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Slang-Dictionary is a web-based database for searching through the database of slang words and learn how different words are getting different meanings in different countries of the world. A one of the best database that contains one of the largest collections of the slang words and terms. By using the online dictionary of Slang-Dictionary.org, you can browse through the dictionary of slangs words and come to know about the colloquial words as well. It is one of the best mediums to understand the way contemporary language is used in its informal way and how the word change their meaning with the change and region and even the real meaning of those slang words that are not the part of the traditional dictionaries. The fine collection of the Slang-Dictionary.org provides its visitors with the slang expressions and words from classic to the modern worlds and those that are internationally recognized and a rebased on even the vulgarities as well. In addition to providing the meaning of the common slang words and expression, at Slang-Dictionary.org, you can even check for the meaning of the regional specific slang words as well. There are two ways of searching through the collection of Slang-Dictionary.org that is either by way of using the search bar or manually by way of going through the list of alphabetically arranged words.

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UrbanDictionary.com is not a normal dictionary. It is for finding the meaning of slang words and phrases. At present, the dictionary contains the definitions and meanings of over 75 million words and terms. Moreover, it daily includes 2,000 new words in its database. UrbanDictionary.com allows the users to make submission of their worlds by using their Facebook or Gmail account. Following are the best alternatives to UrbanDictionary.com. The user-friendly interface…

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Dictionary.com is an encyclopedia of information and facts. A platform that is the best source of thesaurus and dictionary for both students and professionals. The best about Dictionary.com is that it provides machine translation and also web search. There are three main areas of Dictionary.com that are dictionary, treasures and translation. That means a single platform of Dictionary.com can be used for three main purpose of getting the meaning of…

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OnlineSlangDictionary.com is for getting the meaning and definitions of slang words and terms. Every day it provides the new slang word by ‘Today’s slang word of the day’. It also enables the users to subscribe for free and get slang words definitions on the daily basis. OnlineSlangDictionary.com is the platform of almost 24,000 real definitions of the complex terms and words and 17,000 slang words that are being used in…

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SlangSite.com is a database of the meanings of slang words, slang phrases, web speaks words, made up words and colloquialisms. An online dictionary for slang words that contains almost every slang word being used. The user can also submit their slang word as well. Today the usage of slang words or made up words are not limited to the specific professions only. In fact, each group of person have their…

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SlangVocabulary.com is a specialized dictionary for slang words, terms, made up words and the web speak terms. It is the encyclopedia of all type of slang words either they are from military, parliaments, business words, judiciary, medical, or any other profession. SlangVocabulary.com provide the meaning in two formats – either manually search for the word from the alphabetically arranged dictionary of the SlangVocabulary.com or search for the word from the…

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Dictionary of American Regional English presents the meaning of words region wise. Most of the words being used in the world have different meanings in almost every country. Dictionary of American Regional English is for such special and slang words. The digital version of Dictionary of American Regional English contains all those material that make it the amazing database of the slang words and regional phrases. Just like language, the…

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ManyThings is a multiplatform and user friendly application for students of ESL or EFL to learn the meanings and definitions of different terms and phrases. It is for learning English, grammar and vocabulary in a new way. ManyThings.org is entirely for the students where they can get the meaning and different words and phrases. The learning system of ManyThings.org is very interesting that is based on the quizzes, word puzzles…

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ESLCafe.com is not as big as compare to other slang word dictionaries but sufficient to learn the meaning and definitions of many slang words and terms being used in America. ESLCafe.com is a great source of learning for EFL or ESL students and teachers. It is basically a platform that deals with various educational and study resources for the students and teachers of ELF and ESL. In these resources, providing…

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SlangCity.com is an online dictionary for familiarizing yourself with the slang terms being used across America. SlangCity.com is basically an online dictionary of American slang. It is the platform of getting the meaning and definitions of those slang words that are being sued in the entire United States or that specifically related to the American English. Being American slang word means doesn’t mean that the words that are being used…

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YourDictionary.com is for getting the meaning of web-speak, terms, slang words and made up words being used in various professional and academic disciplines. Most of the meaning of the slang word available at YourDictionary.com are form the American slang words that are most popular in the American culture. However, it also deals in those slang words that are begin used in various part of the world but its collection in…

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InternetSlang.com is the online database of common slang words, abbreviations, and acronyms that are begin used in the world of internet. At the platform of InternetSlang.com, you will come across a fine list of slang expressions, words, terms, abbreviations and acronyms that are widely used on the websites, blogs and social media platforms. InternetSlang.com is the complete dictionary of the internet slang words that you can use in even ICQ…

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Wiktionary.org is one of the largest databases of the every language along with complete meanings, pronunciations and etymologies of any word. At present, almost 4.5 million words and definitions from almost 1550 international and local languages are the part of the collection of the Wiktionary.org that makes it easy for the visitors of the Wiktionary.org to get the meaning of that word that is not available at most of the…

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Finding the meaning of a new word or the word that is not being used on the international level is surely a way of conjuring its existence. To make the system of searching the meaning of slang and new words simply and easy there is an online platform named Wordspy.com that is for those people who are found of learning the meaning of the new word on the daily basis.…

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Unsuck-it.com is a web-based platform for getting the meaning of business jargons and slang words only. It is a platform for getting the meaning of those words that are widely used in the business world and those that you listen in the market. There are no hard fast rules and not any complex system for searching for any word. Its interface is just like the search system of the Google…

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