13 Alternatives to Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a security tool by the Symantec system to make you able to easily get those files and programs removed that are disturbing the overall structure of your PC. Removing the adware and malware at proper time is very important because these can be threat full for your system. When you will put this software on scanning, it will quickly detect the most aggressive computer viruses especially adware and malware. Norton Power Eraser is basically used in a case when you are unable to eliminate the invisible and deeply embedded viruses. But by using the Norton Power Eraser you can easily get rid of all these viruses and threats that are often missed by the leading adware and malware programs. Sometimes it happens that PC infected with the threats that starts to slow down the performance of the PC, suck the speed of internet, add the toolbars, show the nasty advertisement all the time or do any other things with you PC and browser. But now you can control all these by using the Norton Power Eraser that is designed to target and eliminate these hard to remove threats and unique types of crimeware. So scan with this program to easily detect and remove threats and remove threats from the PC. You may also review the history to recover any files from previous sessions.

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Bitdefender Adware Removal

Bitdefender Adware Removal is an adware removal tool by the Bitdefender for PCs. One of the biggest disadvantages of the adware are that these sucks the speed of the internet and fill the screen of the PC and web browser with the nasty and disturbing ads. Right here is the Bitdefender Adware Removal that is expert in removing all kind adware and various other malicious programs in shape of hijacker…

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LavaSoft Adware

LavaSoft Adware is a free adware and spyware removal by the leading antivirus program LavaSoft designed to protect the system of its users. The single version of LavaSoft Adware is expert in providing the protection against adware, spyware, worms, Trojans and rest of the malicious programs and unwanted threats. LavaSoft Adware deploys its own designed state of the art protection and security technology. Six main products of the LavaSoft Adware…

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Adware Removal Tool

Adware Removal Tool is a free adware removal tool that will clean each and every type of browser hijackers, unnecessary toolbars and all those plugins installed in the web browser and hijacking the internet speed and your personal information. By using this program you can easily clean unwanted toolbars and clean the potential unwanted programs. Just after putting on scanning the system, it will scan and clear registry for any…

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AdwCleaner is the name of a free adware removal tool for the Windows operating systems. It is fully compatible with the all leading web browsers. If you are facing the issues of adware in your favorite web browser then simply use the AdwCleaner to get rid of all kind of adware, browser hijackers and unwanted toolbars. It is designed to smartly remove the potentially unwanted programs and browser hijackers from…

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AdwareMedic is a specially designed tool to remove all kind of adware and potentially unwanted threats and program from the PC. It is being supervised by the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that is known for delivering the state of the art protection and security enhancement systems to the Windows and Mac users. The protection system designed by the AdwareMedic will protect your business and personal privacy against zero day threats that consistently…

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Sweepr is an adware and malware removal tool particularly designed for the Mac OS X operating systems. This adware and malware removal program performs the browser and system cleaning functions as well so that you can enjoy the safe and secure PC with the best possible performance. If you are running with a slow browser, or your PC is not responding properly or there is issue of auto generation of…

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Chrome Cleanup Tool

Chrome Cleanup Tool is an adware removal tool for the Google Chrome browser. This cleaning tool is designed to remove the Chrome hijackers, popups, unwanted toolbars and all those malicious programs that are slowing down the performance of the browser. Most of the features of Chrome Cleanup Tool work for the maintenance of the Windows operating systems but still it is largely used for the Google Chrome optimization only. This…

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AVG Adware Removal

AVG Adware Removal is a program by the AVG to easily remove the most common virus and adware infections from the PC. This software is capable in removing the adware and other viruses from the PC and will keep you protected from them all the time. Removing the adware on time is very important because these type of viruses suck the entire speed of the internet by generating the unwanted…

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Kaspersky Adware Removal

Kaspersky Adware Removal is an internet safety system by the Kaspersky Adware Removal that is expert in removing the all kind of adware and threats from the PC. Most of the adware removal programs remove the ads from the PC without giving the proper treatment for the factors generating these ads. The best part of Kaspersky Adware Removal is that it make it possible that no adware is left behind…

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RunScanner is a freeware program that provides the ultimate solution for adware, malware, hijackers, startup programs and various other issues. This free application is containing the list of all dll exe and sys process files. It is one of the best recommended tools for the Windows operating systems that scans the system for all running programs either it is about auto start locations, hijack points, generation of ads, opening of…

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Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot Search & Destroy is an anti-malware, adware and antivirus program for safe removal of the threats from the PC and browser. For personal usage, Spybot Search & Destroy is available for free. However, if you want to get the all in one and advanced level of security then you will be required to go for the professional version of Spybot Search & Destroy. All editions of the Spybot Search…

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HijackThis is a free and open sources program for the Windows operating system that is capable in detecting and removing the adware and malware. The best about HijackThis is that it is expert in performing quick scan of the system to display the most common and uncommon locations of adware and malware rather than relying in a database of known spyware. HijackThis is particularly designed for detecting and removing the…

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FreeFixer is a general purpose tool for removing the all kind of threats like adware, malware and other potentially unwanted threats and programs. This software starts its working by scanning a large number of locations or you can say the entire of your system and it’s up to you decide if some file should be removed if some settings should restored to their default value. For the information of the…

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