19 Alternatives to HipChat

 HipChat is an instant messaging and video chatting system for the desktop environment that provide the users with the system of private and group chat, file sharing, and data integrations. The one setup of can be used for various purpose. First of all, there is chatting and messaging system of HipChat that enables the users to send unlimited text messages, make audio and video calls without any limitation. Then there is data sharing system of HipChat that allows the users to send their large files with other HipChat users within few minutes. There is a proper persistent, screen sharing and video calling system in the HipChat that provide the users with a secure and private environment for chatting and communication. The best about HipChat is that it is a cross platform communication and messaging system that is available for almost every device and operating system. There is also a web app of the HipChat for those users who don’t want to install the HipChat in their devices. The advantage of using the web app of HipChat is that it can be access from any part of the world and from any device and operating system. Simply use the HipChat and enjoy the free features of messaging, communicating, calling and file sharing.

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Skype is a communication and instant messaging platform that lets the Skype users to make free calls and send text messages to each other freely. Skype also provides the international call system at mobile and landline numbers as well at very cheap rate. In addition to making calls and sending messages, the free service of Skype can be used for sharing files and data as well. Being a multiplatform, Skype…

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WhatsApp is a multiplatform instant messaging and audio chatting application. It also supports the video chatting as well, however, the group video chatting system is still missing in the WhatsApp. Most of the people like to use WhatsApp for creating groups and joining groups. The best about WhatsApp is that it can be used as an instant messenger and social networking platform at the same time. Social networking platform in…

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Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is a highly encrypted messaging platform that allow the uses to send the messages and make communications across the globe in a highly private and secret environment. Unlike most of the instant messenger, Telegram Messenger never locates the identity of its users and not keep eye on the behavior of its users. Other features for communication in Telegram Messenger are almost same just like other messaging application. However,…

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Cotap is a cross-platform and multifunctional text, voice and video calling program that lets the users to make free audio and video calls with other Cotap users and send messages for free as well. The main area of service by the Cotap are sending messages, voice messages, and sending large media and docs files as well. Cotap is not about sending and receiving messages only. It is more than a…

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Digsby is an instant messaging, email and social networking application that is used for managing all type of your private and open communication. The three main area of services of Digsby are instant messaging system, email notification system and social networking system. The instant messaging system of Digsby allow the users to communicate and chat with the other Digsby users and even with the users of AIM, MSN, Yahoo and…

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Nimbuzz is an instant messenger and call service provider that from where you can enjoy the features of making free calls and sending free messages all without any limit. Nimbuzz is a way to stay in connect with your friends and family members. Only a few video calling and chatting program are offering the feature of calling to the international mobile and landline numbers and Nimbuzz is among few of…

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger that is commonly known as the Messenger is a desktop commination and messaging program being offered by the Facebook Messenger for messaging and voice chatting and calling. Facebook Messenger is integrated with the chatting feature of the Facebook and also work as independently as well. The users of Facebook Messenger can chat with their friends and those added in the contact list. They can even make voice and…

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LINE is a free messaging and calling application for exchanging free instant messages with friends and making the group chats as well. LINE is available for almost all operating systems and devices. The best about all these LINE version that are for almost all operating systems is that there are highly synchronized with each other means these can be access from anywhere and at any time. LINE provide the users…

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Stands for AOL Instant Messenger, AIM is a messaging platform for the desktop environment that provide the system of instant messaging protocol. AIM is way to communicate with other people in real-time. AIM is not about messaging and communication only. Its services are beyond the messaging that are in shape of a group conversation, media sharing and special notifications. When it comes to text messaging then AIM provide the users…

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WeChat is a free instant messaging and video communication platform that provides the users a free system for sending unlimited messages and making calls. The best about WeChat is that it is a secure and private means of communication and discussion where the users can enjoy the communication in a secure and private environment. The main features of the WeChat are HD voice calls, HD video calls, instant messaging system,…

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GroupMe is a communication and group messaging platform empowered by the Microsoft. GroupMe provide the users with a messaging platform from where they can send instant messages to the other GroupMe users without any limitation. There is also a system for group chatting and messaging in the GroupMe. The two main messaging services of GroupMe are chatting either privately with the other GroupMe users or joining a chartroom. That means,…

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KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is a multifunctional chatting, voice talk, face talk and multimedia messaging platform. The free chatting system of KakaoTalk Messenger provide the users with the two options that are in a shape of either messaging to a single friend or doing group discussion with two or more friends at the same time. The users of KakaoTalk Messenger are even allowed to start video chatting as well by simply making…

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ICQ is a free messaging, calling and low rates calling platform for the PC environment. ICQ is a way to make free chatting and video calls with friends and staying in touch with them all the time if they are also using the ICQ. ICQ also provide the system of making low-cost phone calls on landline and mobile numbers as well either at local level or international level. If you…

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Jitsi is an open source and multiplatform video calling and chatting application that is basically sued for video calls, video conferencing and desktop sharing. Jitsi is one of the best platforms for messaging, audio and video calling and even for video conferencing and conversation as well. Jitsi even allows the users to conduct the interviews of the candidates or hold the video conferences from other parts of the world. Being…

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Miranda IM

Miranda IM is a multi protocol instant messaging setup for the Windows operating systems that provide the users with the system for basic and important client framework. In addition to providing users with own integrated features and functions, Miranda IM provide the users with the extra plugin architecture system as well to extend the functionalities of the Miranda IM. The best thing about Miranda IM is that in addition to…

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ooVoo is an instant messaging and video chatting platform that is available for almost all operating systems and devices. For enjoying the free features of the ooVoo, the willing users are first required to get their selves registered with the ooVoo and after that they can enjoy the free features of instant messaging, voice calling, video calling and chatting and even the video conferencing as well. ooVoo provide its registered…

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X-Lite is a desktop platform that features the instant messaging, voice and video calls in a simple and easy to use interface. X-Lite provide the users with those communication and chatting features that make it easy for the users to enjoy the instant messaging and HD voice and video calling. The best about X-Lite is that it can be used for individual and organizational communication purpose. X-Lite is a way…

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CometChat is a desktop messenger that allow the users to enjoy the features of text, audio and video chat from the desktop of Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. CometChat is the platform of dozens of features and functions that are available in shape of option for one-on-one chat and even group discussion, broadcast messaging system, announcements, single player games, desktop notifications system, launch Facebook fan page directly from…

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iMessage is an unlimited text messaging system for the Mac OS X opertiagn systems that provide the iOS users to send unlimited messages to other iMessage users on Mac or other iDevices for free. There is no limitation over sending the text messages. For sending the messages, the users are required to only have the Wi-Fi or data plan for the device in order to enjoy the free messaging and…

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