13 GameVOx Alternatives

GameVOx is one of the leading voice communication programs. It offers a dedicated server to its visitors so that they can enjoy the voice communication with their community members at their own terms and conditions. The six main advantages of using GameVOx are availability of always free standard server, availability of unlimited users on all servers, availability of superior voice quality, safe & secure and allow the users to invite users very fast. For those gamers who have been looking for a platform just to get more command control over their communications system will surely like GameVOx as it gives the all of control in the hands of its users. Now you can community of gamers engaged all the time just by the new chat rooms being offered by the GameVOx. The best about chat rooms is that the users can new create almost up to five chat rooms for their community to participate in the both active and passive discussions. By this system the users of GameVOx can even grant the write and read access to the community members subject to the needs of the members. Protection level of GameVOx is the next things needs to discuss. It offers highest possible protection to its users that involves DDoS mitigation, protected IP address and server owner protection.

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RaidCall is a highly powerful and featured rich text and voice group communication program. This elegant, user friendly and simple to use tool is available for free to instantly start communicating with other RaidCall users. RaidCall combines the features of instant messaging, group messaging and video conferencing. Furthermore, this software can be used by the professional gamers as well while doing their gaming. The best about this program is that…

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Mohawk Voice

Mohawk Voice is a low resource VoIP program that is available for free to download and use for many functions, Mohawk Voice is available for almost all versions of the Windows operating systems either it is 32-bit and 64-bit. Mohawk Voice support for many functions to perform, however, the leading one function of this program is that it is used with MMORPG and FPS online games. It is widely used…

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Roger Wilco

Roger Wilco is a multifunctional VoIP program that is mostly used by the multiplayer video game players. This program is widely used along with a headset. This advanced level of chatting and communication program is particularly for those users who want to get the benefit of not having to communicate all the time by way of typing. With the usage of this program, these users can get better command and…

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GSC is a total gaming client that is based on the features of customization. Whatever the setting you will made while using this program, that will be remain unchanged at all. GSC offers its users the integrated game server tracker to see who is doing what. GSC will make you able to pick from the list of available twelve worldwide datacenters to host your own free to use voice server.…

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Spreed is not a chatting platform only. Rather it is an advanced level of web conferencing, online meeting sand telephone conferencing platform that is best known for its powerful and versatile functions. Spreed is designed keeping in view the requirement of its users like trainings, meetings, personal usage and much more. The latest version of Spreed now support for the HEVC/H.265 high efficiency video coding technology. It is best software…

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Mumble is an open source communication platform for publishers and gamers. It is widely available for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The best about Mumble is that it can be used in both server and client mode that’s why it is also listed in the most demanding VoIP solutions across the world. Mumble mainly designed to focus more on low latency, high audio quality, customizable features for different…

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Vivox is called to be one of the leading chatting platforms for online gamers. For number of years, this platform has been using by the both social publishers and game publishers building audio advertisements, virtual tools and much more for the online users. The functionalities of Vivox are not restricted and limited to the gaming section only. You can use it for many other activities as well. What make Vivox…

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C3 is the name of an advanced chatting platform for the gamers. This chatting and communication program is dedicated for the voice chatting and offering its services for the gamers. What make C3 recommended for the gamers is that it features an extensive range of moderator controls, HD audio quality, and one click channel access system. the key features of the C3 are it is available for free for all…

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Razer Comms

People called it the game messenger but the fact is that it has several other usages as well. This state of the art chatting software and gaming VoIP software delivers the crystal clear voice chatting systems that is backed by its own designed noise reduction technology. The software features the group chatting functionality and in-game chatting as well. Razer Comms is a free and offers the all in one communications…

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For past many years, this VoIP software has been strengthening the relationship and connections between people. Using this platform you can streamline your connection and communication at both individual and professional level. For its great number of features and functions, you can easily move the things around a bit. Twitch recently has introduced many developments and still the platform is the great community for performing multiple communications with multiple persons…

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TeamSpeak is perfect quality software for enjoying quality voice communication over the internet. The newly launched extra feature of TeamSpeak named myTeamSpeak will make you able to get connected with the all those devices that are using TeamSpeak. With this innovative feature now you can store the bookmarked server, add-ons, identities and much more in the cloud service of this program. The new automatic synchronization system will now make you…

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Discord is a free voice and text based chatting platform for the video conferencing and gamers. Discord is listed in the list of modern voice and text chatting applications. For its crystal clear voice, support for multiple channels, support for multiple servers and mobile apps, Discord is said to be one of the best voice and text chatting program for the gamers. It is simply all in one and multifunctional…

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Ventrilo is one of the leading voice communication software that is being used for many years for group communication and holding formal video conferencing as well. Ventrilo has set new rules of communication in the industry that’s why it is listed in the leading VoIP group communications program. The unique quality of this communication software is that it offers the surround sound positioning and many other special sound effects for…

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