19 OpenLiteSpeed Alternatives

OpenLiteSpeed is a powerful, lightweight, open source and high performance HTTP server developed for those users who have to deal with a large number of websites at once. OpenLiteSpeed is available for free to download and share with others. As OpenLiteSpeed is an open source HTTP server so the users can modify it as its source code is available in accordance with the requirements of the GPLv3 license. A lot of web servers are available over the internet then the question arises why to use the OpenLiteSpeed. The answer is very simple. OpenLiteSpeed is a high performance web server and even driven architecture tool that is a super lightweight and requires very minimal CPU and system resources. The best about OpenLiteSpeed is that it support for Apache compatible rewrite rules and is containing a user friendly WebAdmin graphical user interface as well. OpenLiteSpeed is widely available under two different licenses. OpenLiteSpeed is equally useful for both individuals and companies who want to deal with the management of their web servers at once.

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Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server is listed among the leading HTTP Servers available over the internet. This server is designed to develop and maintain the performance and efficiency of the modern day operating systems including Windows and UNIX-based operating systems. What make Apache HTTP Server special is that is it offers its developers and server managers with a secure and extensible server system that offers the HTTP services in synchronization with the…

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Lighttpd that is also called as Lighty Pad is the name of a lightweight and super-fast web server that has been designed to deliver the high performance development and management of the servers. Lighttpd is the name of the provider of speed, security, compliance and flexibility at the same time. All these features and functions of Lighttpd assist its users in redefining and improving the efficiency of their web servers…

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Caddy is an HTTP server supporting web server that also supports for the automation of HTTPS servers as well. It is designed to be used as a simple and super-fast web server management program for the busy web server managers. Using Caddy is not a hectic task at all. First of all the developers are required to create a text file of Caddy that can be configured by this program.…

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Microsoft IIS

Stands for Internet Information Services and formerly known as Internet Information Server, Microsoft IIS is the name of a super-fast, extensible and flexible web server by the Microsoft. Microsoft IIS is widely used in collaboration with the all products of Windows NT. One of the best things about Microsoft IIS is that it is fully compatible with the almost all type of web servers like HTTP, HTTPS, FTPS, SMTP, and…

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WPN-XM is a web server management program for the PHP development on the Windows operating systems. WPN-XM make it easy for its users to control and customize the multiple type of servers including MariaDB, MongoDB, PHP, Nginx, Redis and much more. One of the best things about WPN-XM is that it comes in preconfigured and ready to use state so that the users can create the professional PHP development environment…

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Cherokee is called to be one of the best, very fast, flexible and simple to use web server that is designed in C language only. Except C language it has no dependency on any other library at all. This open source and cross-platform web server is fully compatible with almost all leading operating systems. Cherokee aims to be used as a super-fast and fully functional web server. Among the major…

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Hiawatha is a multi-functional web server that resulted in a highly secure web server in terms of both code and features. The best about Hiawatha is that it is capable of stopping the SQL injections as well. Three main advantages of using Hiawatha are that it is secure, easy to use and lightweight. Hiawatha ensures the security of its users. As it is backed by the secure developing programs that…

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NPM SimpleHTTPServer

NPM SimpleHTTPServer is a compact web server for the management of the static files. NPM SimpleHTTPServer is the simple imitation of the python resources and is intended for those users who have to deal with a large number of website. NPM SimpleHTTPServer is a simple to use web server that is built into the JavaScript language. With the usage of this program you will get the main advantages in the…

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WnMp is a simple to use and open source development environment containing an advanced control panel and multiple web servers’ management programs for the Windows operating systems. WnMp aims to be work as a simple and powerful web server. It contains a graphical user interface so that the users can learn it in a very simple step. WnMp itself is written in C# and C language. The advanced control panel…

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Tornado Web Server

Tornado Web Server is the name of a super-fast, scalable, flexible and non-blocking web server and web application system that is written in Python language. This open source web server is designed to deliver the high performance and same is the specialty of this program as well. One of the best things about Tornado Web Server is that it automatically starts solving the C10k problem affecting other servers as well.…

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Winginx is an ultra-fast and easy to use local web server for MySQL, MongoDB, PHP5, Node.js and much more. In a standalone version of Winginx you will enjoy the support for multiple servers and tools like PHP5, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, memcached, CMS and wide range of other frameworks as well. The features of Winginx spread into the areas like project tasks, time tracking, local mail, improved server manager and…

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WTServer is the name of a highly professional PHP development stack for the Windows operating systems. The best about WTServer is that it is based on the web server Nginx that’s why it is called to be one of the best alternatives to the WAMP and XAMPP. What make WTServer special one is that it is easy to upgrade and can be used for making the backups as well. It…

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Appweb is a super-fast and compact embedded web server for hosting the embedded web applications in a few simple steps. Appweb is called to be super-fast web server that offers its clients the features like sandboxing, highly advanced security controls and defensive countermeasures system. For the same reasons, Appweb is called to be a unique and perfect web server for the Internet of Things. Although Appweb is a commercially licensed…

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TrustLeap G-WAN Web Server

TrustLeap G-WAN Web Server is a super-fast web server available for the Windows and Linux operating systems. It is a lightweight web server containing ANSI-C scripts for the better management of the multiple web servers. The best about TrustLeap G-WAN Web Server is that it is contains parallel programming techniques. TrustLeap G-WAN Web Server makes it easy for the users to use this program with VPS and even cloud servers…

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VertrigoServ is an easy to use and highly professional installing package that is containing HTTP web server, reflective programming language, multithreaded user, database management system, compliant relational database management system, multiple web-based tool to manage the SQLite database, and much more. This single installer contains a wide range of components that are installed in a single directory and can be used instantly once the installation package is completed. VertrigoServ aimed…

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Baby Web Server

Baby Web Server is the name of a multithreaded web server that is called to be one of the best alternatives to the MS IIS and even Apache HTTP Server. Baby Web Server aims to offers its users a wide range of features and functions and giving them support for managing their web servers as per their own requirement. It is very easy to use and executable program that allow…

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LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server is called to be a superfast interchangeable with Apache. It is designed to deliver the fast performing speed to its users. The main advantages of using LiteSpeed Web Server are that it double the maximum capacity of the current Apache servers of the users, protected the servers of the users, conserve capital and reduce the complexity of the users as well. This super-fast web servers replaces all…

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NMP-Server is the name of a super-fast and portable web server that aims to run or kill MySQL, PHP, Nginx servers. It also let the users to configured MySQL server using Nginx via Notepad, HeidiSQL, and PHP with the assistance of the keys and values as well. This Window application is the pack with MySQL, Nginx and PHP servers and offers the straightforward actions for running and configuring each web…

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ShimmerCat is highly different from the general purpose web servers as it seeks to reduce the amount of work that it takes to create a web application that loads in a fraction of the time. Use ShimmerCat and start creating fast loading websites with a tool for the purpose. ShimmerCat is a web application that delivers the good performance in all those areas that requires a lot of work. ShimmerCat…

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