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Search, Store, and Share easily. 4Shared is a leading file sharing and storage service that offers the fastest way to access your documents, images, videos, and all kinds of files anytime, anywhere. It features a massive collection of databases and its convenient public search option… read more
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13 4Shared Alternatives & Similar Websites


1. MediaFire

MediaFire is a leading file hosting, file synchronization and cloud storage service founded in 2006 by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge. The software is available to use on almost all the major platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android and has more than 43 million registered users around the world.

It introduces all the features that you never see before, where you can easily upload and share photos, videos, audios, and documents. After uploading your content, you can share it through email, link, or social media network without any limitation.


2. MEGA.nz

MEGA.nz is a cloud-storage and file-hosting service available to use on the web and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The application is known for its security feature, where all files are end-to-end encrypted locally before they are uploaded. Its security feature allows anyone from accessing the data without knowledge of the passkey used for encryption.

Upload your files from your smartphone or any web browser, then store, search, download, stream, view, and share your data anytime from anywhere, even on any device. Share your files and folders with your contacts and see their updates in real-time.


3. AnonFiles

AnonFiles is a free web and mobile-based application that allows you to upload a file and share it with friends or anonymously over the internet. It is also known as a cloud-sharing solution and specially designed for those who want to share data anonymously.

With the help of this app, you can upload and share more than 250MB files, and it supports almost all kinds of data such as images, audio, video, and documents, etc. The interface of the app is quite impressive. You need to go to its official site, or download its app into your mobile device, upload files, get URL and share the URL with others.


4. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the best file sharing service that offers the simplest ways to transfer files online, and its free version doesn’t require the user to register. The service differentiates itself by enabling the user to send massive-sized data, more than 2 GB when using the free service, and up to 20 GB for WeTransfer Plus.

It is quite simple and easy to use online file-transferring platform that enables sending files without any hassle. With the help of this site, you can transfer full HD videos, a vast collection of images, and all the other kinds of files.


5. FileServe

FileServe is an online platform that offers a net free file storage option to those who suffer from the low cloud storage space or wish to share the big records with the others. FileServe can be even used for the reason of creating the backup of files and retrieving them every time, from anywhere and any approach.

It can also be utilized for real-time sharing as well where the inclined customers are first required to upload the records at FileServe and after that, share the downloadable links to the others. FileServe operates in two options that are FileServe Free and FileServe Plus.


6. ZippyShare

ZippyShare is a free file hosting service that allows you to share documents, videos, software, and all the other kind of content anywhere around the world. It is a simple and easy to use service that no require any registration or any personal information to share the file.

You need to visit its official site, upload your files by its simple drag and drop feature, after uploading you can share its link anywhere without any limitation. But if you want to save your time for a long time, you need to sign up with an email address and all the other required information.


7. DepositFiles

DepositFiles is a free to use cloud platform that allows you to store your files on its servers free for an unlimited time. It is a perfect solution to keep your precious data in safety and share them.

As compared to all the other leading cloud solutions, it is more secure and robust, introduces rich-security features that make it better than others. All you need is to create an account by entering all the required information, and after login, you can enjoy it all features without any limitation.


8. FileFactory

Share your files in the cloud. FileFactory is a feature-rich and easiest way to upload and share your data in the cloud for free. With the help of this platform, you can easily upload your music, images, video, and documents and share them with the world.

It is a truly unlimited file sharing service that offers the best place to upload and share the file with no limits. Through this, you can upload, send, and receive any file up to the massive 5GB, with unlimited file bandwidth. As compared to all the other similar cloud solutions, it is more powerful and offers lots of new features and services that make it better than others.


9. 2Shared

2Shared is free and straightforward storage for any file. It works on simple and clear rules. You need to upload your data on this platform, and the world automatically will get to know about them. It comes as the alternatives to MEGA and offers all the core services and tools with some new features that make it better than others.

The best thing is that it has a vast collection of the world’s best music collection, photo albums, and video archives. You can easily explore its database, download, and share without any limitation. You can also be able to upload your videos, images, and music, create unlimited folders, and share it with others or make private.


10. Userscloud

Userscloud is a free cloud service that offers unlimited online storage, remote backup capacity, fast uploading, and downloading tools. The solution is specially designed for everyone who wants to access their data anytime, anywhere.

It makes accessing, sorting, and retrieving files easier that can be done using any device, even when you are on the go. One of the main features of this platform is that it offers a fantastic suite of storage and sharing capabilities that assume you are an individual user, come free of charge.


11. MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge is an online platform that allows users to send and share their data around the world both quickly and securely. The platform has separate folders for every category, such as files in storage has a separate folder, and incoming and outgoing files are in separate folders. Moreover, users can select whether they want to send their files via email or link.

The platform offers dedicated storage to users, and all the files transferring, and storage is password protected. Users can mark the files as read or write only while sharing it with other people. This cross-platform allows users to set up an expiration date for their files for extra security. MyAirBridge enables users to preview images, videos, and audio files before downloading them. Moreover, it allows users to download complete folders as ZIP files. Lastly, it enables users to transfer 100GB easily, and for more, they have to buy it.


12. Volafile

Volafile is a leading file sharing service that offers free temporary online storage, convenient for sharing files between friends and colleagues. It is quite simple and easy to works like a folder that stays synchronized with everyone.

With the help of this solution, you can easily create unlimited rooms, and each chat room has a chat and a list of uploaded files. Unlike most of the file-sharing solutions, it allows you to share and receive any data, including Music, Images, Videos, Archive, Documents, and all the others.


13. Uploaded

Uploaded is a cloud-based file sharing and storage platform that comes with the system of importing the files and sharing with others. With no registration formality, Uploaded allow it, users, to upload the file with a maximum size of 250 MB and then share it with others.

Uploaded has a cloud storage system as well that can be accessed by its website or using uDrvive setup available for Mac OS X operating systems. It is an excellent alternative for those who’re forced to make use of the emails method to share the vast records.

More About 4Shared

Search, Store, and Share easily. 4Shared is a leading file sharing and storage service that offers the fastest way to access your documents, images, videos, and all kinds of files anytime, anywhere. It features a massive collection of databases and its convenient public search option. This search option allows you to search for and find the files you need within its database without any limitation.

4Shared is simple to define various search filters such as upload time, size, and type of data to get the best results and add the necessary file to your account. With the help of this service, you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, download, and upload any data from your account and share them with your friends and colleagues anywhere around the world.

4Shared has two different versions, such as a free version and a Paid version. Its paid version comes with lots of additional features such as more than 100GB free space, ad-free sharing and download, direct download links, backup, and maximum data security, etc.

Other prominent feature includes access more than 30 million files, user-friendly interface, save contacts, mobile applications, share and upload any file, no download limited and much more.

4Shared Reviews

Yong K.
written on July 5, 2020

At the first look, the interface is renewed, and it consists of many interesting things. You can scroll down on the website, and you will find tons of exciting things to do and share. The interface is very easy to use and consists of interesting and fast interaction features, and it is easy to use. I love it. Being a web developer, I recommend this platform because it is fast secure and has a wide database.

Kate Molly
written on June 6, 2020

I first use this platform when I was in college, and I wanted a different type of voice recording software for my research paper, and it gives me every potential and related file and software according to my research. It was so easy to communicate with the society and the community developed within the website. In my experience I found the website excellent, and you can other file sharing platforms on the net. If you look at the menu of this platform, they have listed many things on the interface and the home page. It will be the best choice.

Ada Young
written on May 30, 2020

You want to find the book, and you cannot find it on google? I will suggest you use this website to find your desired book because it will give you all the files and drivers, books you are looking for free of cost. This platform has been shared and used by tons of users to upload, share, and discuss different types of topics related to education, social media, and whatever you can fathom. I found The Velveteen Rabbit on this platform for free, and I read it on my phone. I will suggest you use this platform to find whatever you are looking for.