10 Alternatives to Norton ConnectSafe

Norton DNS or Norton ConnectSafe is an open platform that enables the enterprises to secure their network and IT system against unsafe and undesirable web sites. After using Norton DNS, you will realize that no additional software, plugin, extension or tools or required to secure your DNS. Norton DNS is available for the home user and for business (for protecting Wi-Fi, managing Wi-Fi, hotspots, etc.). It is one of the best alternatives to OpenDNS. Norton ConnectSafe is a free administration that gives the first layer of protection by blocking perilous locales consequently. On a PC, Norton ConnectSafe does not supplant the far-reaching assurance of a full security item, for example, Norton Internet Security or Norton 360. Rather, Norton ConnectSafe gives essential scanning insurance and substance separating for all Web-empowered gadgets on your home system. Norton ConnectSafe naturally squares known hazardous, deceitful, phishing and contaminated Web locales from entering your home system and making hurt your gadgets. Norton ConnectSafe does not consume up plate room or memory. Subsequently, the execution and productivity of your PC is not influenced. Norton ConnectSafe changes the force of Norton Safe Web, which contains data on a vast number of Web locales got to billions of times every day.

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OpenDNS is a cloud security provider that extends the Domain Name System (DNS) by adding various features regarding phishing protection and optional content filtering system to traditional recursive DNS services. The purpose of OpenDNS is to protect the organizations from malware, botnets, threats, viruses, phishing and targeted online attacks. Oversee flexible, area mindful arrangements with Umbrella’s 60 content classifications and a boundless number of custom pieces or permit records. Tablets…

Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is the cloud assurance administration for large companies clients being offered by Google. It depends on the essential security frameworks that are imperative for ensuring the site’s foundation. By utilizing Google Public DNS, the customers can design their system setting to use the different IP addresses as their on DNS servers. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are hunting down a high volume, programmable,…

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DynDNS is the web execution supplier. If you want to for DNS to get to your gadgets remotely and need a reliable DNS to run a straightforward application or complex site, then DynDNS is prescribed for both purposes. Use DynDNS and get to remotely PC, DVR, webcam, camera framework and different gadgets. A client of DynDNS is permitted to make up to thirty simple to recollect custom hostnames. It is…

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OpenNIC is an advanced level of security platform that provides cloud security system. The unique feature of OpenNIC is that it services are also available for those domains that are unreachable by the other DNS security providers. The unique domains protected by OpenNIC are .bbs, .dyn, .free, .fur, .geek, .opennic.glue, .gopher, .indy, .micro, .neo, .null, .oss, .oz, .parody, .pirate. If you are looking for alternative DNS provider that is open…

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Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS is the name of a professional level of cloud security provider that resolves the DNS request via its latest DNS servers. It provides a faster and reliable internet searching without any extra installation of hardware, software or any other program. Currently, it has over fifteen nodes, and each has various servers that provide reliable and faster internet browsing experience. Comodo Secure DNS is faster, smarter, safer, and…

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Yandex.DNS is a free service provider that is an expert in providing three types of online security including protection from adult content, protection from bots, and protection from dangerous websites. It has over eighty DNS servers located around the world. It has three modes that are Basic (quick & reliable DND), Safe (protection from virus & fraudulent content), and Family (without adult content). It is one of the best alternatives…

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Dyn Internet Guide

Take complete control of your internet experience by blocking a hazardous or undesirable substance in light of classifications or using custom white/boycotts with Dyn’s free Internet Guide. Effortlessly introduce inside your switch to give the same protected and quick experience on all gadgets associated with your system or utilize our Update Client to design IG on a nearby Windows or Mac OS X PC. Introduce our redesign customer to screen…

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Each time you open a page, each time a standard appears, each time you run a specific code, a lot of your data is distributed: you’re not offering them to the site you’re going to, however to different systems that use them. What’s more, all the time that happens without you notwithstanding knowing their destination. FoolDNS obstructs the larger part of these endeavors of attacking your protection. The internet publicizing…

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GreenTeam Internet

GreenTeam gives a cloud-based web scanning separating administration. The platform ensures homes, schools and organizations from access to a great many hazardous sites and also unseemly substance (grown-up, disdain/prejudice, betting and so on.). Utilizing the cloud permits you the administration with no equipment or programming establishment necessities at all. Without sites separating, malware-pervaded or fake locales may sully clients PC and systems; presenting them to an undesirable danger and wrong…

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From making a simple to recall hostname to indicate your irritating element IP location to guaranteeing your site keeps up 100% uptime, No-IP has an answer for everybody. Best of all? No-IP offers an entirely free element DNS administration that is regularly utilized by clients over the globe. No-IP has a vigorous Anycast Network with 19 purposes of nearness situated over the world to guarantee that your Managed DNS benefit…

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