280days is a pregnancy logger through which you can keep a record of your pregnancy. It is a digital diary that enables you to make notes of different scenarios during the pregnancy. The app helps in managing your physical condition as well as medical checkups, so you don’t miss anything.

The baby illustrator feature shows the growth of the baby right on the phone screen. It also captures the illustrations of the baby grow weekly as your due date comes closer. The physical condition manager feature lets users save their ultrasound photos and weight records to access them later.

280days: Pregnancy Diary app contains pregnancy countdown timer to prepare you for the due date. It lets you turn your pregnancy record into a book to share with family members and friends. It provides week by week pregnancy tips and message cards to let you know what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks.

Totsuki Tooka: Pregnancy record/diary sends information regarding the growth of baby and encouragement quotes as messages. It contains an easy to use interface that includes a calendar, a baby page, a mom page, and a diary, etc. that can be managed accordingly.


280days Alternatives

#1 Baby Daybook


Baby Daybook is a parenting app by Drilly Apps that allows mothers to track breastfeeding. The app enables moms to track how many diapers they have changed in one day. They can also track the breastfeeding duration, amount of milk, and more information through a newborn log. The mother can also track the consumption of solid food of their newborns as well.

Moms can instantly sync newborn log with other family members like partner, granny, or nanny to make caregiving better. Baby Daybook – Newborn Breastfeeding Tracker app also provides moms with a baby sleep tracker that brings a graphical representation of activities like sleeping and playing, etc.

Through it, moms can also see their newborn’s height, weight, and head size on a chart. It also compares the stats of baby boys and girls with the World Health Organization (WHO) average. Baby Daybook – Newborn Tracker app brings sticky notification widgets and reminders to help moms.

The app includes a feature to manage a newborn log of twins for better caregiving. It contains a dark mode that doesn’t disturb babies in the night due to the light. It also lets mothers and babysitters manage an unlimited log of newborn babies.


#2 Baby Tracker by WhatToExpect


Baby Tracker by WhatToExpect is a growth tracker for pregnant moms who want to track their pregnancy due date. It guides pregnant moms through a day-by-day or week-by-week guide. Moms can use the in-app pregnancy calculator to monitor their baby’s growth. It provides moms with personalized updates about the development of the baby, articles, tips, and the latest news about parenting.

The app includes more than 15000 articles about almost every aspect of pregnancy, which are medically accurate. Pregnancy Tracker brings videos for pregnant moms to help them understand what is going to happen in the following week of pregnancy.

The app enables moms to choose the best product for their newborns, which other moms recommend. It lets moms ask questions about pregnancy and get the most accurate answers from the community.

Pregnancy and Baby Tracker app allows moms to get info about the development of the baby through all the stages of pregnancy. The app also includes special groups that provide information about many aspects of pregnancy and post-pregnancy conditions and scenarios.

#3 Newborn Baby Tracker


Newborn Baby Tracker is a baby tracker that allows busy parents to track and monitor their baby’s eating habits, health, and sleeping habits. It provides a log about daily feeding, diapers, and sleep patterns for better parenting. The app includes all the essential information about the daily habits of babies for caregivers and doctors.

Parents can also share milestones of their newborn’s development with friends and family members. It also includes a breastfeeding timer that starts or stops with one-tap for convenience.

Baby Tracker – Newborn Log is a breastfeeding logger with settings for solids, formula, or any combination. It also allows moms to enter details about preferences or allergic responses. Through the app, moms can also share bowel habits documentation with doctors.

Baby Tracker – Newborn Feeding, Diaper, Sleep Log sorts logs by date, week, or months for a straightforward approach. It also brings feeding and sleeping logs of past seven and thirty days. The app even detects abnormalities in daily feeding, sleeping, or diaper changing pattern. Parents can also track their newborn’s growth over weeks or months.


#4 iBaby Feed Timer


iBaby Feed Timer is a parenting app by Fehners that allows moms of newborns to track the breastfeeding of their babies. It enables mothers to track when and how long their baby feeds. The app includes a reminder that tells the mother when the feed is due. It tracks breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diapers, sleep, solid food, weight, and many more.

It allows moms to synchronize data over the web, Android, and iOS platforms. It brings analyzed data of newborns right on the phone for moms and doctors. It also shows averages of data on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases.

The app also enables moms to feed more than one baby through multiple timers. The app enables mothers to add a picture, name, or date of birth for personalization of the app. It lets parents track the weight of their babies and compare it with the WHO (World Health Organization) chart.

Baby Feed Timer, Breastfeeding provides an unlimited diary for data, and they can also send the data to their computers through emails. Mothers can set a minimum time for each breast as well. iBaby app also shows the last feed and next feed time at a glance.

#5 Baby Connect


Baby Connect is a digital activity log by Seacloud Software that enables mothers to track the bottle, nursing, or solid food feeding. It also tracks sleep, daily habits, activities, mood, and milestones of newborns. Moms can track feeding of pumped milk as well as they can track doses of medicines or vaccines.

The app monitors weight, height, and head size of babies to maintain a chart. It brings a graphical representation of timers, medicines, vaccines, and breastfeeding. Baby Connect (activity log) provides easy log entries with one tap, and parents can view logs daily.

It lets moms send reports to doctors through emails, and they can also post charts on social media platforms. Moms can easily synchronize data on all their devices through the internet. It includes a timer to track feeding, sleeping, diapers, changes, and mood, etc.

Baby Connect (Activity Log) enables mothers to track weight, head size, or height of babies, and even compares with the WHO percentiles to determine growth. Moms can add pictures, date of birth, blood type, and allergies, etc. and share details with the spouse, doctors, or caregivers.

#6 Feed Baby


Feed Baby app enables parents to record all aspects of the infant’s development and save it like a log. It allows moms to monitor breastfeeding, sleeping habits, solid feeding, medicines, baths, and diapers, etc. The app provides synchronization between devices, so parents know about their newborns.

Its interface includes 44 widgets to help parents in accessing key features from the home screen. Feed Baby – Baby Tracker also contains a timeline of activities of babies on different days so that parents can have a better view of their newborn’s patterns.

It includes graphical charts, graphs, and reports for easy breastfeeding logging. The pro version also includes tracking for twins, which allows log creation of 2 babies and supports the recording of new events on Android watches.

The app comes up with 16 different themes for the better in-app experience. It provides customized alarms to remind mothers of when to feed and change the baby diapers. Feed Baby – Breastfeeding App lets moms take a glance at the elapsed time of breastfeeding through a full-screen in-app clock.

#7 BabyCenter


BabyCenter is a pregnancy calendar app that guides pregnant moms through a day-to-day or week-to-week guide. It brings perfectly timed videos of pregnancy tips or the development of fetal according to the stage of pregnancy. It features many fun and helpful pregnancy tools and widgets to help parents in many tasks.

It is a pregnancy tracking as well as a daily parenting app that contains news feed, food ideas, nutritional advice, exercises, checklists, and reminders. It guides moms to deal with many pregnancy-related symptoms. Pregnancy Tracker – Baby Center is an efficient due date calculator for expecting mothers.

The Pregnancy Calendar app also contains hundreds of informative pregnancy-related articles by BabyCentre. After the birth of the baby, it works as a parenting app that allows parents to keep track of their newborn’s health, safety, and habits.

Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Development Countdown app enable moms to get daily suggestions about the activities of them as well as their babies. It is a baby care advice app and a regular baby calendar app to monitor the age of newborns.

#8 Rainbow


Rainbow is an app for those parents who want to keep a record of their babies’ weight, height, and growth. Moms can easily keep pictures of their newborns and can also save first time events of children right on the phone. The app tracks breastfeeding and create a log of feeding habits on a daily and weekly basis.

Mothers can track the feeding of solid food and bottled milk to share the record with doctors or caregivers. It monitors the daily habits of babies like diapers, sleep, and activities. The diaper or potty tracker lets moms know the condition of their newborns so they can choose the perfect diet.

The sleep tracker informs mothers about the abnormalities in the sleeping routine of babies, so they know when the baby is sick. Rainbow – Journal and Activities app also helps the doctor a lot in knowing about the actual condition of the baby.

Rainbow – Journal & Activities lets moms note down various symptoms and create a record of medication as well as vaccinations. The app reminds moms about the next visit to the doctor and brings a graphical tooth chart for newborns.

#9 Baby tracker by Amila


Baby tracker by Amila is a baby tracker and baby log creator for monitoring daily habits of newborns. The app allows moms to identify the behavior and habits of babies and precisely monitors the changes in daily habits. It is a complete tracking app that helps new moms to track breastfeeding of infants.

Mothers can also track sleeping habits and monitor any abnormalities in their babies. It allows them to create a diaper log, measurement log, medicines log, and more. It is a pee and poo tracker that lets mothers know about any sickness by tracking potty habits.

Baby tracker – feeding, sleep, and diaper interface contains profiles of baby, a setting button, home button, a calendar, and a graphical representation of tracking different habits of infants. The feeding tracker allows moms to keep data about feeding and share it with doctors or other caregivers.

Baby Tracker shows a graphical portrayal of feeding by both breasts or by container and length of nourishing by days. Baby tracker by Amila app also includes feeding duration by hours to help moms keep a record of meals as well.

#10 Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker


Glow Baby Breastfeeding Tracker is a baby milestone logger and development tracker that allows moms to track breastfeeding, nursing, and sleep schedule. The app enables mothers to share tips about parenting, and get suggestions from other moms as well.

It also works as a family album to save photos of newborns. It provides PDF summaries of the schedule of the daily routine of baby and informative growth charts to help moms as well. It lets moms track diaper changes to determine the health of infants.

Glow Baby: Track Newborn Baby and Toddler Milestones app also brings milestone logging that enables moms to log different milestones of their newborns like the first step, feeding tracker, nursing timer, and feeding log. It lets parents connect with other parents and share or get tips about parenting.

Glow Baby: Baby and Toddler Log app even contain an elegantly designed library that contains daily articles. Moms can read and share useful parenting tips and advice. Through this app, mothers can take notes and document precious moments of infants effortlessly.

#11 Baby Care – Track Baby Growth


Baby Care – Track Baby Growth is a parenting app through which moms can keep an eye on baby feeds, sleeping patterns, growth, and more. The app includes many reminders to help caregivers and busy parents in better parenting. It contains an in-app diary to write notes, add pictures to albums, record voice of infants, and share it with friends or family members.

Through it, mothers can easily track multiple babies and create multiple on-screen widgets for multiple babies. Baby Care – track baby growth features a statistical chart to track the feeding of pumped milk as well as solid food.

The app enables moms to track height, weight, length, and head size of babies. It contains a temperature chart to determine the health level of the baby in the past days. It allows users to track breastfeeding, sleep, diapers, medicines, vaccines, health, and more.

Baby Care – Track Baby Growth app lets parents access scheduler and teeth chart and shares it with doctors or caregivers. The percentile chart allows them to compare baby growth data with the WHO chart. Moms can easily compare daily stats with a log of the past seven days.

#12 MyMedela


MyMedela is an activity tracker through which moms can get feeding tips and checklists of daily parenting tasks. The app helps mothers in keeping up their breastfeeding goals with content from experts. It enables them to track their baby’s weight, height, and head circumference and compare percentile with leading health organizations’ data.

Moms can track their infant’s feeding, sleeping, pee, or poo schedule. It supports connectivity to smart breast pumps like Medala’s breast pump for Realtime feeding information. The app features frequent feeding and breast pumping questions as well as tips for breast pumping, news, and FAQs.

My Medela Breastfeeding Companion allows moms to manage their goals and provides tips and motivational quotes based on the progress. The app includes a confidence assessment survey that enables moms to gain breastfeeding confidence.

MyMedela app contains a pumping dashboard that shows real-time breast pumping information of the current session. The profile page of the baby shows sleeping stats, feeding stats, and diaper changing stats of the last day. The daily overview page shows daily data such as sleep, diaper, feeding, pumping, bottle feeding, and weight as well as the height at a glance.

#13 My Days X


My Days X is an ovulation calendar app through which you can track periods. It is a medically accurate period tracker through which you can achieve healthy living goals. The app features prediction of the next periods and also features notifications according to location and time.

It contains a community chat that allows you to share your ovulation experience with others. The app carries a pregnancy mode through which you can easily track more than 20 symptoms as well as it also notifies you of breast examination. The app lets you enter your sex log so you can follow how often you have sex.

My Days X – Ovulation Calendar and Period Tracking app enables you to enter your periods manually. Through it, you can keep an eye on the blood flow and your mood during periods. It lets you send your period cycle history to the doctor via email.

MyDays X app enables you to backup your data on MyDays cloud vid the internet. You can track multiple users, and you can also create custom themes for the calendar. It provides options to view old period predictions and add notes to remember what you have done.

#14 Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker


Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker is a digital activity tracker that allows moms to track daily activities of newborns and share data with a partner, family members, doctors, or caregivers by synchronization. The app contains interactive widgets for lock screen and desktop for convenient tracking.

It also features night mode, which helps in feeding the baby during the night. It brings a graphical chart of daily breastfeeding and meal times as well as the quantity of food. The sleeping tracker allows you to track when the baby is sleeping and shows a log in the form of an analytic graph.

The event tracker monitors baths and diaper changes and integrates data in charts. The measurement tracker analyzes height, weight, and other body measurements of babies and you can also compare it with the WHO data.

Breastfeeding – Baby Tracker app enables you to manage more than one profile of babies so you can easily track the feeding of several children. It lets you export data to CSV files and graphs to image files. The app also shows breastfeeding time according to previous data, and you can analyze data in 24 hours, three days, weekly, or monthly time frames.

#15 Baby Manager


Baby Manager is a parenting app that tracks your baby and provides you with reminders. It allows you to share all the details about your baby’s daily activities like feeding, sleeping, and poo, etc. with doctors, partners, or caregivers with a single click.

The timeline feature enables you to present your newborn’s routines graphically. You can easily create a log of growth, feeding, sleeping, and diapers as well as record events like baths, temperature, and medication, etc.

Baby Manager – Breastfeeding Log and Tracker app lets you write notes so you can record any reactions to food or any abnormalities in other activities. Through it, you can manage a log of several babies. Its elegant feeding page shows data of feeding with breasts, with a pump, and with a bottle.

Baby Manager Feed Tracker app brings medical articles and tips according to the age of your baby. You can get reminders about important events and can easily view logs of previous days with summaries. The growth tracker helps you in determining the growth of your children like weight, and height, etc.

#16 Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


Ovia Pregnancy Tracker enables expecting women to track their weekly pregnancy progress. It is a countdown timer to count how many days left until the due date. It contains ‘in the womb’ feature that allows you to learn about the development of baby through realistic illustrations each week.

It also includes professional’s written medical notes about the development of the baby. You can zoom in to see detailed pictures illustrating the baby’s’ development. It can also track pregnancy milestones, and it allows you to make notes.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown is a baby size comparison app that enables you to compare the size of your baby with a different object. The app is an elegant tracker that tracks your health, sleep, mood, nutrition, and blood pressure, etc.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app offers daily articles and weekly videos that contain information about what’s happening inside the womb. You can enter symptoms during pregnancy in a log and share the log with your doctor or partner. The app also tells you what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

#17 Baby Care


Baby Care is a digital book that guides new parents through the first year of their newborn’s development. It provides you with information regarding breastfeedings, first bath, recovery from labor, and round the clock feeding, etc. The app provides you with many pieces of advice and tips for the infant’s health and development stages.

It allows parents to learn about various vaccines and medicines as well as their uses. Parents can learn about how to manage their baby’s crying, and it includes many parenting tips like ten common sleep mistakes.

It lets you manage more than one child at the same time using a twin feature. It brings various postpartum exercises to help moms get fit after labor. Baby Care app’s weekly tips also offer various beauty tips and secrets for mothers after labor.

It tracks the baby’s development weekly and provides parents with signs of autism to detect in their baby. You can learn about the child’s behavior, skills, and language for better parenting. It includes many educational games and tips for mothers regarding feeding through breasts.

#18 Ovia Parenting


Ovia Parenting is a parenting app that allows you to track your infant’s health and development milestones. You can enter data of feedings, sleep, diapers, development, and more in the log. It enables you to share your baby’s milestones like the first step with family members and friends.

It lets you add several children, and you can easily customize the name, gender, or skin tone of babies. The app features more than a thousand free medically accurate expert articles with tips about parenting and information regarding the child’s development.

Ovia Parenting: Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding Timer provides you with daily updates about your child’s development and send it to your timeline. You can ask and answer children related questions in the community and support section. It lets you add family members, followers, and admins so they can oversee your infant’s development and track milestone achievements.

Ovia Parenting and Baby Tracker app offers a synchronization feature to share data with your doctor or caregiver. It provides content on the child’s development in categories including inside and outside of the body, skills, and parenting styles, etc.

#19 Feed Baby Pro


Feed Baby Pro is a single-touch baby tracker through which you can track the daily activities of your baby. It enables you to monitor each aspect of your baby’s growth and development. You can easily track feeding through breast, bottle, or feeding of solid food with single touch functionality.

You can also track different activities like diaper changes, sleeping, and poo or potty, etc. The app allows you to share and sync logs or data with an unlimited number of devices. You can pause the ongoing feeding session, or you can also continue the last paused session.

It lets you add medicines intakes, and can also create a log to share with the doctor. The app features a summary of each day’s activities, and the timeline feature shows all the activities of the past days. It analyzes the baby’s body growth, such as height, weight, and head size, and represents data in the form of charts.

Feed Baby Pro – Baby Tracker app contains widgets so that you can access key features of the app without going into the app continuously. It keeps the history of the previous tracking and is available to browse easily.

#20 Baby Care Log


Baby Care Log is a logging app that lets you analyze the development of your baby. It records the feeding of the baby and shows any abnormalities in the regular intake of food. It also records the daily activities of babies like diaper changes and sleep tracker.

The sleep tracker shows the sleeping routine of the baby helps you understand the mood of the baby. Baby Care Log app also allows you to follow the achievements of your baby. It enables you to customize details of the infants like name, picture, and skin tone, etc.

The medicine intake tracker monitors the intake of medicines right over your cell phones and tablets. You can also add notes of any allergic responses and set milestones events like the first step of the newborn.

Baby Care Log app supports the tracking of multiple babies in twin mode and syncs data automatically to all devices. The app brings the feature to share the record of tracking with your doctor through easy synchronization. The backup feature allows you to backup data and restores it when needed.

#21 PiyoLog


PiyoLog is a log keeping app of your baby’s activities through which you can add or share the log with your partner or others. The app provides many features to help moms, such as the nursing timer, function of summary, growth of curve function, and many others. The built-in sharing feature lets users share logs whenever they uploaded them.

You can enter records according to types such as feeding, sleep, diaper changing, bath, medicines, and walk, etc. PiyoLog – Baby Feeding Tracker is a one-hand operated app that you can also use while breastfeeding. The Childcare Diary allows you to write notes and upload photos regarding information.

The time bar function brings a daily summary of activities like feeding, diapers, and sleeping at a glance. The app automatically analysis the habits of the baby and suggests the amount of breastfeeding, sleeping, and food quantity.

Piyo Log App – Baby Feed Tracker enables you to set notifications for feedings and notifies regarding feeding time. The growth tracker lets you precisely log the weight, height, and head size, and other kid’s measurements so that you can keep an eye on the baby’s growth.

#22 ParentLove


ParentLove analyzes data of newborn’s activities and notifies you of when the baby is going to wake up from sleep, last feeding time, previous diaper change time, and more. The journal feature allows you to review the recent activity of the baby to understand the daily routine.

ParentLove: Baby Tracker Feedings Diapers Pumping offers many features, including reminders, daily journal, and glance summary, etc. The app’s cloud service secures data by storing it and provides it to caregivers when needed.

The health tracker lets you add illness, vaccines, and allergies to record to provide it to the doctor. It includes a timer to record the duration of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and sleeping sessions. The auto-sync feature enables you to share data instantly with your friends and family members.

ParentLove: Baby Tracker features a baby growth chart through which you can track the growth of your infant. You can also add notes with different activities such as reactions, allergies, or content of the bottle. The glance summary estimates the time of the next activity and notifies you.

#23 Tinybeans


Tinybeans is a digital journal that allows you to save your child’s activities, milestones, and growth goals effortlessly. You can add videos, pictures, and memories into a family album to enjoy all the precious moments later. It lets you make the journal, a photo book, or even a baby book whenever you want.

The app features unlimited photo storage to save the baby’s development milestones. Tiny Beans – Baby and Family Album Editor app enables you to add stickers, text, and filter, etc. to make the pictures perfect.

The development tracker tracks the growth of the child and adds it to the journal. You can add pics of ultrasound to your journal to relive the moments later on. Tinybeans Family Album, Baby Book, Photo Journal keeps your favorite pictures and videos safe and secure.

You can invite an unlimited number of people and get notified from the followers whenever you post a new growth milestone, family video, or baby milestones. It is a free to use app but contains in-app purchases to make the user experience better.

#24 BabyTime


BabyTime is a parenting app by Simfler Inc. that lets you monitor the growth of the baby in the most efficient and effective manner. It shows the development of baby, growth milestones, feeding, and nursing, etc. in the form of charts. You can track food, sleep, and the diaper changing routines of the newborn.

It also records data about visits to hospitals, special moments, pregnancy symptoms, and all other major facts. The growth tracker records the height, weight, and head size, etc. of baby and present data in the form of a graphical chart.

It features public diaries that allow you to share the growth and development milestones of your newborn. Baby Time (Parenting, Track, and Analyze) app also features a stopwatch to time the feeding with breasts, pump, or bottle and sleeping duration of the newborn.

The app also contains a music box that enables you to put your baby to sleep. You can also take pictures and share it with friends, family members, or the public. You can share data with the partner, doctors, or caregivers by using the sync feature.

BabyTime (Record & Analysis) also includes data backup and restore by just signing-in to the app. The app also contains widgets and reminders for hunger, sleep, and diaper, etc. to help moms and even dads in better parenting.

#25 Be Yeu


Be Yeu is a parenting app for pregnant women and moms that brings information right on the phone. It lets mothers ask questions from the online community, and they can also answer the questions from other moms. It contains illustrations of baby’s growth in the womb and till the age of five years.

Moms can read helpful articles to get parenting-related tips and advice right over their cell phones using this stunning app. They can also ask pregnancy-related questions from medical experts through this app.

It let them create bookmarks of favorite articles so they can read it later. The app also enables them to like and share helpful articles with the community. Moms can take photos of their newborns and save moments to enjoy later.

The medical profile features allow mothers to log the birth information of newborns such as height, weight, and head size, etc. They can also record the place of birth, date of birth, and type of delivery, etc.

Be Yeu – Parenting app offers a growth chart, which graphically represents the growth of baby, including height and weight. They can also compare the growth of their babies with the world’s leading healthcare institutes like the WHO.

#26 Similac


Similac is a parenting app by Abbott that records the development of the infant. It lets you get help and advice from experts and other moms and dads. It features graphically represented charts of your baby’s growth. You can share the information with your partner, doctor, or caregivers via emails.

Its interface includes a snapshot page, a Journal page, a trends page, and my profile page, etc. The snapshot page contains a profile picture, name of baby, the weight of baby, and age of the baby. Similac Baby Journal app features a sleeping logger includes a chart, longest sleep time, and a new entry button.

The diaper changing tracker contains the total number of diapers changed in a day and a chart showing routine. The journal page contains a start feeding button and a graphical representation of breasts. The trends page includes a chart of feeding, number of bottles, and the amount of feed, etc.

Similac Baby Journal brings a journal feature, which contains diaper change log, pee or poo tracker, and color of poo to determine any abnormalities. The feeding logger includes a chart of feedings, a button for new entries, and the duration between two feedings.

#27 Baby +


Baby + app enables you to get weekly growth information of your baby. You can track the infant’s development and can also save beautiful moments through the app. It features daily blog articles about pregnancy, and you can get information about parenting. It contains tips and support regarding feeding by breast or by the bottle.

It includes tips for women for after birth recovery and also includes articles about activities you can do with your baby. It is a development tracker that enables them to track food and milk consumption of babies. It also features a diaper tracker, pumping tracker, health tracker, and milestones tracker, etc.

The app also includes a diary to enter milestones of babies and to record baby’s first like first step and first word, etc. You can capture pictures using face a day feature and create time-lapse videos of those pics effortlessly.

Baby + – Your Baby Tracker offers to add videos, pictures, and time lapses to a yearbook to enjoy all at once. You can also track your weight and your baby’s teeth growing. It contains sounds and music to help you in making your baby fall and stay asleep.

#28 Momspresso


Momspresso is an app that provides information to mothers about pregnancy. It tells them about the info regarding being pregnant, signs of pregnancy, and stages of pregnancy, etc. The app contains videos from experts and other moms, which helps them in learning about the complication of pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, giving birth, and much more.

It also includes expert advice, real stories, and videos related to conception to help you prepare for what is going to happen during conception. It enables parents to learn about baby care and get help from experts regarding sleep, breastfeeding, or diapering problems of their kids.

Momspresso is also a fashion app for moms who want to see their kids and infants beautiful. The app also provides information about traveling, games, adoption, activities, and relationships, etc. through videos by experts.

Momspresso: Motherhood Parenting MyMoney Baby app also offers help about baby health and mom health with videos from other moms and experts. It includes information about mental health and its treatment from experts.

#29 Baby Breastfeeding Trackers


Baby Breastfeeding Trackers is a parenting app that assists you in making a record of the daily activities of your baby. You can track feeding, growth, diapers, and nursing of the baby. It features an easy-to-use timer that allows you to log breast and pump feeding in real-time.

You can also view in-detail and useful information about nursing progress and daily averages. It is a nutritional calculator through which you can easily calculate total milk and solid food consumed by the baby.

The app also tracks your location to show you where your baby likes to eat or drink milk. You can record height, weight, and head size of the baby and view them in a graphically comprehensive chart. You can add pictures, videos, and sounds to view how your baby grows and developed.

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker features backup of data to make it safer and lets you share data with the doctor, partner, and caregivers by synchronization. It is a free-to-use app, but it contains in-app purchases for advanced in-app features.

#30 Baby Pics – Photo Editor


Baby Pics – Photo Editor is a widely loved baby milestone photo editor in more than 90 countries, developed in the market by Baby Pics. Baby Pics – Photo Editor – Pregnancy & Baby Milestones app lets you capture precious baby and pregnancy milestone photos by marking them with the personalized text of your choice and beautifully crafted artwork.

Baby Pics – Baby Milestones is a significant app for all the new parents as well as parents-to-be to save all the precious memories. You can elegantly capture your baby bump growth (on a weekly basis), first smile, first steps, first kick, messy moments, and the first day at school.

You can snap the precious moments as it happens as well as select from your mobile phone’s camera. Baby Pics – Pregnancy Tracker app lets you precisely add adorable artwork, add personalized text, save and share your desired stuff, and enjoy everything flawlessly. It brings thousands of beautifully crafted artwork overlays to mark exciting milestones as well as all the precious moments.

You can add personalized and sentimental text and even add from your adorable typography to write babies’ names, dates, quirks, dates, and measurements. Baby Pics – Photo Editor – Pregnancy and Baby Milestones app brings exclusive filters, adorable art categories, instant sharing of content, exclusive text, and plenty of other features to enjoy stuff in your own way.