thousand separators and the custom number of digits to show as well. If you are not too good at converting values or even unable to perform complex conversion steps on calculators, then Super Unit Converter is a means for performing conversion by…

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Unit Converter Professional

Unit Converter Professional that is also called as Unit Convertor Pro is going to be a highly compact and comprehensive conversion application for all kind of usage. Unit Converter Professional is basically designed for the students, engineers, and scientist who need a quick means to convert values from one unit of measurement to another without going to online each time. As Unit Converter Professional works in offline mode, so there…

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Unit Converter Expert

Unit Converter Expert is really a unit converter expert because of offering the conversion for almost two thousand multiple units and measurement values as per the System International. This simple to use and super-fast application allow its users to easily carry out the conversion among multiple units of measurements that are categorized into several categories. The main units of measurements categories listed in the Unit Converter Expert are acceleration, area,…

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Universal Converter

The best about Universal Converter is that it supports the conversion of all prevailing metric units like the UK, US, and Japanese. Just like its name, Universal Converter is the name of a really universal converter that allows its users with multiple conversion facilities. The interface of this program very simple and containing not too many functions and paths. At the central area of this program, you will view only…

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Das Unit Converter

What makes this unit and currency converter special one is that it contains the conversion facility for almost thirteen hundred common and uncommon units that are divided into sixty categories. One of the best things about Das Unit Converter is that it is an entirely customizable tool that lets its users add more units and categories on their own as well. This makes the users able to deal with their…

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ConvertPad is a unit converting application for the Windows and smartphones allowing its users to convert the one unit to another within few seconds. This compact, free to use and featured rich unit converter allow tits users to easily convert between multiple measurements units such as temperature, volume, distance, and much more. One of the best things about ConvertPad is that it is containing the conversion support for all different…

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