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Siteleaf is a user friendly content management system for designing and managing the static websites. It is developed by the developers for the developers that support for the user collaboration, supports the JekyII, publishing the content to the AWS S3, FTP< GitHub pages and much more. This CMS is designed for creating and managing websites in a more professional way as compared to the traditional web management systems. The main advantages of using Siteleaf are that it support for development with existing tools, allow the users to edit in the clouds and always access the content freely. The content can be access by API or the users can generated the static websites to FTP, GitHub and S3 as well. Siteleaf allow its users to edit the websites in the clouds that make it easy for the non-technical clients, producers and writers. The main features of Siteleaf are that it is compatible with the large scale ecosystem, offers data portability, allow importing and exporting the data from various CMS, offers theme synchronization, and much more.

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Google Sites

Google Sites is a web based service by the web owners, bloggers and general users. That service of Google basically allows the users to create and share the multiple webpages over the internet with other internet users. Google Sites is the part of G Suite that aims to allow the any one to create the real time collaborative website and get connected with other users and share the files with…

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Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace Website Builder is a standalone platform for those web users and bloggers who are looking for a professional web management platform over the internet for creating beautiful websites, getting best domains, creating eCommerce websites, getting hosting services and much more. What make Squarespace Website Builder special one is that it offers the users to extend the functionalities of this platform by getting the tools from the online store of…

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Weebly is a great platform over the internet for creating and managing blog, websites and retailing stores. It is an easy to use platform that makes it easy for the users to create and manage their websites and blogs as they want. One of the best things about Weebly is that it offers its users with the means of creating eCommerce websites as well. Most of the services being offered…

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Webflow is the provider of responsive web design tools and hosting platforms to the both beginners and professional web owners and bloggers. With the usage of this website management tool you will be able to create responsive sites right from your web browser and after that you can host the websites with Webflow or can export the code the host on other platforms as well. Start using Webflow and explore…

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Site.pro is a simplest yet powerful and professional website builder for building websites of all types. For its user friendly interface and easy to use features Site.pro is called to be one of the easiest ways over the internet for building responsive and multi-language websites. The main advantages of using Site.pro are that it is a multi-language website builder, most of the features are available for free, easy to handle,…

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Neocities is the name of a free to use website builder and web hosting provider that offers the internet users to create a website for free. It is offering 1GB of free storage space and requires no server side scripting at all.  It aims to be supportive and user friendly website creator over the internet. Most of the services being offered by the Neocities are free to use and advanced…

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Silex is the name of a free and open source website builder for the professional designers using which they can create the professional and highly responsive websites. The websites created or code generated with the development platform of this web builder can be shared with others as well. The main advantages of using Silex are that it is a free to use website builder, offers the uploading of own data,…

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uCoz is a best web based means for creating the own websites in a more professional way. uCoz is the name of a free to use website builder that is really easy and simple to use. The developing tools being offered by the uCoz can be used together to create a fully featured website for free. The best about uCoz is that it supports for creation of almost all types…

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Webs.com is a simple to use, easy and user friendly website builder that is not less than any advanced website builder at all. Webs.com is backed by the state of the art website building tools that make it easy for its users to create a website with the professionally designed templates and easy to use free website creator tools. It simply does a good job of making it simple and…

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Just Add Content

Just Add Content is a user friendly website builder needs to be used for creating business websites. It is called to be listed among those few website builders that aim to offer the professional and well-designed tools to the users to create the powerful websites for their business and product needs. Just Add Content called itself to be totally different from the rest of the website building tools because the…

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Voog allow its users to create beautiful websites within few minutes. The user friendly and mess free web site builder that make it easy for even the beginners and those person who are not familiar with the coding at all to build the awesome and marvelous websites with the a creative flow of this platform. Voog offers two type of web building options to its users in the shape of…

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DevSpace Sites

DevSpace Sites is the provider of all those tools and materials that are considered to be important for creating the professional looking websites. The best about DevSpace Sites is that it offers everything in the cloud and is highly synchronized with the CMS of WordPress and WooCommerce as well. With the usage of this web based tool you will be able to easily create the simple and powerful websites. The…

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Blogginger is one of the best means over the internet for those internet users who take keen interest in the blogging to showcase their talent and want to share their talent and skills to the rest of the world. For those users who are looking for a professional blogging platform are always welcome here as Blogginger will offer them multiple facilities in the shape of custom domain creation, getting fully…

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Simvoly is one of the most simplest and easy to use platform over the internet for creating beautiful websites following few easy and simple to use steps. The best about Simvoly is that it contains almost all those tools and functions that are considered to be must have for the creation of a professional looking website. The main tools included in the single web management solution of Simvoly are blogging,…

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Webydo is the name of a cloud based web building and web designing platform that can be used from any leading web browser. It is suitable for the web design agencies and web design freelancers who want to take their website building to the next level. Webydo features a professional CMS with the system of hosting as well to create websites faster and assist the users in growing their business.…

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IM Creator

 IM Creator is a brand new way for creating professional looking websites. What make IM Creator special one is that it allows the users to either start the creating new website or start from scratches to create the websites. IM Creator offers a great amount of ready to use and customizable templates so that the users can design their websites as per their own requirements. This cloud based web developed…

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This website builder is based on the drag and drop feature and offer its users to create their own website for free and for unlimited period of time. With the usage of this platform anyone can start creating amazing websites within few minutes. Millions of users across the globe are using this website builder for creating professional and dashing looking websites. The main advantages of using Webnode are that it…

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Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites is one of the most powerful and compact sources for creating websites and blog. It also offers the hosting services as well. Zoho Sites allow its users to create websites for all type of purposes either it is recreation purpose or business purpose. The best about Zoho Sites is that it offers the free blog, business email address and unlimited web hosting with every website created via its…

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Otonomic is a website building tool for the small business owners who want to enhance their presence over the internet and want to get more and more following of their products. If you don’t have time for creating your website or you don’t want to spend too much amount on creating websites then Otonomic is an automated system for creating dashing and professional looking website. Otonomic will make it possible…

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