19 Alternative Apps Like Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie basically called itself the selfie editing application, but the fact is that it contains the designing and makeup tools for the facial makeover. Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie contains those features and functions that allow the smartphone users to always get the best pictures of their by simply using the straightforward editing tools and functions. The streamlined features and functions being offered by the Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie are faced makeover, lipstick and makeup tools, reshaping of images, cloning of images, focusing on any specific area of the face, smoothing of wrinkles, making the teeth whiter, removing bags below eyes and much more. Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie also allow its users to enjoy a unique level of diet features using which the users can make their entire image look thinner and taller. Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie is packed with powerful photo editing tools like availability of powerful filters, stickers, text tools, availability of frames, red-eye correction and much more. We are not sure whether Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie has social media sharing feature are not.

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TouchRetouch is although a photo enhancement application whose main aim is to remove the unwanted content from the photos. The best about TouchRetouch is that in addition to editing the single photos, TouchRetouch allows the users to get the group and collages photos edited as well. This amazing professional level of photo editing application designed to allow the smartphone users to get a fast and flexible photo editing application. It…

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CreamCam called itself a selfie filtering application but offers a portrait enhancement features and tools to its users. CreamCam is designed for those people who are not familiar with basic photo editing work and want to achieve a perfect and flawless photo in few seconds. The latest version of CreamCam even supports for editing of videos as well. Well, here we will talk about its image editing functions only. With…

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RetouchMe is a complete photo editing application that allows the smartphone users to edit and retouch the selfies, body and facial parts. This unique photo adjustment and enhancement application allow the smartphone users to always have a perfect face and body processing without even having photo editing skills at all. RetouchMe is not a free photo editing application at all. However, you can have its free version, but the free…

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Photowonder is one of the most downloaded applications over the App and Google Plat Store. Photowonder allows the smartphone users to create beauty and style in any photo. This photo editing application even allows the smartphone users to create collages and take the selfies with the real-time filters and add a broad range of beauty features to their images as well. The main features available in this photo editing application…

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This photo editing application gives its users the freedom to deal with their photos with the assistance of advanced photo editing filters. With the usage of this application, you will have instant access to all those features and tools that will let you customize your photos with adjustable effects, pretty filters, stylish borders, fun fonts and much more. The main highlighted features and functions of the Impressia are the availability…

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Meitu is a standalone photo editing application that offers almost all those features and photo editing tools that lets the smartphone users personalize their photos like a professional makeup artists and fashion designers. Meitu is a free photo processing application for those people who don’t have a professional camera or who don’t know how to use the high-tech cameras for taking best pictures. This application is being used by millions…

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For those smartphone users who want to have a professional, perfect, beautiful and simple to use photo editing application will surely like the FaceLab for a perfect makeover and cosmetic retouch for free. FaceLab is widely available for both iOS and Android mobile users. The quality of this photo editing application is that it offers a wide range of functionalities to its users so that they can always adjust and…

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Relook is a photo editing application for the iOS users that aims to allow the iOS users to enhance their natural beauty and get the advantages of using tools that are mostly used by the professional makeup artists and fashion photographers. With the usage of this application you will be able to easily turn the selfies or photos into magazine quality photos. The availability of multi-phase frequency separation techniques and…

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PicBeauty that was once available for the iOS platform only is now available for the Android operating systems as well. this simple to use photo editing application lets the smartphone users enhance their natural beauty using a wide range of editing options and filters to get the more enhanced and well-looking images. The availability of dozens of editing and filtering tools will allow you to soften and clarify your skin…

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Visage Lab

Visage Lab is the name of a best in the class face retouching application that allows the smartphone users to within few taps editing their facial photos for free. This application is a great means for removing wrinkles, pimples from the face and outlining the eyes as well. Within seconds and few taps, only the users of Visage Lab can even whiten their teeth as well. The key features and…

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This standalone photo editing application is enough for performing a broad range of photo editing functions. Once installed, UniCamera will get itself compatible with the camera of your smartphone so you can easily enjoy the filters, recolor brush and enjoy the retouch tools and even professional frames to create the amazing pictures. In the end, the users can share their photos over the social media platforms as well. The streamlined…

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BeautyPlus is a professional level of photo editing application that will make it easy for you to edit your images especially the upper parts like a professional photographer so that you can better express your personality and style with the newly upgraded editing tools and functions. BeautyPlus is packed with a lot of photo editing features and tools that allow the users to remove the blemishes and wrinkles on the…

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PicKala is a multifunctional application for the selfie editing and normal photo editing purposes. This all in one photo editing application allow the smartphone users to deploy the professional selfie camera that is packed with the functionalities of recolor brush, retouch tools, filters, frames and much more always to create the amazing pictures as designed by the designers. It is packed with a lot of designing tools and functions as…

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This easy to use photo editing application lets its users to always bring out their natural beauty for free. AirBrush is jammed packed with the best editing and filtering features so that everyone should have an instant and free access to their best editing technology at their fingertips. AirBrush is not a complete and can never be complete photo editing application at all as it continually updates with new features…

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Beauty Booth Pro

Beauty Booth Pro offers a broad range of eye fixing and skin correcting options to its users. This application that is only available for the Android smartphone users will allow you to discover your natural beauty with the usage of a wide range of skin perfection and skin enhancement tools. Eyes and skins are the two most prominent areas that catch a person at first sight that’s why Beauty Booth…

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ModiFace Photo Editor

ModiFace Photo Editor allows the smartphone users to instantly retouch their photos right from their smartphone. This application allow the smartphone users to upload as many photos as they want even the high resolution photos and start editing them in full HD resolution. For the same reason, ModiFace Photo Editor is widely regarded as the most intuitive photo makeover application that is offering almost all those makeup tools that make…

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Perfect365 is widely regarded as one of the best virtual makeup application widely available for the almost all mobile operating systems. Perfect365 allow its users to get a new look that is most of the time created by the fashion agencies, brands, celebrity designers and makeup artists. This free to use application contains an extensive range of touch up and makeup enhancement tools so that the users can always get…

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Pixtr is a face editing application for the selfies lovers. Based on the advanced artificial intelligence system, Pixtr is capable of understanding the content of the photos and after that automatically perfects then accordingly. For the same reason, Pixtr is called to be the true editing application for the smartphones devices that is designed for the three most important purposes namely auto makeover, face retouch and makeup. Pixtr can perform…

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Facetune is a funny and entertaining portrait and selfie editing application for the iOS and Android smartphone that allow its users to make the simple selfies into amazing one. Facetune is a free to use application that allows its users to make the pictures like pics of Hollywood even if the photos are being taken from their simple smartphones. This easy to use application although a very simple selfie editor…

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