18 MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Alternatives

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is called to be simply best means for creating impressive videos like a professional video editor and movie director. The availability of professional level of intuitive controls and then the addition of a wide range of templates make the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro one of the best video editing programs for the beginners as well to create the well-designed video project. This video editor is jam-packed with a lot of options than before. Right at the platform of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, you will be able to explore the automatic shot match features, new video effects and a new level of video editing as well. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes in multiple versions, and all are paid versions. The products coming in the pack of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers the beginners and professionals exceptional features for precise video editing. Start using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro and start as a novice with the simple storyboard mode and automatic optimizations or even edit the video frame with a bit more experience in the timeline mode on up to ninety-nine tracks.

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Serif MoviePlus

Serif MoviePlus is the name of a high dynamic video editor for both beginners and professionals’ video editors and movie makers. The main advantages of using Serif MoviePlus are the functions that it is offering to its users in the shape of complete compatibility, video file converter, lightning effects, professional post production, stabilizing videos, quickly reducing camera shake, enhancing the quality if footage, gree screening and color pass effect, export…

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Bolide Movie Creator

Bolide Movie Creator is a simple to use yet powerful video editing software for the Windows operating systems. Bolide Movie Creator allow its users to perform a wide range of video editing functions and create the stunning and professional level of videos and movies. If you have a camera then you can simply make the collage of all uncut videos on the hard drive. Bolide Movie Creator is particularly designed…

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This simple to use offers the users with the customizable video editing options to its users making them able to create the better products and services around it. The best about Mixmoov is that it offers its users with a customizable video editing feature so that they can plugin into their application. The users can customize the pre-defined sets of multi-track and storyboard interfaces along with other available modules, and…

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ACDSee Video Studio

ACDSee Video Studio is the name of a visual based video editing program that is capable of working with your existing media files. This simple to use video editing program allow the users to import their own footage and even work with the existing media files or create the new one as well. The editing functions of ACDSee Video Studio are so advanced that make the process of video editing,…

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AVS Video Editor

‎AVS Video Editor is the name of an easy to use video editing program that offers its users a wide range of video editing functions. The best about ‎AVS Video Editor is that it supports for even Blu-ray and HD videos as well. It enables the users to edit all key video formats. The main highlighted features and functions of the ‎AVS Video Editor are processing of multiple video formats,…

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FileLab Video Editor

This video editor allows the users to edit their videos for free. The best about FileLab Video Editor is that it offers an easy to use video editing function to its users. It also allows its users to apply multiple video effects, add music and texts. FileLab Video Editor is simply a small and easy to use video editing program that supports editing in multiple formats as well. It is…

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ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 Video Editor is a best in the class video editing and composting program containing almost two hundred video effects including chroma keying and excellent color. In the rest of the features, the exclusive features being offered by the ZS4 Video Editor are custom output video width and height, sub-composites, unlimited tracks, custom speed and direction change for audio and video. This video editor also has the ability to slave…

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Autodesk Smoke

Autodesk Smoke is the name of a professional video editing offer that offers a wide range of video effects to its users. The features and affects you will encounter here will never be witnessed in most of the video editing software. This video editing and video effects software aim to allow the video editors to do more functions in addition to doing editing only. The quality of Autodesk Smoke is…

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MAGIX Video Pro X

MAGIX Video Pro X is professional video editing software that is the part of Magix video editing suite. It is particularly designed for the professional video editors and movie makers as it combines the technical precisions and advanced editing modules in a standalone pack. This video editing program enables the professional video editors to enjoy the intuitive and easy handling of their video editing projects. With the usage of this…

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VideoMakerFX is the best in the class video creation software that doesn’t take too much time of the users for creating stunning videos. Within few hours of using this video editor, you can be the master of this software. With the usage of this video editor, both the beginners and professional users can easily make the all kind of videos from professional looking to the animation and whiteboard movies. VideoMakerFX…

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Gilisoft Video Editor

Gilisoft Video Editor is one of the most easily video editing software available over the internet that is integrated with the features of video cutting and joining as well. It enables its users to edit the videos in few clicks, make videos and movies, apply stunning effects, watermarks, subtitles, remove unwanted footage, choose the best footage and perform a broad range of other editing functions. For its simple user interface,…

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Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is called to be one of the most comprehensive video editing software containing a versatile range of tools for video editing and processing. Using this video editing program anyone can create professional looking videos and even slideshows as well. You don’t need to be expert in video editing at all because the user interface of the Movavi Video Suite is so simple and easy. For the information…

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Ashampoo Movie Studio

Being a multifunctional video editor, Ashampoo Movie Studio is called to be a most advanced video editor for performing multiple types of video editing. This video editor is packed with all those editing and mixing tools that a video editor need to edit and create the professional level movies either these are home based movies or special event movies. Ashampoo Movie Studio widely supports for the editing functions in the…

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Autodesk Motion FX

Autodesk Motion FX is nifty software that allows the users to apply dozens of effects to videos. Autodesk Motion FX allows the users to create stunning video effects deploying the PC camera. This video editing program allow the Mac users to choose for their favorite preset effect and after that create and incredible visual experience by moving in front of the PC camera. The special preset cycling mode allows the…

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Videorama is an easy to use video editing program for the movie producer. Videorama is even available for the smartphone users as well. With the usage of this tool, you can create stunning videos and movies. the main advantages of using this program are the features that it is offering to its users in the shape of a powerful clip editor, overlay, and animation of text, adding music and video…

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FXhome HitFilm

FXhome HitFilm is the name of creative video software that offers a wide range of video effects to its users. FXhome HitFilm is widely available for the both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. This all in one video editing software offers a wide range of visual effects and three-dimensional compositing for all kind of productions. Today thousands of production houses are using this program for creating the feature-length…

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the provider of video editing software that allows the Windows users to make visually creative and professional level of videos. Adobe Premiere Pro is a best to use video editing program that allows the video editors to create the professional level of videos for TV, movies and even for the website purposes as well. Adobe Premiere Pro is a commercial program that you can use on…

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MAGIX Vegas Pro

MAGIX Vegas Pro is one of the leading video editors that offer the optimal editing functions to its users in the shape of the features being used by the Sony Creative Software. The latest version of MAGIX Vegas Pro is the new era in video editing that contains a broad range of features and functions. The most recent version of MAGIX Vegas Pro is the combination of innovative and performance…

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