10 Alternatives to RK Launcher

RK Launcher is for Windows 7 to get the new look of their desktop and taskbar icons. It will visually present the quickly launch icons on a pleasing bar. The best about RK Launcher is that it supports the PNG, ICO and other smooth amazing animations that made it a versatile launcher and a perfect replacement of old costumed Windows taskbar. RK Launcher is an attractive utility that emulates the existing toolbar in the Macintosh operating system. It is almost like this and has almost the same icons. It is located at the bottom of the screen and has the same features as its companion Mac. The zoom acts on the icons when the mouse passes over them. Applications that appear and images representing these can be changed. The format used for icons is PNG and ICO. For now, the only way to modify the icons is to overwrite the corresponding file in the ‘icons’ folder. The program is under development and is fully functional but does not own installer. From the author’s website, you can download some interesting extensions for this program.

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RocketDock is an alpha-blended application launcher that enables the users to drop the shortcuts of their programs, organize them and easily access them anytime. It is for completely customizing your each and every program and application so that you can easily launch anyone from the dock. For better accessibility and productivity, RocketDock is the best Windows organizer to be used. Its name is RocketDock, and you’ll be astonished when you’ll…

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Winstep Nexus

Winstep Nexus is a professional dock that will ultimately replace your Windows taskbar. The first best thing about Winstep Nexus is that it is entirely free, and other best one is that it a great option or accessing your recently visited windows and programs. That means all your most frequently used items, files, and windows are only a mouse click away. The other functions of Winstep Nexus are: get the…

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Circle Dock

Circle Dock is for giving a new shape and arrangement to your shortcuts and frequently used items. Use Circle Dock and get rid of old Windows taskbar tray style. Either arranges your elements in a circle shape, diagonal shape, and horizontal/vertical way or a zigzag position; Circle Dock provides all styles with a stunning lock. Don’t worry about the desktop background. Circle Dock is highly customizable, and it will automatically…

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ObjectDock is an animated dock for your Windows operating system for quickly accessing and launching your applications, files, shortcuts and recently and frequently used items. The other key functions and features of the ObjectDock are: access all shortcuts and applications, add unlimited docks as per your own requirement, drag & drop functionality, fully customizable, supports all Windows versions, etc. It is safe to say that you are burnt out on…

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Docky is an advanced dock for GNOME desktop. It is the shortcut that lives in the edges of desktop screens. The best about Docky is that it provides easy access to the users towards their files, folders, an application on their computers and also displays which application are in running process. Users can also hold windows in their minimized state and much more. There are numerous applications out there that…

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True Launch Bar

Taking a gander at the diverse horde of accessible routes on your PC desktop however not ready to locate the one you require? Do you frequently end up searching for an application to run instead of doing your work? True Launch Bar can fill your heart with joy go less demanding as it can take care of these and numerous different issues identified with snappy access to your PC content!…

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XWindows Dock

XWindows Dock is a genuinely bright dock that offers less in the method for rushes and more in the mode for straightforwardness. With XWindows Dock you just drag any symbol from the desktop onto the dock and voila! — moment launcher. This dock is still in beta, so includes like modules aren’t precisely there yet (in spite of the fact that they have the preparation for them). XWindows Dock contains…

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SliderDock is an application launcher that will permit you to effortlessly move and customize symbols to get to them later on by double tapping on them. It is an exceptional dock where you won’t need to pursue behind you symbols to run an application. Only turn your mouse haggle the symbols come to you. It will be a pleasant customization that will add some life to your desktop. SliderDock is…

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This is WinLaunch, it gives an excellent approach to arrange and get to the majority of your critical applications and documents. WinLaunch is a free, compact application launcher for Windows taken from Mac OS X Lion. It begins minimized and initiates, at first, utilizing the Shift + Tab console alternate route. Whenever enacted, the Windows desktop symbols are covered up and the Windows foundation obscured, demonstrating symbols on the launcher.…

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Mac OS X’s App Dock

The Dock is the bar of symbols that sits at the base or side of your screen. It gives simple access to a significant number of the applications that accompany your Mac (like Mail, Safari, and Messages). You can include your own particular applications, archives and envelopes to the Dock, as well. On the off chance that you need to adjust where a symbol shows up on the Dock, just…

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