32 Alternatives to MoboPlay for PC

MoboPlay for PC is a free to use software to make the connection between your smartphone and PC system. By using this software, you can easily manage the entire data of your phone either it is digital media or any app and can even update the software of your device as well. That is something new for any phone management software. The other best thing about MoboPlay for PC is that it support for various other mobile management programs as well. If you are using any special mobile management software, then don’t worry at all as MoboPlay for PC works with all those mobile management software that you already have on your system. Using this software you can easily control your iOS and Android devices in a way that most of the proprietary software are unable to perform. Some features and functions of the MoboPlay for PC are it allow for making the backup of data and synchronize the data between the connected devices. MoboPlay for PC is an all in one software to learn and using it for multiple devices. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of MoboPlay for PC is that anyone can access the data of your phone activity in case your phone is stolen by someone. You need to be careful while using this software.

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MyMobiler is an application for Android operating systems that allow the Android users to control their device via Wi-Fi or USB from their desktop. It is a tool for remotely controlling the Android set and captures the video or screen.  The client can see on the PC what is shown on the gadget screen by utilizing the mouse and console through ActiveSync or Wi-Fi system. It can sort content from…

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AirDroid is a simple to utilize programming that empowers clients to get to and deal with their Android telephone or tablet from the PC through a remote connection. This simple project permits you to deal with your Android applications, right from your PC. There ought to be a remote association between your Android telephone or tablets, so you can exchange records, read messages, view call rundown, and answer to approaching…

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Mobogenie is a reliable application that permits you to oversee contacts, applications, messages, and mixed media documents of your cell phones utilizing your PC. This sort of utilization is otherwise called Android Synchronization programming. It has exceedingly instinctive, interface and helps you to search and deal with every one of the records on your Android phones simply like contacts, instant messages, and applications. The client will like its decent, vivid…

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Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is a dependable and lightweight utility that permits you to deal with your established Android gadgets. This application underpins a substantial assortment of devices simply like HTC, Google Nexus, Samsung, and Acer Liquid. Droid Explorer helps the client to see and arrange the device substance with the assistance of Android SDK. Also, he ought to have the relating OEM drivers and BusyBox introduced, and also the USB investigating…

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Android Control

Android Control is a straightforward and robust programming that encourages you to control your Android gadget from your PC with the assistance of a USB connection. This instinctive application is anything but difficult to introduce with no uncommon information in working with a PC. At that point, you can begin taking a shot at it and play out the progressions you need on your Android gadget, through USB investigate mode.…

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MyPhoneExplorer Portable

MyPhoneExplorer Portable is a convenient programming that encourages the client to deal with his cell phone in an agreeable way, control contacts, calls, and updates specifically from his home PC. It is a convenient version of MyPhoneExplorer with an easy to understand environment to oversee information on your telephone. It works without establishment permitting you just to drop the project records anyplace on the hard-plate and run the executable document…

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91 PC Suite for Android

91 PC Suite for Android is lightweight administration application that permits the client to get to and deal with all elements of Android cell phone right from the PC. This product arrangement has extraordinary apparatuses to oversee and sort out information and records on an Android cell phone. The client can introduce and uninstall applications on the phone and can perform numerous other valuable errands. After effective associate the cell…

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Cheetah Sync

Cheetah Sync is a lightweight and convenient application that gives you a chance to combine an envelope on your Android gadget utilizing an organizer on your PC. In the first place, you need to introduce the application on your PC and your Android telephone. At that point ensure that handset recognizes the PC and it can set up an effective association. Every one of the means in the application are…

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Portable SonicHandy

Portable SonicHandy is a compact cell phone administration programming that permits the client to view contacts and messages on his gadget. It helps you to investigate the contacts of your Android Phone on a Windows PC right away and perform reinforcements of your contacts and SMS document. Besides, you can make nearby duplicates of messages, call history, and location book for recouping if there should be an occurrence of catastrophe.…

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Android ICS Root Unlocker

Android ICS Root Unlocker is a dependable utility that encourages the client to empower the root capacity on your Android cell phone. This application permits him to utilize any adjustments to his gadget, with no limitations. To begin working with the application, you need to interface your telephone to the PC through a USB information link. By doing this, product can speak with your Android working framework. Be that as…

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The Raccoon is anything but difficult to utilize an application that empowers the client to download Android APK field without utilizing Internet program. This helpful programming act like Google Play downloads customer and helps you in snatching APK documents from the store with no connect with it. It highlights an easy to understand interface which is very simple to handle. To get a text from the Internet, you need to…

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MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android is a simple and easy to understand programming that is helpful to deal with the archives and projects present on your Android telephone or tablet. To utilize this application, you need to interface your gadget to the PC through a USB link. After this, the essential window of the application demonstrates a nitty gritty review identified with the associated gadget having data in regards to the…

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Android Applications Manager

Android Applications Manager is an open source application having basic settings for introducing and uninstalling applications from Android-fueled gadgets. This straightforward programming empowers you to uninstall applications from your Android gadgets effortlessly and to include new ones or apply reinforcements with more established settings. It takes a shot at the PC without establishment if Java is as of now running on the PC. In this way, the client can spare…

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SnapPea is a direct programming utility that empowers you to deal with your Android information from their PC and send instant messages. The application highlights a basic and clean interface having a route board and a board to demonstrate the particular data, alongside a couple of different catches. This project is anything but difficult to make sense of by all clients with the assistance of complete and very much sorted…

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Pure APK Install

Pure APK Install is a lightweight programming application that encourages the client to introduce XAPK and APK position records on Android gadgets right from your PC. In the event that you got another cell phone and you are not ready to introduce your coveted applications on your versatile so you have the alternative to introduce applications physically on your gadget with the assistance of Pure APK Install. This application has…

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AST Android SMS Transfer

AST Android SMS Transfer is an easy to use application that permits the client to exchange effectively and reinforcement Android SMS messages contacts to the PC. It bolsters a natural interface with a consistent window split into two territories, for exploring Android areas and Viewing content separately. It loads data in the essential casing when the gadget is associated with the PC. It empowers you to analyze and exchange instant…

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Mobizen is a new method for experiencing Android devices over the web browsers and desktop. We are talking about software that will allow you to experience the each and every corner of your Android operating system over the web browser and even on the desktop operating systems as well. Using this software and application you can easily and instantly use your smartphone right from your PC and the web browsers.…

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dotPocket is the name of a simple and easy to use app that makes the smartphone users control their mobile devices easily from the PC easily. After connecting the phone to the system, the users can then use the PC screen, mouse, and keyboard as well. After making the connection with PC by using the dotPocket, you can then simply control the all of your mobile activities right from the…

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Pushbullet is software aimed to make the smartphone and PC users able to get their devices working better together. This software will basically allow you to connect all of your devices and make them to work as one system. First of all, you are required to connect with Pushbullet through a sing-in process. However, you don’t need to create an account at all if you already have Facebook and Google…

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Join by joaoapps

Join by joaoapps is software for PC and mobile devices to access the features of smartphone from the web browser. That means you can do each and everything on your system and tablet or even on various other devices as well. But all these devices need to have a compatible web browser as well. All you need is to give permission to the website to create a popup first so…

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AirMore is the name of one of the best mobile phone management programs over the internet that has made the smartphone management quite easy and simple. Being a cross-platform program, AirMore allows the smartphone users to even wirelessly manage their phones on the web. In case, you don’t have USB then don’t worry you can manage all via WiFi system. And in case you have not an internet connection then…

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Xender is the name of a cross-functional mobile management and mobile data transferring and sharing application that makes the smartphone users able to share all of their media files and even contacts, SMS, applications and much more without even using the mobile data at all. There is no restriction on the format of mobile data at all. You can share any type of files between two devices. The best one…

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Handshaker is a powerful application for the smartphones and PC users to connect their multiple devices with each other. This software is basically designed to make the process of synchronization best than others by facing the sync transfer issues that are common most of the sync transfer protocols. The best about Handshaker is that it ensures the strengthening connection stability and security at the same time. Moreover, it also deliver…

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Soduto is basically a Mac OS X supported program that allows the mobile users, PC users, and Mac users to transfer their file and data between multiple devices. Its interface is very user-friendly that make the process of file and data sharing simple between multiple devices such as Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and other Mac OS X systems. Currently, the Soduto is available in beta version and is being upgraded…

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Android Commander

Android Commander is an app for Android devices and Windows operating systems to make the connection between two systems in order to manage the all Android devices. The only thing required for making connection between Android and Windows is to have a USB cable. After downloading and installing this program the users can then working with the Android terminal using all of its tools from a the screen of their…

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Parallels 2X MDM

Parallels 2X MDM is a comparatively new application in the world of mobile phone management application. The application is basically designed to get full command and control over the mobile phone by deploying the standard keyboard and mouse of the system. Parallels 2X MDM don’t allow the management of phone directly from the PC rather it allows doing so from the web browser. But for this the users are first…

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Pocket Controller

Pocket Controller is the name of a highly advanced system with the remote control functionality. This phone management application offers a suite of powerful features in the shape of real-time remote control, file and data transfer, registry editing system, remote task management system, remote scripting system, getting information of system status, getting battery status view, and performing even soft and hard device rests and performing various other functions as well.…

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Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is one of the most popular mobile management applications for the Mac OS X users. This smartphone managing application lets the smartphone users manage and control the all parts of their Android smartphones right from the PC without any limitation and restriction at all. For its distinguished features and functions, Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is widely said as one of the best and easiest mobile management…

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ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is one of the most simplest and efficient ways to manage the files from the PC. It makes the users able to manage the browsing, organizing, compressing and sharing the files between Android and PC devices. ASTRO File Manager is the best way to explore all of the data and files from within in few clicks. Either it is the internal memory of the smartphone or data…

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ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a highly effective and efficient tool for managing files, data and applications of your Android devices from the PC. It is one of the most popular and highly demanding file manager apps for Android terminals. It is sophisticated, sleek and free at all. For the information of the readers, the features and functions of the ES File Explorer are not limited to managing local files and…

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Mobisynapse is the name of a best in the class Android desktop management program for controlling each and every area of the Android. The main areas of Android management being offered by the Mobisynapse are controlling device outlook synchronization, Android PC backup management system, smartphone PC back restoration system, file transfer, app synchronization, music synchronization, digital media files synchronization and much more. Mobisynapse widely supports for the Outlook folders and…

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Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync is s phone management system designed and developed by the Samsung for its smartphones. This system is however now giving support for various other smartphones as well that are being developed by the other smartphone companies. With the help of SideSync, the Android smartphone users can easily share the screen, data and files between their mobile devices and PC. They can even receive the alarms of their smartphones…

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