12 Alternatives to MonoDevelop

MonoDevelop is an open source Disassembler, decompiler and assembly browser that lets the users to bring >NET development to any operating system either it is Windows, Linux or OS X operating system. This program make it easy for the developers and programmers to instantly write web and desktop based application on all above mentioned operating systems. It also provide the users with the system of porting .NET applications – created with Visual Studio – Linux and Mac OS X operating systems – maintaining a single code base for all of these platforms. The main features of MonoDevelop are it is multiplatform, advanced text editing system (code completion support for C#/code templates & code folding), configurable workbench (highly customizable windows layout/user defined key binding and various external tools), multiple language support ( C#/F#/Visual Basic/.NET/C/C++ and Vala), integrated debugger for debugging mono and native applications, GTK# visual designer to build GTK# applications, APS.NET to create web projects easily all with full code completion support, and various other tools in shape of makefile integration, unit testing, source control, localization, packaging and deployment.

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.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector is a class browser, decompiler and static analyzer for software to be used to inspect, search, navigate, analyze and browse the contents of a CLI component like an assembly and translates the binary information to a human readable form. The basic functions of .NET Reflector are: debug the applications & software, understand how applications work, look inside APIs, Sharepoint and other third party platforms, etc. Following are the…

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ILSpy is an open source platform that works as .NET assembly browser and decompiler. ILSpy is a free to use program. The major features of ILSpy are assembly browsing, IL disassembly, decompilation to C#, decompilation to VB, saving of resources, saving od decompiled assembly as .csproj, hyper like based type, derived types navigation, navigation history, BAML to XAML decompiler, assembly lists, and many others. Being an open source platform for…

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dotPeek is a free .NET decompiler that integrates many productivity tools for developers. The functions and features of dotPeek are  decompiling .NET assemblies to C#, exporting decompiled code to VS projects, accurate & reliable search for symbol usage, advanced presentation of search results, effortless navigation, instantly move to a type/symbol/type member, PDB files generation, accurate search for symbol usages, syntax highlighting, complete support for keyboard, etc. having a lot of…

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Just Decompile

Just Decompile is a free of charge assembly browser and .NET decompiler that enables the software and program developers to makes high quality .NET decompiling easy. Some key features of the Just Decompile are: fastest decompiler, extensible, easy assembly management, fast code navigation, three tools in one engine, visual studio extension, command line support, usage analysis, view decompiled code in Tabs, integrate with Windows, creates visual studio projects and much…

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CFF Explorer Suite

CFF Explorer Suite is a freeware pack of many developing and editing tools like PE editor, process viewer, etc. CFF Explorer Suite is fully supportable with PE32/64. Various other tools and supports are available in CFF Explorer Suite like special fields description, modification, utilities, rebuilder, import adder, signature scanner, signature manager, extension support, etc. As CFF Explorer Suite is basically a process viewers as well so it can be of…

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Zeta Resource Editor

Zeta Resource Editor is a free program that allows the developers to edit the MS .NET string resources from various other resource files together in a one single data grid system of Zeta Resource Editor. The best about Zeta Resource Editor is that simplifies the translation of strings to various other languages by providing the users a compact and effective overview of all languages of each string resources inside a…

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DotNet Resolver

Written in C#, DotNet Resolver is a free to use decompiler that is expert in reading, translating and editing all those applications that are written in any type of .NET language. DotNet Resolver is a fast and reliable application so the chances of instability during the opening of either obfuscated or protected applications are equivalent to zero. The main features of DotNet Resolver are: translating raw MSIL code to C#…

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CCI Explorer

CCI Explorer is a .NET assembly browser and decompiler that basically utilize the platform of MS Common Compiler Infrastructure in order to decompiler, view and analyze the source executable code. It is written in the WPF and use the MVVM pattern. Currently only two features are the part of the standard version of CCI Explorer that are TreeView exploration and C# description. If you are looking for the features of…

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MSIL Disassembler

MSIL Disassembler is basically an IL disassembler that is companion tool to the IL assembler. Ildasm.exe only work on PE files on disk and doesn’t work fully on files installed in the global assembly cache. MSIL Disassembler is an application that force the Ildasm.exe to take portable executable file that contains the intermediate language code and create text file that is suitable as input to Ilasm.exe. This tool however automatically…

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ShowMyCode is a web based Java class, .NET, and SWF Adobe Flash decompiler. It is also useful for QR barcodes as well. If you are looking for a decompiler for the decompilation of those PHP files that are encoded with Zen Guard, or a Java Class, or Adobe Flash SWF or even any .NET application then here is the ShowMyCode that will assist you in all above mentioned cases. If…

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Dotnet IL Editor

Dotnet IL Editor is a simple and easy-to-use debugging and disassembling application that provide the developers and programmers with the basic tools of disassembling, changing the IL code, recompiling, .NWET applications and operating it inside a debugger. The best about Dotnet IL Editor is that it is available in form of portable version so the developers are not required to go through any kind of installation. This will enable the…

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PEBrowse64 Professional

PEBrowse64 Professional is a disassembler and static-analysis application that can be only used for the MS .NET assemblies and Win64 executable files that are produced in line with the PE specifications that are published by the Microsoft. By using this platform, the developer can easily open and analysis their executable files without even loading it first as part of an active process with a debugger. PEBrowse64 Professional is basically a…

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