1 Rep Max Calculator and Log

1 Rep Max Calculator and Log Alternatives for PC

#1 GymACE Pro: Workout Tracker & Body Log


GymAce Pro: Workout Tracker & Body Log is a fully-featured mobile application that helps you grow your muscles anywhere and anytime. It is the paid variant of GymAce and is developed by Appatary. It features a clean interface that you can easily navigate to achieve your fitness goals. Users can perform a vast number of exercises with the help of in-app tutorials. You can also create your customized workouts and divide each workout into separate categories. GymAce Pro provides three countdown timers that users can use to track breaks between sessions. The countdown timer can be customized to start by itself just when you are about to perform a set or move to another exercise.

The application has a huge database that you can use to store your training. You can also add descriptions and images so that it’s easy for you to recognize later on. During training, you can take advantage of the clearly explained workout planning with supersets, alternative, and non-compulsory exercises. You can take a gap of one hour between each training to avoid exerting pressure on your muscles. GymAce Pro also recommends weights and reps using past sets and sessions.