12 Alternatives to Creately

Creately is a web-based flowchart making, diagramming and real-time collaboration platform for the professional designers and plan makers. Being a multifunctional diagram and flowchart platform, Creately is capable of working for the purpose of mind brainstorming plans, project management, event planner, decision making and much more. Thousands of templates and ready to use examples are there are Creately to make you able to start simply from anyone of you have no technical background of designing. The advantages of using Creately are the simplicities and easiness that it is delivering to its users in the shape of easy to draw, smart shapes & connectors, collaborate with anyone, availability of thousands of templates, availability in an online environment, no requirement for installing any plugin, and accessibility of desktop or server. Some of the features of Creately that are worth to mention are one click create system, drag drop shapes, preset connectors, best alignment for sizes & grouped, availability of themes and color palette, text to shape when writing trumps drawing, real-time collaboration with team members in case of working on common project, inline comments and discussion threads system and much more. In short, the number of available features, functions, and tools in the Creately are simply endless. The availability of diagrams with specialized shape sets, designed templates for each type and tens of thousands of diagram examples will increase your designing and drawing professional level. Beside the fact, Creately is an online flowchart platform, it requires no account creating at all. Everything available here is ready to use.

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Pencil is the name of an open source drawing tool that allows the designers and artist to enjoy the free and open source prototyping platform to design the mockups in leading desktop platforms. A lot of shapes and designing objects are already integrated into the Pencil that will make you able to enjoy the different types of user interface ranging from mobile-based platform to desktop platforms. The simple to use…

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Diagram Ring

Diagram Ring is an all in one universal level of diagram editor for DFDs, pie charts, bar charts, flow charts, class diagrams and much more. This open source diagram editor and maker contain almost fifty predefined symbols, and almost one dozen predefined styles to create the best and professional level of diagrams. Being a modern and easy to use diagram editor, Diagram Ring is said to be one of the…

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Edraw Mind Map

Edraw Mind Map is an advanced level of diagram maker and editor particularly designed for the technical and professional level of users to create professional looking mind maps for problems solving, mind maps for brainstorming, rational analysis, plan making, decision marking and much more. The availability of the templates and featured rich examples in the Edraw Mind Map will also make the beginners able easily to explore the features and…

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GenMyModel is a web-based modeling, diagram and flowchart making the platform that will speed you the design of your software architecture, mind mapping, planning making, business processes and decision making. This web based designing platform widely support for the flowchart, MPMN, RDS, and UML modeling with an incomparable simplicity. There is no need to install any software or third party recommend installation package. Simply mover to the official website of…

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SmartDraw is one of the best and smartest ways to draw the diagrams and flowcharts as you want. Either it is about drawing simple flowcharts, diagram or any floor plan, SmartDraw is capable in dealing with all type of graphing and charting. The way of working at this platform start from choosing templates, you can also go on your own, and then start creating ideas into a visual shape. This…

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Visustin is a flowchart generator to make you able to visualize your source code UML activity diagrams and flowcharts. It is going to make you able to convert your text to flowcharts as well. The best part of Visustin is its compatibility system with the Microsoft Visio that allows the users to either print or export their chart to the Microsoft Visio. This software is equally useful for developers, document…

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SlickPlan is basically designed for the web developers and programmers. However, rest of the users can also enjoy the features and functions of the SlickPlan as well. It is offering the solution to its users in the shape of sitemap builder, diagram maker, content planner and design mockups. It is the provider of one of the best tools for planning any website project. As it is mentioned already, that SlickPlan…

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Grapholite is a web and desktop based diagramming and flowchart making software that will make you able easily to create mind maps, flowcharts, mind maps, databases structures, website sitemap and much more. Few simple steps are required to start working with the Grapholite. The best about Grapholite is that it has a very user-friendly interface that makes its users able to enjoy all types of business graphics in a very…

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Here is a web based canvas to unleash your creative designing skills by using the designing and planning tools of the Cacoo. This web based designing and drawing tool will make you able to craft the flowcharts, mind maps, mockups, UML models, sitemaps, wireframes and work on various other planning and designing tasks. First, main feature of the Cacoo is that it requires no installation at all and not the…

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LovelyCharts is a web based diagram making software making its users able to create the professional-looking diagrams like sitemaps, flowcharts, organization charts, mind maps and much more. In addition to a web-based version, there is a desktop version of LovelyCharts as well delivering the same level of features and functions as it is offering in its online environment. If you are looking for a simple, cheap and both web and…

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Flowchart itself is the name of a web-based provider of the flowchart making software that will make you able to create your chart as you want and save in the format you like. After creating the flowchart with Flowchart, you can embed it in your website as well. That means features and functions are really endless here. Being a web based flowchart making software, Flowchart support for the real-time collaboration…

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For those designers, artists, programmers, and developers who want to create the outstanding process maps, organization charts and flow diagrams will surely like the advanced and professional level of diagram making system of the Allclear. Allclear makes its users able to create the professional level of process maps, flowcharts and much more with by way of updated graphics and free-from drawing system of the Allclear. It is totally a commercial…

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