19 Alternatives to Splitter Light

If you are looking for a way to save your large sizes files in the USB, CD/DVD or another removable media devices but are unable to do so because of having a large file size then simply use the Splitter Light that will make you able to get the small pieces of the large size files. After getting the chunk or pieces of these large size files you can now save these on any media device or can share with your friends by way of email or attaching in a message of social media platform. Splitter Light is a freeware tool that requires space in KB in your system. Moreover, it will take a very few memory of your PC so don’t worry about slow performance of the PC while Splitter Light is operational. For the information of the readers, after splitting the files by way of Splitter Light you can’t use these files in independent state and you will be first required to join these by using the Splitter Light. When it comes to format support by the Splitter Light then you can split the all type of files from multimedia to doc and PDF files. Some of the advantages of the Splitter Light that you can also say as the features of this platform are split any file, split directories, select any size of parts you like, easily handle the large size files, availability of portable version, drag & drop feature, full command line support and much more.  You can use this for joining splitted files as well.

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HJSplit is simple yet powerful file splitter for the Linux, Windows and various other leading operating systems and devices. Just like cross-platform, HJSplit is a cross-functional program as well that you can use for the purpose of joining files in addition to simply splitting them. The question arises why to split a file? The answer for that is hidden in the issue of sharing mega size files with the friends.…

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Free File Splitter

Just like its name Free File Splitter, this software is a free to use utility that will allow you to split instantly or merge your files of any type. Being the one of the reliable file splitter, file merger, and even file jointer, Free File Splitter is the name of an easy to use tool that requires no kind of installation at all. Simply download it and start using it…

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WinMend File Splitter

Here comes an advanced and universal level of file splitter and merger that is going to deliver you the best possible options to join multiple files or split any mega size file. After splitting any file by way of WinMend File Splitter you can then share it with your friends via email, or by way of messaging over social media or simply transferring it in their USB. The sole purpose…

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File Splitter Joiner

File Splitter Joiner is the name of a free file splitter plus joiner or you can say merger. This program is capable of working two ways; splitting the large files and joining/merging the chunk and small files. The way of splitting the large size files by the File Splitter Joiner is very simple. It breaks the large size files into chunck as per the instructions of the users. Don’t worry…

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PCMate Free File Splitter Joiner

PCMate Free File Splitter Joiner is a small yet effective utility that allow its users to split any type of large files into small pieces and even join the splitted files as well to get a single and original one. If you are looking for a movie editor just to split full length movies or join/merge the clips into a big one then use PCMate Free File Splitter Joiner as…

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For the first time there is a multi-file supported program named GSplit that allow its users top split any file from text type of log one. The best part of this file splitter is the support for various file formats. After having this program you can split any kind of files into small pieces so that you can share these with others within a go. For the information of the…

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JR Split File

With the system of allowing its users to define the rules for the files they want to split, JR Split File is the name of a free file splitter. By using this application you can easily and securely split the large size files into small one without zero percent compromising on the quality. After getting the splitted part of a large file or breaking them into pieces you can easily…

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Fast File Splitter Joiner

Fast File Splitter Joiner is a multiple functioning platform that can perform the joining functions in addition to splitting the large files. The best part of Fast File Splitter Joiner is that it support for the multiple file formats for the purpose of splitting it into multiple parts. The two primary functions of the Fast File Splitter Joiner are File Splitter and File Joiner. The File Splitter section of Fast…

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NoVirusThanks File Splitter & JoinerFree Download

Here is a portable application named NoVirusThanks File Splitter & JoinerFree Download that will make you able to splits or get the chunks of large file sin customizable sizes. The customization section of NoVirusThanks File Splitter & JoinerFree Download is so advanced that the users can give the value in KB and MB as well. Just like splitting the large files, the divided files can be rejoined as well by…

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File Split Join

File Split Join is a super-fast program to split any size of a large file into several small units of the size you want so that you can easily burn these units into CD/DVD discs or simply share by way of mail. After getting the small parts of a large file, you can even use these splitted parts easily to post to a newsgroup, upload on a website/FTP server or…

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Puran Splitter

Puran Splitter is the free tool to get large size file splitted into the pieces with the sizes that you want. It is a cross-functional tool that has the system of joining the files as well. So, both the splitter and joiner are the part of Puran Splitter. The joiner is available in the Puran Splitter so that you can rejoin the splitted files to make these useful. After splitting…

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KFK File Splitter

KFK File Splitter is one of the easiest and simplest ways to chop the large files into pieces or smaller chunks so that you can share these to any media storage platform for the purpose of permanent record or sharing with others. There are various other feature and functions of KFK File Splitter as well that are about transferring the large size files, or burning the files onto CD/DVD. But…

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Nawras Files Splitter

Nawras Files Splitter is a multiple file supported file splitter that can split any file and document if it is in RAR and ZIP format. Apparently it seems, Nawras Files Splitter is very narrow in term of supporting the file formats for splitting purpose. But that is not the case. In fact, you can get all type of files splitted into pieces. Only compress the files you want to split…

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Arduo File Splitter

Arduo File Splitter is the name of a portable file splitter for breaking the mega size files into small pieces for the purpose of saving into the digital media devices or simply sending in a mail. Just one additional program will be required for the smooth running of the Arduo File Splitter. You have an obligation to install the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or larger version. As it is portable file…

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3nity File Splitter and Joiner

3nity File Splitter and Joiner is a multifunctional file splitter and joiner to make you able to split the large files easily into multiple units rights from the desktop of your Windows operating system. The best part of 3nity File Splitter and Joiner is that it allow its users to define the size or component of the large file size. It is an entirely free program that has the system…

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Simple File Splitter

Simple File Splitter is a free splitter that divides a large file size into a number of small units in order to easily transfer these on multiple media devices. For the information of the readers, Simple File Splitter support for the ZIP files only. If you want to split your audio, video or other digital media and doc files splitted into multiple units then first compress them into ZIP format…

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Gainaco Systems Splitter

This little tool can split any mega size file into chunk files. After splitting the files by using the Gainaco Systems Splitter, you will be again required to reassemble these chunk files to get back the original file. The main benefit of using this utility will come when you will be required to send the large files to your friends, and you will be unable to do so because the…

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uToolbox FileSplitter

uToolbox FileSplitter is a freeware platform that deliver the simple and easy system to its users to split a large size files into multiple files. For the information of the readers they will be required to have uToolbox FileSplitter again to reassemble the splitted files to make them workable again. The best part of uToolbox FileSplitter is that you are not required at all to go with the predefined settings…

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VY-Splitter is the name of a small yet powerful and advanced level of file splitter that is used for the purpose of splitting a huge file in to the small one and then rejoining it with the VY-Splitter of also. For the purpose of splitting files, VY-Splitter will basically make the fragment files of the original large file so that you can store these on CDs/DVDs or share them by…

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