15 Alternatives to iRedMail

iRedMail is the provider of free and open source mail server solution. iRedMail is simply the perfect platform for building own mail server using the open source tools. iRedMail can work easily one almost every UNIX-based operating system. With the usage of iRedMail, you will be simply able to deploy a full-fledged, open-source and full-featured mail server in few minutes and all for free. iRedMail done it with the collection of open source components and then applying the best practice. Its tools are performing well for completing the major tasks for the users. One of the best things about iRedMail is that it offers the professional support in case of some problems. Some of the advantages of using iRedMail are privacy, open source, secure by default, webmail, availability of calendars, contacts, ActiveSync, availability of unlimited accounts, supports mainstream UNIX based operated systems, backends, antivirus & antispam, web admin panel, reproducible deployment, and availability of professional tech support. Once you will start using iRedMail, you will realize that you are using a stable and flexible product. iRedMail constantly outperforms for its client’s expectations and offers the professional support up to the maximum level. You will really satisfy with the system and work of the iRedMail.

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Mail2web.com is a unique level of email hosting service that allows the email account holders to check their emails from any part of the world. It basically provides the email hosting services according to the needs of the users. Once hosted, the users can check their emails for free. You don’t need to be register at all. Just provide the email ID and the password of the email ID and…

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Email.biz is a website from you can buy business email and premium email ID. It is a platform for getting spam free email ID. It basically provides domain name registration, premium domain names, popular domains, web hosting and much more. For its wide range of offers, Email.biz is simply the perfect place for creating the professional and spam free email ID. You can create email ID according to your passion.…

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Postbox is the provider of all those email management tools that a real businessman and companies need to power through the messages they are forwarding to their clients and other stakeholders. Postbox aims to permit its users to get a complete and control on their tasks so that they can work quickly and efficiently without any interruption at all. Some of the advantages and features of the Postbox are focus…

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Claws Mail

Claws Mail is the name of a user-friendly, lightweight and fast email client.  This email client is based on the plugin mechanism that basically delivers a unique level of email management services. Claws Mail is widely available for the Windows operating systems. In a standalone setup of Claws Mail, you will get many advantages in the shape of quick response, graphical & sophisticated interface, easy configuration, intuitive operation, abundant features,…

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Sylpheed is the real email client and email management platform for managing your email accounts in a simplest yet professional way. It is designed to be really simple, diversified, lightweight, featureful and easy to use email client for the Windows operating system users. It provides the simple to user intuitive user interface to the users. Sylpheed has been designed keeping in view the synchronization requirement of the keyboard. That system…

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Polymail is a more advanced and simplest way for organizing the email box by using the professional and state of the art designed productivity tools. Polymail features the main functions in the shape of email tracking, reading later, sending messages later and much more. All of the tools and functions available by the Polymail are packed in a simple and really unified interface. With the usage of this simple tool…

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Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra Desktop is basically an offline email client that allows the users to manage their multiple accounts in a centralized platform. All of the email client either it is Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or email ID of any other email client, this service provider can easily manage all. Zimbra Desktop is available as a free and open source email client for the desktop users. The main thing about Zimbra Desktop is…

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Canary Mail

Canary Mail is one of the best and highly secure email client designed for the iPhone and Mac OS X users. it is based on the AI and native PGP system for giving the best possible security to the users. Canary Mail is designed for providing safety and privacy to its users. The main advantages of using Canary Mail are the features that it is offering to its users in…

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MyEmail is an online service that works as a free email service system making its clients able to check their emails from any part of the world. They are only required to provide their email accounts and original password and get their email checked for free. MyEmail is offering its email checking service for all of the email clients in which most popular are Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, and…

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GyazMail is an advanced level of an email account management system for the Mac OS X operating system users. The package and framework of GyazMail are based on the Cocoa framework that means availability of extra features and functions. With the usage of this easy to use and full-featured email client, the users can easily manage all of their accounts right from their Mac devices. The best about GyazMail is…

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nPOPuk is a portable email client designed for the Windows operating systems and making the Windows users able to check all of their emails and messages from a single platform. nPOPuk largely supports for almost all email clients currently available in the industry. nPOPuk has changed the process of checking the emails by allowing the users to check their emails from a centralized place. It is a small yet comprehensive…

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Portable DreamMail

Portable DreamMail is a featured rich email client that lets its client to get their multiple email accounts managed at a centralized place. With the usage of this email management program, the users will get support for almost all type of email accounts, SMTP, POP3, RSS feeds and much more just to manage their multiple email account. This program is available for the Windows operating systems only and offers a…

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Avanti! Mail Client

Avanti! Mail Client is one of the best email accounts management program for the Windows operating systems. It is a portable tool that lets its users to manage each and every section of their multiple email accounts from a centralized place. With the usage of this portable program, you can freely send and receive the messages and can make the even attachments as well. Avanti! Mail Client is offering its…

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TrulyMail is a multiple email management program for those users who have to frequently sign in to multiple email accounts. The best about TrulyMail is that it offers the users email management system in a highly secure environment where none of their information will be leaked at all and will not be even stored on the servers of TrulyMail as well. The free version of TrulyMail is available for almost…

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EmailTray is one of the smartest email notifier and email client for the Windows and Android devices operating systems. EmailTray gives its support for both IMAP and POP3 email accounts that allow the users to get all of their email accounts managed at a centralized place. Whatever the email service you are using either it is Gmail, Hotmail, AOL or any other, EmailTray will always give you a free hand…

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