27 IceWarp Mail Server Alternatives

Rather than a dedicated webmail server, IceWarp Mail Server is basically a professional level of webmail server for the businesses and organizations. IceWarp Mail Server is called to be one of the best, full-featured and profitable webmail servers for the Windows and Linux operating systems. For its wide range of features and functionalities, IceWarp Mail Server is called to be one of the best alternatives of the MS Exchange as well. IceWarp Mail Server has got popularity because of the advantages and functions of email management system, sharing of large size files, integration with MS Office suite, synchronization with MS Outlook, simple administration system and much more. What make IceWarp Mail Server is special one is its compatibility with multiple email systems like IMAP, POP3, SMTP, POP TLS, ActiveSync, webmail system and much more. For the information of the readers, the standalone version of IceWarp Mail Server is the suite of multiple modules and each containing a set of core features with many possessing feature subsets as well. It is integrated with several other modules as well in which some most common are antispam system, groupware and antivirus modules.

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hMail Server

hMail Server is the name of best in the class free and open source email server widely available for the Windows operating systems. The software is available for free to download. This email server basically contains the multiple administration tools and functions for the management of email related matters. This service is being used by the lot of IT companies, internet service providers, schools, governments organizations and many others across…

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Courier Mail Server

Courier Mail Server is an SMTP, POP3 and IMAP is a mail transfer agent that comes with multiple extensions for extending its features and functions. The main extensions available in the Courier Mail Server are spam filtering system and mailing list management system as well. The best about Courier Mail Server is that it has the functions for providing the immediate support to the main relay between the internet and…

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Eudora Internet Mail Server

Eudora Internet Mail Server is a highly advanced internet mail system that supports the all kind of email systems and clients either it is IMAP, POP3, SMTP and much more. This webmail server is widely available for the Mac OS X operating system users. If you want to handle multiple email accounts just to meet the demand of your clients, then Eudora Internet Mail Server is one of the best,…

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Ipswitch IMail Server

For its wide range of features and functions, Ipswitch IMail Server is widely called as the perfect alternative to the Windows email servers. This webmail server is the pack of multiple solutions in the shape of the hosted email system, secure instant messaging system, real-time collaboration and much more. The best about this secure and all in one email server solution is that it is backed by the professional resource…

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mailcow is one of the leading web mail server suites based on the Postfix, Dovecot and several other open source software. mailcow is basically based on a modern web based user interface for administration and mail management purpose. mailcow is now offering the multi self SAN self-signed SSL certificate for all kind of installed and supported services and that make the mailcow best for being used as modern day web…

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MDaemon Messaging Server

MDaemon Messaging Server is called to be one of the best alternatives of the MS Exchange Server because of its availability of wide range of functionalities in the shape of support for all kind of email servers, featured the webmail with spam protection, groupware and much more. What makes MDaemon Messaging Server special one is that it delivered the highly advanced and reliable performance via its user-friendly and featured rich…

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Synovel Collabsuite

Synovel Collabsuite is the name of a next generation and open source web server for the Linux operating systems that now features the chat and support for the calendars as well. The best about Synovel Collabsuite is that it now contains the features of email archival, antivirus and antispam qualities as well. That features of Synovel Collabsuite make it one of the best internet mail server for the Linux operating…

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WinGate Mail Server

What make WinGate Mail Server special one is that it already integrates the comprehensive support for the IMAP4, SMTP and POP3 mail services. Moreover, the latest version of WinGate Mail Server is now coming with the support for multiple authentication options and offer the secure connections for both reception and delivery of emails and also allow the users to setup a secure email network system that remain accessible over multiple…

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SmarterMail is a next generation email management server that is offering several business collaboration and communication features as well. This standalone program is basically the pack of scalable business management server, real time team collaboration and group chat server. SmarterMail is designed to meet the business requirements of all type of businesses from small to large size. The best about SmarterMail is that it demands for basic hardware requirements and…

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Postfix Mail Server

Postfix Mail Server is the name of an open source and free mail transfer agent based mail server that basically work on the system of routing and delivering the emails. It is designed to be used as an alternative of the Sendmail. The best about Postfix Mail Server is that it allow the IT administrator to combine this mail server with several other software that offers the services of virus…

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Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect is a highly stable web mail server system that aims to put the businesses at ease on focusing more and more on their ongoing work rather than worrying about the unexpected downtime and recovery issues. Kerio Connect has made the deployment and administration of multiple email accounts easy and simple. The best about Kerio Connect is that it offers without any limitation and restriction the support for the…

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MailEnable is a Windows based mail server and email server program that is packed with the state of the features and functions like antivirus and spam filtering system, webmail management system, cardDAV, CalDAV and much more. Most of the features and functions of the MailEnable are just like the MS Exchange Server that’s why MailEnable is called as one of the best alternatives to that as well. The best about…

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Axigen is a multifunctional email management server for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Axigen is packed with the two basic functions of groupware and real time collaboration. Moreover, the other features listed in the Axigen are push email system, shared folder, PIM sync system and outlook connector. Axigen is simply a best and recommended mail server for the small business because it combines the features of integration projects and…

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Xeams is the name of a free email server management system that comes with the optional feature of spam filtering as well. Xeams operates as a full server system and support for all type of email protocols either it is POP3, IMAP, SMTP or any other. The spam firewall system of Xeams is a highly advanced system that basically checks the every inbound and outgoing email for the protection of…

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NetWin SurgeMail

NetWin SurgeMail is a best in the class webmail server for all kind of users from beginners to the professional one. For its advanced functionalities and features, NetWin SurgeMail is called as one of the fastest, robust and fully featured email secure servers that support the almost all kind of protocols and standards. The best about NetWin SurgeMail is that it is packed with its own designed web server so…

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EVO Mail Server

EVO Mail Server is a Windows based mail server that gives its users full command and control over their organization messaging flow system. EVO Mail Server widely supported for all type of email clients and email servers. EVO Mail Server offers many services in the shape of CardDAV and CalDAV services that work easily with all iOS devices. EVO Mail Server is now supporting DNS and SMTP protocol for protection…

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Mercury Mail Transport System

Mercury Mail Transport System is an advanced mail server system that basically sends and receives the emails and messages from multiple email accounts. It is one of the longest serving PC email system and full featured internet mail program. For the information of the readers, Mercury Mail Transport System is a free product that is dedicated for those users who are looking for a dedicated program. For personal and private…

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PowerMTA is highly advanced SMTP server software. It offers its users an unsurpassed delivery and reliability execution in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection controls. PowerMTA contains those features and functions that are designed to address the challenges of the digital messaging and all kind of customer communications. It offers the users with an advanced and unsurpassed reliability and delivery execution in a stable SMTP environment with granular connection…

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ArgoSoft Mail Server

ArgoSoft Mail Server is a best in the class webmail server that is basically the suit of multiple servers, FTP server and various other forms of servers that allow the users to manage all of their servers. The best about ArgoSoft Mail Server is that it offers the full support for all type of protocols including SMTP, ESMTP, POP3 and IMAP and offers the complete delivery service via the smart…

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Citadel Mail Server

Citadel Mail Server is a simple yet powerful and highly versatile email architecture that offers the multiple features in the shape of calendar, address books, bulletin boards, mailing list server, instant messaging system, support for blog engines, support for multiple domains and much more. The best about Citadel Mail Server is that it is an easy to install, easy to use and totally open source program. It offers the great…

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Poste.io is the name of a fully featured email server that is offers the support in the shape of anti-SPAM system, webmail and easily administration system. Poste.io is simply a full featured mail server solution that is based on the system of open source functionalities. For its wide range of functionalities and features, Poste.io it the name of a fully featured stack mail server solution that support for the SMTP,…

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qmail is the name of an advanced level of mail transfer agent for the UNIX based operating systems. Qmail is called to be one of the perfect replacements of the Sendmail. Security, performance and simplicity are the three main highlighted features of the qmail that make the best option for being used as mail server management program. During the launch of the first version of qmail this program was then…

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Mailsite is a multifunctional commercial email management system comprising the email calendar and contact server system. Mailsite is the name of a secure, fast and scalable Windows email and groupware exchange server that synchronize the support for MS Outlook and management from the smartphone devices as well. Mailsiteis equally useful for all type of clients either it is any small business, large enterprise or any other type of service provider.…

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Mailtraq is a commercial groupware and webmail server system for the Windows operating systems. Mailtraq is said to be one of the best alternatives to the MS Exchange Server. With the usage of this program, you will be able to take back full command and control of the email system of your organization. Mailtraq support for all kind of email protocols. The latest version of Mailtraq is coming with support…

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NetMail is an email management system that offers the management of email data, archiving of data, encryption system, storage of data, attachment management, email monitoring and much more. The cloud-based email management system of NetMail will make you able to take back full command and control on all of your data and resources without even worrying about your location at all. Sharing of large files is no more a difficult…

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Oracle Communications Messaging Server

Oracle Communications Messaging Server is basically an email communication and management system being offered by the Oracle. The best about Oracle Communications Messaging Server is that it offers the users with the secure, scalable and state of the art features and functions. The best about Oracle Communications Messaging Server is that it offers all kind of enterprises and service providers to offers a high quality and reliable messaging platform for…

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Gordano Messaging Suite

Gordano Messaging Suite is one of the leading communication and commercial groupware and mail server for the Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. Among the features and functions of the Gordano Messaging Suite, the main features of the Gordano Messaging Suite are that its latest version is containing the encrypted access using anti-spam, anti-virus, and SSL protection system and is capable of dealing with web based webmail and calendaring interfaces…

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