13 Alternatives to Stop Motion Pro

Designed for the Windows PC only, Stop Motion Pro is the name of a stop motion animation platform for the professional and advanced level of clay animation, stop motion animation, pixelation and cut out animation. For its stunning features and functions, Stop Motion Pro is said to be a stop motion animation is a platform designed for handling the mega animation production projects. Well, it will surely do it for you. Just connect your webcam or any digital camera with the PC and start-stop motion animation. Don’t worry about the compatibility; all most all video and web cameras are compatible with the Stop Motion Pro. Dedicated ninjas, ceramic puppets, Wallace & Gromit, charcoal and paper and whatever you want to create, right here is the Stop Motion Pro making you able to get command and control to create even beyond these. Control focus, zoom system, exposure and a great selection for webcams, all will make you able to come with your cameras only and leave the rest on the Stop Motion Pro. As we know both webcams and cameras are ideal for starting with stop motion animation they are robust and easy to use and perfect for schools. If you are using a camera with face tracking function, then Stop Motion Pro will be a great help for you.

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qStopMotion is a free platform for creating the free stop-motion animated movies. If you have the best idea and storyline, then qStopMotion will assist you in creating a perfect one stop-motion animation movie. The free version of qStopMotion is available for Windows operating systems. Various improvements have been made in the latest version of qStopMotion that are about a new style website, better camera control system, and native grabber. All…

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AnimatorHD is an ultra-modern and high-tech 3D stop animation platform for Windows operating systems only. In addition to 3D stop-motion animation, this program can also be used as a previsualization tool in the film production as well. Means you can say it a multifunctional stop animation platform. From a straightforward interface to easy navigation and best support for all projects, AnimatorHD is the name of a high-quality stop-motion platform by…

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Zu3D is a best in the class stop animation software specially designed for educating the children. The best place for using the Zu3D is the educational sector. It can also be used for commercial purposes but is not capable of handling the mega production projects. This easy to use stop motion software make its users able to create complete movies and learn the animation techniques in the step by step…

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iKITMovie is a high-tech stop motion software by using which you can easily create the Claymation and LEGO stop motion movies for the Windows system. By using this, you can create the stop motion and Claymation movies. The best about iKITMovie is that it is for both professionals and beginners. If you want to create animation movies but are not familiar with the way of doing this, then iKITMovie is…

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MonkeyJam is a multiplatform and multifunctional stop motion software for creating all kind of stop animation program. It will make you able to capture images from any camcorder, webcam or a scanner and then assemble them as separate frames to create the animation. Simply use the images of your PC or take the new one with the supported cameras and start creating the animations instantly. Means it is just like…

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iStopMotion is a dedicated stop motion platform for the Mac OS X operating systems for creating the both time lapse and stop motion animations. The latest version of iStopMotion support for the Nikon and Canon DSLRs that are said to be one of the most popular cameras for stop motion animation. Among a lot of features and functions, the best about iStopMotion is that it has a live preview with…

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Frames is a multi-platform software that works as both stop-motion animation and digital storytelling software. Frames is designed for both professionals and beginners to create the stop motion animation, Claymation and digital storytelling in a very easy to use style. The best usage of Frames is in the education sector to reshape the designing and creative skills of the students. It will make you able to create the original cartoons.…

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Linux Stopmotion

Linux Stopmotion is a dedicated stop motion platform for the Linux operating system for creating the both stop motion animation and Claymation animation movies. Being an open source stop motion animation platform, Linux Stopmotion makes its users able to change the code of origin to create the stop motion animations in their own way. It will assist you to capture and edit the frames from your animation and export them…

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Stop Motion Animator

Stop Motion Animator is an easy to use animation program that can be used to bring any animated characters to life with the minimal amount of work. This program is particularly designed for creating the stop motion animation. It is intended to work with any video for Windows PC compatible capture devices. Like web cameras, analog video cameras and digital video cameras. The camera can be connected to a computer that…

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StopMojo is a cross-platform stop animation tool designed to assist the filmmakers in creating the stop motion animations. This software is capable of capturing program supporting capture of image files from various cameras and video capturing devices. The onion skinning system will make you able to get the overlay of previous frames. After the completion of the project, you can export the final movie into QuickTime and AVI video formats.…

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CellSoft Take5

CellSoft Take5 is a simple to use and a highly affordable stop motion animation program for both individual and professional purposes. It is designed to assist both educational institutes and professional filmmakers in creating the professional stop animation movies. The process of creating animation start from capturing the images from any webcam or video cameras then instantly playing them as an animation. Now you can change the order and sequence…

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Stop Motion Pro Eclipse

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is designed for the education sectors, animators and animation producers to create the stop motion animation in a more comprehensive and easy to use way. Stop Motion Pro Eclipse is not about capturing the frames of animation only but it has a proper audio scrubbing and Chroma key system as well. The current version of Stop Motion Pro Eclipse available for Windows PC only. Stop Motion…

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FrameByFrame is a stop motion movie production software for the Mac OS X operating systems that will make you able to create the QuickTime movies from pictures that you have already taken from the webcam and cameras connected to your Mac device. There is an integrated iSight cameras system in the FrameByFrame. The easy to use and user friendly interface of FrameByFrame has made the stop motion movie production made…

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