1. Invoicera is also a powerful alternative to quickbooks. It ‘s a feature rich online tool which combines online invoicing, time tracking and task management. Besides that, you may track your expenses and manage inventory, clients and vendors.
    I would recommend you to add this tool to your list.

  2. TANPAY is a new accounting software, and has similar features as quickbooks. It is a point of sale, inventory management and has some features of customer relation management. This software works both offline and online at the same time and in all types operating systems, and it is really easy to use even with little knowledge of book-keeping.
    I would recommend it to be added as alternative to accounting systems.

  3. In my Opinion, SlickPie is the best accounting software for startup and small business. It is a powerful and free online accounting software. Automation is a big deal in it, Such as – Automatic reminders, auto-recurring invoices, automated data entry tool called MagicBot.


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