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Most of the internet users are unaware of the fact that Wikipedia has its mapping service as well by the name of WikiMapia Map or simply WikiMapia that lets the users to search for the millions of already market places in the directory of WikiMapia. WikiMapia Map is based on the open-content collaboration system, means any one can take part in the mapping service of the WikiMapia Map. The users can edit these maps and directions as well. Currently WikiMapia Map has covered the almost all places across the globe. For the information of the readers it merits to mention here that WikiMapia Map only provides the mapping service. There is no system of live traffic and navigation, so, don’t bother to use WikiMapia Map for that purpose as WikiMapia Map doesn’t deal in that area. However, if you want to get the direction of any specific area then you can easily go for it. The best about WikiMapia Map is that tit supports the various international languages. So, the users of WikiMapia Map can get the information regarding any map in their own language as well.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is a free mapping and navigation service by the Google. It is also known as the simply Maps as well.  Google Maps provides the globally satellite images and street maps and the panoramic streets view as well. It is also used for live traffic as well. In addition to providing simple mapping and traffic navigation service, Google Maps also used for route planning for traveling either by foot…

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Bing Maps

Bing Maps that is also known as the Windows Live Maps is the mapping service being offered by the Microsoft. The mapping service of Bing Maps can be directly access from the search engine of Bing as well. It provides users with aerial images and mapping service along with road maps. The main features of Bing Maps are street maps, road view, aerial view, bird’s eye view, street side, venue…

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Apple Maps

Apple Maps is the default mapping service for Apple devices. Apple Maps provide the 3D mapping and navigation service for driving, walking and other purpose travelling. The best about Apple maps is that it provides the live 3D models of structures and buildings for the Apple devices. The other thing good in case of Apple Maps is that it uses the vector graphics to provide the maps of locations and…

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Yandex.Maps is a free mapping service for finding the addresses and companies across the globe in shape of maps. The users are only required to insert the place or organization name and get the step by step route to the address. There is also a system for getting live traffic situation as well. The live traffic navigation system of Yandex.Maps assists the drivers to plan for their routes in case…

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Yahoo Maps

Yahoo Maps is among the world’s best maps service providers that provide maps, driving direction and traffic position on a road. Yahoo Maps is a free mapping service being provided by Yahoo. The core areas covered by Yahoo Maps are address book, live traffic, point of interest finder, driving directions, draggable maps, multi-point driving directions, find on the map, etc. The main services being offered by Yahoo Maps are address…

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HERE Maps is the mapping service that was first launched for the smartphones only, but now available for desktop systems as well. HERE Maps is the new name of OVI Maps, Nokia Maps, and NAVTEQ Apps. It shows the places of over 200 countries. Moreover, its services can be used from Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Fire OS, Ubuntu Touch, and Sailfish OS. The unique features of HERE Maps…

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MapQuest is especially for drivers that show the maps of roads, routes, and streets. Via using this online map service, the user can see local traffic and road conditions can find nearby businesses places, restaurants public places, hotels, hospitals, and many more. Use MapQuest and get live maps, GPS, voice navigation, and live traffics updates for free. The other features of MapQuest are: choose from up to three different driving…

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2GIS is a local map and navigation service provider for the areas and locations of the United Arab Emirates only. It is not as much detailed as compared to the other mapping service providers because of its restriction to the some specific areas only. 2GIS is only for the residents of UAE only and for those who are planning for a trip of UAE. 2GIS provides the map of Dubai,…

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OpenStreetMap is basically a map provider and map creator that in addition to providing the maps of the major locations across the globe provides the users with the system of editing these maps as well. OpenStreetMap is, in fact, the map of the world that is created by multiple people under an open license. It uses a topological data structure with four core elements such as nodes, ways, relations, and…

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Waze Map

Waze Map is a community-based mapping and navigation service that is available in form of web-based service and application for the smartphones. Waze Map is basically a user contributed mapping and live traffic navigation service where the people and drivers help each other to provide the real-time information about a specific route. There is also a proper live maps services in the Waze Map as well that is updated by…

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