10 Instamojo Alternatives

Instamojo is India based company providing the facility of online selling & buying products. It has an opportunity for creators of software, web apps and digital files to sell their products with ease. It provides security, hosting, payment processing confidently. It sells your products to customers and offers you the 90 % of every transaction, deducting 10 % for its services. Instamojo is a Mumbai-based startup that has thought of an installment arrangement worked in India for Indians. With Instamojo, anybody can rapidly make a payment connection and offer it on their site, online networking, email and so forth. One can get net saving money, Visa or check card payments. For a blogger or independent essayist, this is no exactly a clever thought. There is NO setup expense. It is allowed to make a record at Instamojo. It profits when individuals get cash. They charge a 5% exchange payment at whatever point somebody gets installments. This expense runs down with higher transaction volume. The payout of the cash happens each Friday. The sum will be exchanged to your ledger using NEFT. There are no direct expenses. It’s NOT an installment passage rather it is another option to an installment door. They do furnish incorporations with sites, yet it is not obligatory. Anybody can make a payment page at Instamojo and begin accepting payments. It’s a framework to get installments, as well as there is a considerable measure of different components in it, which makes the offering procedure less demanding and better. With this, you will get cool examination, basic catches from where you can discover the capacities and different alternatives. Configuration is likewise wonderful with a straightforward design that is plain as day.

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Gumroad provides you to sell your creativity either it is a software, application, music or a story. Its simplicity, dependability, and design make it unique. One may earn money from his creativity by sharing it on Gumroad, from where anybody can purchase it just by two clicks. Gumroad provides you secure payment by receiving it from those who buy it. Gumroad, a startup that helps makers offer computerized products, now…

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Ribbon provides an online platform for people to sell their products either digital or physical. One can use social media to promote the selling of its product by just sharing the link of its product. It is simplifying the process of selling and buying online. By putting the name of product, type, price and uploading file to ribbon, you will be provided a link along with Buy Now Button. Whoso…

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Sellfy is a platform for selling the digital products online. One may buy or sell the app, software, writings, music, design templates, E-book, movies or tutorials and much more. Contents without holding copyrights, adult content and nudity contents are restricted. Sellfy host your product, receive payment from buyers, deliver the product to the customer and pay you the cost of the product with a fix deduction for services. Imagine a…

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Make a greeting page in the blink of an eye. Offer your administration and item effortlessly. Spaces is just the most ideal approach to approve and manufacture another business. There are numerous things to investigate with Spaces. Offer physical and computerized items straightforwardly from your Space. You can even consolidate the two and offer them as a bundle – the choices are interminable. Make a membership administration in minutes, bother…

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Payhip is providing online platform to sell digital products specially ebooks. Also music, cosmic, fonts, arts, apps and much more can be sold and found here. For purchasing some item from Payhip, one must have PayPal account or credit card. It ensures that one can only download the product if he has paid for it. It deducts only 5% of the transaction fee, no monthly or setup charges. So you’re…

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Chirpify, online buying and selling of digital products. It also let you to sell the products using social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter. In the beginning it started working using PayPal services. One had to get PayPal account for selling the items by Chirpify but now the option is provided to directly sign up with Chirpify. It also accepts all types of credit and debit cards. It deducts a small…

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DigiResults is also online market solution. One may simply sign-up here. Using PayPal account, it verifies that your funding source is valid. PayPal account is compulsory here because DigiResults using chain payments API which is only offered by PayPal for real time payments. One may sell and buy almost every digital product and much more. No signup or monthly chargers. It deducts $0.25+7.5% for sale of less than $10 and…

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Zaxaa is online market allowing you to sell and buy products instantly. It also provides Zaxaa Member, which is its membership site. One may get membership and create membership sites for protection of members, area, contents and files. It lets you to buy and purchase every digital product, web, apps, music, video, e-book and lot of other items. Zaxaa empowers advanced item makers to appreciate tremendous time investment funds, genuine…

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NanaCast is intended to incorporate with everything! That includes the greater part of your autoresponder instruments, trader accounts (counting PayPal and Stripe), and any outsider script as well. You won’t require any extra enrollment site programming either. Transform any current site or blog into a participation webpage in minutes utilizing the worked as a part of NanaCast enrollment wizard. The bulk of the mainstream instruments are now coordinated. Just click…

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Selz provides online selling and buying for digital creativity, writings, E-books, music, software, web app and much more. It let you to use your social website or social media account for direct selling by just providing a link. It is free to join. It deducts a small percentage from each successful transaction i.e. about 5% including taxes. Security is its priority. Selz is the simplest method for digital creative, bloggers,…

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