10 Alternatives to SQLite Database Browser

SQLite Database Browser is an open source and high-quality application to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite. It is best for those developers who want to create databases, search and edit data. It is very easy to use that requires no prior knowledge of complicated SQL commands. The controls and wizards available by SQLite Database Browser are Create and compact database files, create, define, modify, and delete tables, create, define and delete indexes, browse, edit, add and delete records, search records, and much more. New records can be made, and existing ones can be expelled from the presently opened table. The substance of every cell can be physically altered or imported from a content document on your PC. DB Browser for SQLite highlights bringing in and trading capacities, with backing for SQL and CSV positions. Moreover, it empowers you to compose SQL questions, execute them and perspective the returned information, and additionally the produced mistake messages, assuming any. DB Browser for SQLite receives a simple approach for overseeing SQL excellent databases. It incorporates complete wizards for providing and changing tables, performing cross examinations and separating information, issuing SQL inquiries, all without requiring commonality with SQL summons.

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SQLite Manager

SQLite Manager is an exhaustive and dependable programming arrangement worth having when you have to oversee and sort out numerous SQLite databases by performing different activities, for example, making new tables, triggers, and files. Since it gives you with backing to an extensive variety of SQLite databases, incorporating plain or in memory databases, the utility is sufficiently adaptable to give you a chance to create reports or communicate with various…

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SQLPro for SQLite

While utilizing the SQLPro for SQLite application, you will have the capacity to see your database’s substance and the quest for a given line using the apparatus’ worked as a part of Filter highlight. SQLPro for SQLite will likewise permit you to rapidly execute inquiries using your database and perspective their outcomes and the mistake/achievement messages if there are any. Also, SQLPro for SQLite can be used to play out…

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It is portable software that requires no installation. Just download, unpack and run. It is very powerful, light and fast that is integrated with all SQLite 3 and SQLite 2 features within simple GUI. Exporting and importing data to various formats is also very easy and simple. It is also configurable when it is about colors, fonts and shortcuts. Moreover, it is also free and open source software released under…

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Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio is software that allows the Mac users and developers to create, administer, query and explore Valentina DB, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgre and SQLite databases for FREE. It allows the users to manage databases in tabs and dockable views. Create, drop, alter, and browse tables, fields, indexes, triggers, constraints, links, views, stored procedures, properties, sequences and many more. Write SQL queries with auto completion and color syntax. Define; manage, save…

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Lita SQLite Manager

This Adobe AIR based instrument introduces and runs easily, so the easy to use GUI ought to open in a few minutes and permit you to play out the required undertakings. Part into a few regions and donning a few tabs, the principle window of Lita has every one of the capacities on display and effectively available, for expanded productivity in working with the stacked records. Keeping in mind the…

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SQLite Professional

SQLite Professional is a capable device intended to streamline the advancement of SQLite3 databases. It is an element rich organization and advancement device for SQLite intended to answer the necessities of all clients from composing basic SQL inquiries to creating complex databases. The graphical interface underpins all SQLite highlights. It incorporates a visual inquiry developer, a SQL editorial manager with sentence structure highlighting and code fulfillment, visual table and view…

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SQLiteSpy is a little measured and simple to-use program that empowers clients to oversee SQLite databases in a well-disposed workplace. It comes pressed with constrained components. As establishment is not an essential, you can simply drop the executable record some place on the hard circle and run it specifically. It is likewise conceivable to move SQLite to a USB streak plate or comparative stockpiling unit, keeping in mind the end…

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MySQL-Front, now officially called SQL-Front, is a front-end interface for the prevalent MySQL database. It permits the client to oversee and direct databases from a simple to utilize Windows interface, as opposed to through the summon line. Since MySQL-Front is a genuine application, it can offer a more refined UI than is conceivable with frameworks based on PHP and HTML (for instance phpMyAdmin). Reaction is prompt, as there is no…

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SQLite man

SQLite man is a direct and compelling programming arrangement particularly expected for database overseers and clients who need to oversee, sort out and make SQLite tables, sees and records. It can customize SQL explanations, create triggers and perspectives, and additionally regulate the database file insights. The application furnishes you with two methods for making a few database objects, here alluding to tables, files, perspectives and triggers. Whether you right-tap on…

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SQLite Maestro

SQLite Maestro is the head SQLite administrator device for database administration, control and improvement. SQLite Maestro highlights three perspective modes, specifically protest properties, information contained in the chose field and the SQL script. You can see BLOB fields if accessible and show HEX codes, content, pictures, HTML or PDFs contained inside. The project permits you to effectively alter the properties of any field, and additionally change the metadata of the…

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