16 Alternative Sites Like Open Amiga Game Database

Open Amiga Game Database is an open community center over the internet that is for the game lovers only. Here any one can submit the reviews and make posts on the video games. However, before getting started with Open Amiga Game Database the users are first required to create an account and after that they will be allowed to post their comments. Open Amiga Game Database contains information about all type of video games and for all types of gaming consoles and game players. The best about Open Amiga Game Database is that it allows its users to share the latest news about any games over this platform for free as well. You can make new posts and can read the posts of the other users as well. The main section of the website is divided into the categories of availability of the material, available downloadable games, game database, game updates, guidelines for the new users, already published games, uncategorized data, web interface and much more. Open Amiga Game Database is simply one of the largest and open sources of information for the real game lovers for making their contribution in the world of video games.

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GameFAQs is the leading website for the game lovers that offer them a plenty of game cheats against their favorite games, reviews, and take part in the discussion of the gamers as well. GameFAQs is the database of forty thousand games and contains the hundreds and thousands of cheat codes. Moreover, it deals with the reviews on most of the games as well. The number of reviews on games is…

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GameRankings is one of the largest gaming databases over the internet that is dedicated to providing the most of the information about the both classic and new games. It contains the reviews on the video games. It gets the data collected from most of the gaming websites and uses its own search system as well. The aim of GameRankings is not restricted and limited to giving the reviews of games…

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GameSpot called itself one of the leading websites on the internet that offers the free reviews and news related to games and games only. For its availability of wide range of information for all gaming consoles and games for almost all operating systems, GameSpot is widely called as one of the largest sources of information over the internet that offers the game news, previews, reviews, trailers, downloading links and much…

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IGDB is, in fact, a social network platform for gaming purpose. It is the community of dedicated game lovers who want to get information about their favorite video games and want to share their experiences with others as well. IGDB is intended to work as a channel of communication between both game consumers and video game professionals who share an almost same interest with each other. IGDB is simply the…

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MobyGames is one of the largest databases of games over the internet. What makes MobyGames special one in addition to its database of games is that it enlist the games of all kind either it is classic one or a new one. MobyGames has collected the games for each and every platform from the early 80s to present day. Moreover, the information regarding video games available here belongs to almost…

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As we use word dictionary for the database of words just like there is a platform named Gametionary that contains the detailed information about the video games. Gametionary called itself the provider of the game searching system. It also extends the game recommendation in most of the cases as well. In recent years, Gametionary has gained a lot of popularity because of the continuous development in the world of gaming.…

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OpenCritic is basically a community-based website that aggregates the news, reviews and views on a game on a single platform. It is web-based review and views aggregator for the all type of video games for all type of gaming consoles and gaming operating systems. OpenCritic actually collects the reviews and views on the games from the wide range of gaming publications in which some most popular are Eurogamer, Polygon, GameSpot,…

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Eurogamer is one of the largest and independent sources of games information that deals in all type of information related to video games. It provides the free materials to the video game lovers, players and developers in the shape of news, reviews, previews, trailers and much more. It has its own forum area as well that is dedicated to its community of gamers where they come to share their experiences…

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Polygon is a video gaming website being operated by the Vox Media. Polygon highly focuses on the trending stories, reviews, news, views, trailers, screenshots and other information that is directly or indirectly related to the video games only. It regularly publishes the news, reviews, culture and videos to keep the website updated all the time. The distinguish feature of Polygon is that rather than merely focusing on the games only…

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ActiveGamer is one of the most famous gaming websites that is offering a wide range of cheats and codes for video games of almost all operating systems and gaming consoles. It also offers the various hack tools several other unlimited resources as well. The online hacking tools and other cheating codes offered by the ActiveGamer will give you an extra edge over your competitors. All the services being offered by…

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1UP is one of the most reliable and prominent websites over the internet that deals with information related to the video games and video games only. 1UP is a web-based portal dedicated to the game lovers from where they can get the each and every information about the games. 1UP largely deals in the information regarding, hack codes, cheats, previews, reviews, trailers, guides, demos, screenshots and much more. 1UP is…

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N4G is a website that widely deals in game related news and rumors only. It is a community-based website that for past many years serving the game lovers with its interesting information that it collects from a wide range of gaming sources and publication houses. If you are interested in taking part in the latest game news or want to discuss the most recent games, then N4G is a perfect…

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GameZone is the website dedicated to news, reviews, views, guides, tutorials, cheats, hacks and much more related to video games only. What makes GameZone special one is that it doesn’t aim to focus on delivering the news and reviews related to a single platform only rather it put emphasis on the information associated with the games of all operating systems, players, and consoles. Overall, GameZone put no limitation on any…

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GameRevolution is a multipurpose website for the game lovers from where they can get the list of endless game cheats and codes for their favorite games. The cheats, hacks and game codes available here will give you superiority over your competitor and in most of the cases will even help you in winning prize-based competitions as well. For its availability of best in the class information for almost all games…

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GamesRadar is one of the best sites over the internet that is dedicated to the game lovers only. The website has been designed by the game lovers for the other game lovers. It is a platform that widely deals in the information related to games only into the area of news, reviews, and also offer the lists of best upcoming video games as well. Rather than getting the data from…

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GiantBomb is called itself one of the largest databases of video games over the internet. This online gaming portal features the multiple information about video games in the shape of game news, reviews, videos, community forums and much more. GiantBomb largely deals in the data regarding all type of game consoles, game players and other supporting operating systems. What make GiantBomb special one is that it is really one of…

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