24 Alternatives to Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office Suite is a set of multiple applications and services being offered by the Microsoft to its Windows users. The latest version of Microsoft Office Suite contains a lot of applications and tools, but still, it is most popular because of the three most important programs namely MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. The latest editions of all of these applications contain many advanced features and functions in which one most prominent is visual basic for applications scripting language. The user interface of all of the programs available in the Microsoft Office Suite is almost same. The users of Microsoft Office Suite can now access their external data by way of connection specs saved in the Office Data Connection files. Both Office and Windows use service packs to update the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Office Suite has now integrated most of the functions of Microsoft Office Suite in its cloud storage OneDrive as well. What makes Microsoft Office Suite special one is that it allows its users to extend its features and functions using the third party applications and add-on. The users can add custom commands and specialized features. The extra plugins and tools can be downloaded from the official website of the Microsoft as well. The developers can create their own add-on as well and can upload them to Office Store as well for making money.

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OpenOffice is the name of a free and open productivity suite that is also called as one of the best alternatives to the Microsoft Office Suite. For its advanced features and functions, OpenOffice is widely called as one of the leading and open source software suite for spreadsheets, word processing, graphics designing, presentations and databases and much more. It is available in many international languages and available for almost all…

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LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite that features a clean user interface and those tools that offers the users to unleash their creativity and enhance their productivity as well. One of the best things about LibreOffice is that it features several applications that make it one of the most powerful and open source office suite available in the market. LibreOffice is basically the pack of several type…

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SoftMaker Office

SoftMaker Office is one of the most powerful and reliable office suite that is fully compatible with the MS Office Suite. SoftMaker Office is available for the Windows, Linux operating systems and Android devices. Using this program all of the users of above mentioned operating systems can handle their presentations, documents, calculations and much more. It provides a real help during the task planning process as well. From the management…

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Kingsoft Office Suite

Kingsoft Office Suite is the name of a freemium office suite that is the pack of spreadsheet programs, presentation and word processing software. It is called to be one of the best alternatives to the three leading programs of the MS Office Suite. Most of the features and functions of Kingsoft Office Suite are available for free; however the users can get more functions on the premium version of this…

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WPS Office Suite

WPS Office Suite is called to be one of the most demanded office suite that is designed for both home and professional users. This office suite is containing a spreadsheet program, word processor and a presentation program that are intended to meet the daily work requirements for office. With the usage of this office suite, the users can easily deal with their day to day office tasks. Three main programs…

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Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is basically a web based document management platform that features a word processor, presentation maker and presentation maker program as well. The online version of Zoho Docs is designed to make its clients able to manage and store all of their documents at a centralized place in the cloud. Having an online account with Zoho Docs means a platform for synchronizing office documents with Zoho Docs. After creating…

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SSuite Office

SSuite Office is called to be one of the most accomplished office suites for both beginners and professionals. It is not as greater as compared to the MS Office Suite but still one of the best programs to be used for performing daily office tasks. What make SSuite Office special one is that it contains a modern visual design with an easy to user interaction and user friendly environment. The…

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Google Docs

For its functionalities like MS Office Suite, Google Docs can be also called as the perfect office suite for the purpose of managing office documents in a more systemized way. The best about Google Docs is that it is available as an online documents management tool using which the users can perform the smart editing by deploying the smart styling tools to easily format text and paragraphs. Google Docs is…

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iWork is an office suite designed by the Apple for its iDevices. It is available for iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. It can be access by the users of other operating systems as well but via its iCloud version. This office suite is basically the pack of multiple programs like presentation program, word processor, Keynote, spreadsheet program, and desktop publication program Pages as well. One of the best…

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Calligra Office

Calligra Office that is also called as Calligra Suite is the pack of multiple applications and tools that are being offered by the MS Office Suite. Seven main tools or programs being offered by the Calligra Office in its single packed office suite are Words, Sheets, Stage, Kexi, Flow, Karbon and Plan. Calligra Office Words is word processor that contains the support for desktop publishing as well. With this tool,…

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KOffice is the name of a free and open source office suite that was designed for the Windows and UNIX-based operating systems. It is containing the programs and tools just like MS Office Suite in which most popular were a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program and number of other components that were designed to assist the office users in carrying out their day to day tasks in a…

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Ability Office

Ability Office is software just like MS Office Suite that features a core application in the shape of word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation maker, photo editor and database management. One of the best things about Ability Office is that it is entirely compatible with the all versions of the MS Office Suite and for the same reasons it is making it easy and straightforward for its users to share the…

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Lotus SmartSuite

Lotus SmartSuite that is also called as a IBM Lotus SmartSuite is an office suite designed and developed by the IBM for the MS Windows. It was launched with the aim of competing the ever demanded MS Office suite. During the past few years, Lotus SmartSuite has got a lot of popularity among the Windows users. The main components available in the Lotus SmartSuite are a word processor, a spreadsheet…

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GNOME Office

GNOME Office suite is the pack of multiple applications just like MS Office Suite. This software is widely available for the GNOME desktop and allows the users to enjoy the tools just like that of MS Office. Main tools being offered by the GNOME Office in its standard editions are AbiWord, Evince, Evolution, Gnumeric, Inkscape and Ease. Here we will discuss about those tools and applications only that belongs to…

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ConceptDraw Office

Based on the state of the art document management features and functions, ConceptDraw Office is called to be one of the most accomplished and comprehensive suite to be used in office environment for the purpose of dealing with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation related tasks. According to the developers of the ConceptDraw Office, it is different from most of the office suite because it is multitasking office suite by its…

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MobiSystems OfficeSuite

MobiSystems OfficeSuite is a cross platform and multifunctional office suite designed for the Windows and mobiles operating systems. It is widely available in the three versions that are MobiSystems OfficeSuite Free, MobiSystems OfficeSuite Pro and MobiSystems OfficeSuite Premium. Except MobiSystems OfficeSuite Free, other two versions are available against price and offer more features and functions as compared to the free version. In addition to offering own set of word processing,…

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OfficeSuite Now

OfficeSuite Now is software that is basically the pack of multiple tools such as word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation maker tool, and PDF reader. This program is available into four versions that are OfficeSuite Now Basic, OfficeSuite Now Personal, OfficeSuite Now Group and OfficeSuite Now Business. Except OfficeSuite Now Basic, rests of the three versions are licensed based versions and are available against per year fix price. In addition to…

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ThinkFree Office

ThinkFree Office is an office suite based program that offers all those tools and functions to its users that they really need to create and edit professional documents. For its simplicity, user friendly interface and availability of advanced editing tools, ThinkFree Office is called to be one of the perfect office productivity tools that is containing all those functions that an office user need to deal with day to day…

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WordPerfect Office

WordPerfect Office is called to be one of the most powerful and professional productive office suite available over the internet to accommodate its users in developing and dealing with all type of office documents. In the latest version of WordPerfect Office, many changes have been made by the developers in the shape of addition of new template viewer, code revealer and an updated user interface. Most of the users confuse…

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TeamLab Office Suite

TeamLab Office Suite is the set of multiple office tools that allow the office users to deal with their office files and documents in both online and offline mode. Use TeamLab Office Suite and deploy a fully featured office suite on their own server and get a full command and control over their data. One of the best things about TeamLab Office Suite is that it doesn’t need any downloading…

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Siag Office

Siag Office is a free to use office suite designed for the UNIX based operating systems. It includes the tools and applications like MS Office Suite such as a word processor, spreadsheet and graphics animator program. The current version of Siag Office is containing many other tools as well that are text editor, file manager and GVU previewer. This office suite is available in many international languages and any time…

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Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a best in the class office suite for all kind of users from home and individual level to professional and enterprise one. Polaris Office is widely available for four types of users: Polaris Office for Business, Polaris Office for Public, Polaris Office for Education Institutions and Polaris Office for Personal Use. The basic features and functions of all these versions are mostly same, however, the advanced features…

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Go-OO is the name of a featured rich office suite comprising multiple office tools in the shape of a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation maker, formula calculator, and drawing and data maker. Go-OO is packed with a modern and user friendly interface. The toolbars and available functions and tools are arranged in a neat structure. On some grounds the interface of Go-OO looks like that of MS Office Suite. The…

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Ashampoo Office

Ashampoo Office is a fully compatible and powerful office suite that offers a great amount of features and functions. For its availability of wide range of functions and features Ashampoo Office is called to be one of the best alternatives to the MS Office Suite. It allows the users to create documents, spreadsheets creator and presentation faster than most of the other office suites. Ashampoo Office is the perfect mixture…

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  1. You are absolutely correct placing SSuite Office on this list. I just love SSuite Office software, they have been around for a long time and their software is absolutely excellent and most importantly, free! :)

    I’ve been using their software for a long time now and have never needed anything else. They even have an online office suite now. Much more convenient than one would think. It’s also not cloud based, so no login or accounts to create. Runs directly in your web browser, Now that is something no one else has. Check them out, you will not regret it. :-)


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