17 Alternative Games Like Odd Bot Out

From the cerebrum that brought you, Blocksworld comes to another experience concentrated on pieces, Odd Bot Out. This confusing portable adventure will take you over a moderate amusement world as you help Odd after he comes up short the institutionalized robot test. Right from the begin you’ll feel connected to your little robot companion in the wake of managing him through the fundamental instructional exercise and watching him come up short the robot test. While Odd won’t have a face to demonstrate his feelings, you’ll certainly feel his mechanical heart break as he gets tossed into the reuse stack which is only the begin of your riddle filled the trip. Odd Bot Out parts the amusement into hundred nibble measured levels that each requires their blend of piece building, material science and power to achieve your end objective. Every level is exceptionally interesting and makes an extraordinary showing with regards to of gradually expanding on the mechanics you may have experienced in past levels, as an incredible riddle diversion ought to. These mechanics range from moving Odd around the amusement world from moving pieces around freely and associating things together to play out a particular capacity. While this begins as building things like stairs or stages you’ll rapidly be joining about six haggles links together for more unrestrained manifestations.

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Stanley Parable

Stanley Parable is an interactive fiction based video game.  The game is introduced to the player from the single main viewpoint. The player can move around and cooperate with specific components of the earth, like, squeezing catches or opening entryways, yet has no different controls. The Stanley Parable is one awesome first person, interactive fiction, action adventure and graphical computer game just like Gone Home. The game assign you the…

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The Portal arrangement was conceived in 2007 and got a lot of commendation for its one of a kind riddle explaining mechanics and the path in which players progressed through the story. The first was genuinely short long and left players needing more which prompted the advancement and inevitable arrival of a spin-off in 2011 which brought co-agent mechanics into the arrangement. Entryway’s reason is essential; the player is given…

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This game is about building ever-lasting relation with machines. Event[0] is a grant-winning account investigation game where you should construct an association with a desolate spaceship PC to return home. Set in a retrofuture propelled by science fiction works of art, just like, 2001: A Space Odyssey Event[0] is about fashioning an individual association with your lone buddy, an uncertain AI substance prepared to do procedurally producing more than two…

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If you cherish puzzle and stage based games, you certainly can’t pass up a major opportunity for what Fez brings to the table. In Fez players will have the capacity to investigate a changed diversion world utilizing Gomez a basic 2D animal that one day finds the puzzling and efficient Hexahedron that permits him to see the third measurement that he never at any point knew existed. Not long after…

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Antichamber’s riddles exist in a domain where the laws of nature don’t matter, permitting players to think in ways that reality doesn’t require. Antichamber is a brain bowing mental investigation amusement where nothing can be underestimated. Find an Escher-like world where lobbies wrap around upon each other; spaces reconfigure themselves, and fulfilling the incomprehensible may simply be the main path forward. When you begin your excursion, you’ll wind up in…

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Dear Esther

Dear Esther is an apparition story, told utilizing first-person gaming advancements. As opposed to customary diversion play the emphasis here is on the investigation, revealing the puzzle of the island, about who you are and why you are here. Pieces of the story are arbitrarily revealed while investigating the different areas of the island, making each every adventure a one of a kind ordeal. Disregard the typical tenets of play;…

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NaissanceE is an amusement, a philosophical outing, and an aesthetic ordeal. The enterprise happens in a strange primitive structure, and the game mostly comprises to investigate and feel the profound and solid atmosphere of this atemporal world yet platforming and baffles regions will likewise advance the experience. The primary thought behind the Naissancee is to make the player value the depression, the inclination to be lost in an enormous obscure…

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Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut

Another Director’s Cut of exemplary outside the box puzzler Q.U.B.E is here, and this time, the brain-twisting gameplay will be joined by an entirely new story by Honor-winning author Rob Yescombe. Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut is the complete adaptation of the mind turning the first-person puzzler. Utilizing extraordinary cutting edge gloves to control 3D squares in the earth, the player comprehends a large number of problems range from material science based…

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Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is a first-person game that mixes astound and platforming with the capacity to move between measurements. Players expect the part of a noiseless character, a young man why should send stay with the unusual Professor Quadwrangle. As you arrive, you understand that Quadwrangle had totally overlooked your landing, and you get got in one of his abnormal analyses that turn out badly. It outcomes in Quadwrangle being stuck…

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Tag: The Power of Paint

Tag: The Power of Paint is a first-person riddle and puzzle platformer created by an understudied group at Digipen. Players can paint any of the diversion’s surfaces, changing its properties. Make dividers bouncy or sticky. Make floors speed floors. This straightforward painting repairman is utilized to settle around an hour of riddles. The amusement is set in a dismal world which serves as your play area as you advance through…

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Proteus is a game about investigation and drenching in a fantasy like an island world where your environment makes the soundtrack to your play. Played in first-person, the essential method for collaboration is your nearness on the planet and how you watch it. The procedurally produced Islands are home to animals characteristic and envisioned serene valleys and vestiges with enchanted properties. In Proteus, players investigate an island from the first-person…

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Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a one of the best and on-demand puzzle game. The plot in Magrunner: Dark Pulse is somewhat everywhere, and you’ll need to stop and delay to get your head around the amusement. This isn’t as a matter, of course, an awful thing and is more to do with the craziness of the storyline as opposed to poor narrating. Players control Dax Ward through their enterprise that…

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The Ball

The Ball is a puzzle based game that is played in the first-person point of view. The game utilizes the Unreal Engine and initially began as a mod yet in the wake of having loads of progress was made into an entirely fledged environment. In The Ball, players will play as a paleontologist who is taking a shot at a lethargic fountain of liquid magma in the nation of Mexico.…

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The vessel is a puzzling game with steampunk components that spotlights on physic bewilder based around fluid. In Vessel, players will hop into the shoes of M. Arkwright who is an innovator of Fluro, one of the center mechanics in your riddle experience. This Fluro was made so as to make fluid creatures perform work errands as it was appeared to be more proficient than individuals. Sadly Fluro did not…

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A Boy and His Blob

It’s an enchanted experience loaded with hypnotizing sights and convincing gameplay, held together by capricious characters and a basic yet shockingly capable story. A Boy and His Blob includes a basic plot and is more about the gameplay experience that you impart to your blob. This blob originates from the planet Blobolonia and escapes to Earth after a malevolent sovereign assault his home planet. It is here where the blob…

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Narbacular Drop

Narbacular Drop is an environmental based puzzle game in the world of dream settings, where you will navigate a dungeon with two interconnected portals. This dungeon has a series of traps and puzzles, which you are required to solve by moving around objects in the environment using the portals. The key feature of this game is the Portal System. This game is for almost all versions of Windows operating systems.…

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Mirror’s Edge

Experience an activity enterprise on the edge, loaded with a park out components and a dim tragic culture. Gameplay is a parkour encounter, yet the way it’s composed is the amazing component, most prominently is the reasonable camera development that takes after Faith’s activities nearly. This is consolidated with visuals of Faith’s body that helps with passing on player development which helps you turn into a runner inside the diversion.…

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