16 Alternatives to Virtual Router Plus

Would you like to attach a mobile gadget to the internet at the house but your router is just not Wi-Fi enabled? Here is an application that you must try named Virtual Router Plus, exceptionally if you have Windows 8. Virtual Router Plus converts your PC right into a Wi-Fi router and allows for you to create a housing community. On this means, you’re going to be capable of connecting a mobile phone cellphone, a tablet device, or a computing device. Making use of Virtual Router Plus is so easy: no set up required. Just click on the appliance to run it and pick a name and password for the network that you will create. Subsequent, click on start Virtual Router Plus, and you’ll right away have a Wi-Fi access point. When you have home Windows 7 or Home Windows 8 and wish to create a Wi-Fi entry point without complicating your existence, are trying Virtual Router Plus. The wireless network creates/shared with Virtual Router Plus makes use of WPA2 Encryption, and there is no longer option to turn off that encryption. This is truly a function of the Wi-Fi Hosted community API’s built into home windows 7 and 2008 R2 to be certain the high-quality safety viable. You can supply your “virtual” Wi-Fi network any title you want, and in addition set the password to something. Just ensure the password is at the least eight characters.

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Virtual Router Manager

Virtual Router Manager is the name of an advanced, free and open source program designed as a router for PCs using up to 8 edition of the Windows operating environment. It make its users able wirelessly to share any web connection (Wi-Fi, LAN, Cable Modem, Dial-up, cellular, etc.) with any Wi-Fi gadget (laptop, smartphones, iPod contact, iPhone, Android phone, Zune, Netbook, wireless printer, etc.) These devices connect to Virtual Router…

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WinHotspot Virtual WiFi Router

WinHotspot is free virtual Wi-Fi router software. With one click on the program you cam share free internet to internet supported devices. WinHotspot Virtual Wi-Fi Router is the name of the free software that will convert your computer to a Hotspot/digital Wi-Fi Router/software Router. It may be used to share the internet to your mobile contraptions or generally in a media streaming server for TV (Wi-Fi Jukebox ) , or…

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Maryfi is a free and easy to use virtual router application creator for up to 8 editions of Windows operating systems. With Maryfi, you can wirelessly share any internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, and even a different Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi enabled contraptions including laptops, smartphone, tune players, and gaming consoles can see and become a member of your Maryfi hotspot identical to any other Wi-Fi entry…

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Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot makes your whole instruments completely happy. This easy-to-use digital router lets you share the internet out of your desktop along with your smartphone, tablet, media participant, e-reader, other laptops, and even your regional acquaintances. So preserve your neighbors shut and your enemies nearer. Just don’t give your enemies the password to your Connectify Hotspot. Caught at a resort that costs for web per-device? Smugly tell the concierge you’ll…

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Virtual Router Simplicity

Virtual Router Simplicity is a free easy but steady digital router program. It requires zero configurations to create a digital Wi-Fi spot. Beginning from Windows 7 it provides an ability of creating digital Wi-Fi hotspot. It is very useful when you wish to have to share the web entry via wireless. However there is best a command line variant offered in windows, and it takes several movements to with ease…

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mHotspot is a free and handy virtual router software that converts your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot. To make use of this freeware you want a Wi-Fi network adapter card installed for your computer. With the help of this program, you can join more than one device akin to tablets, smartphones, laptops, iPad to your Wi-Fi connection. A computer established with mHotspot can act as a repeater. Sure, the desktop…

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MyRouter is a light-weight utility that packs and presents a relatively powerful function. It allows you to create a digital WiFi router from your individual pc and share your web reference to a tremendous number of customers. With this device which you can flip your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot within only a few quick steps and fasten your Android, iPhone, Blackberry cellphones and virtually any Wi-Fi supported device. MyRouter…

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Free WiFi Hotspot

Free WiFi Hotspot can satisfy all your gadgets’ browsing wants! This super handy virtual WiFi router permits you to share the internet from your computer together with your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android telephone, PSP, Xbox, Kindle, iWatch, Google Glass and other smartphones, e-readers, outside media gamers, sport consoles, smart watches and even other laptops. Free WiFi Hotspot combines the connectivity deserves of WiFi with the first-rate cell insurance policy of…

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WiFi HotSpot Creator

WiFi HotSpot Creator is effortless to configure program designed to turn your very possess computer or computer into a transportable Wi-Fi hotspot. Totally priceless if you are linked to the internet via a wired connection and wish to share it via Wi-Fi. WiFi HotSpot Creator comes with only some configuration options, consequently targeting each newbies and experienced users. With support for an unlimited number of customers, WiFi HotSpot Creator corporations…

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MyPublicWiFi is easy and unobtrusive software that turns your desktop/laptop into a Wi-Fi wireless access point. The MyPublicWiFi Firewall can also be used to avoid person entry to distinctive servers, and you would be able to hinder using services comparable to file sharing applications. For introduced peace of intellect, MyPublicWiFi also allows to you to report and monitor all visited URL pages in your digital WIFI-Hotspot too. MyPublicWiFi will also…

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OSToto Hotspot

OSToto Hotspot is a free and simple WiFi hotspot creator device for PC. It permits you to construct a steady and individual (or public) hotspot without Wi-Fi router. After that, you will be able to free share your computer internet to all WiFi-enabled devices, like phones, tablets, laptops, and so forth. OSToto Hotspot enables a rapid and convenient setup of WiFi hotspot. As long as you have an internet enabled…

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Assume an obstacle if you have a cellular phone or a tablet and you need to download some apps or games in it or you want to update existing apps. However you have not an internet connection in the device, or you do not want to use the internet connection supplied by your cell operator. What is going to you do in such situation? In such crisis, you will be…

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MO Virtual Router

Designed with simplicity in intellect, MO Virtual Router can effortlessly flip a computer or a computing device into a virtual router, enabling other internet enabled devices to hook up with the internet through a shared connection. Ease of use is considered one of its advantages and the interface makes no difference. The entire vital configuration choices are comprised in a single window, where you can enter the identity of the…

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SDR Free Virtual Wifi Router

SDR Free Virtual WiFi Router is an instrument that turns your computer or tablet PC into an actual router WiFi. You need to use your internet connection by way of cable, WiFi or USB modem and transmit it to a brand new WiFi network as in the event you had a usual router set up in your dwelling. Apart from getting replicate your web signal without extra apparatus, the SDR…

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Perfect Hotspot

Perfect Hotspot serves as a virtual router, enabling you to connect with the online from a kind of devices, such as tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi printers or cameras, and lots of others. By using this virtual router you can get access to your favorite social media account or browse countless internet sites out of your moveable device, without having to sit down in the entrance of your laptop. After installing and…

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PCTuneUp WiFi Hotspot Creator

PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator makes it feasible to immediately turn your computer right into a WiFi router and share your broadband connection to those customers who’ve cellular instruments, laptops, tablet computer, or any WiFi enabled contraptions that may connect with the web. To safeguard your Wi-Fi hotspot, the PCTuneUp WiFi Hotspot Creator enables you to set the hotspot ID (SSID) & password so that most effective the folks with…

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