Accompa is a reputable requirement management tools designed for the teams to enhance their workflow by simplifying, analyzing, and testing from the ground. This cloud-based software is enabling remote workers to have real-time collaboration so they can manage requirements inefficient and adaptable way. Whether they are product management, business analysis, engineering, or IT teams, Accompa will be your valuable partner in whole lifecycle management.

Get the data that is extensible for your product and project that will keep innovative and grow organizations. Looking into a pool of features, they are many such as unlimited storage, integrated dashboard, import and export options, create document requirement, track dependencies, custom field support, smart emails, create and manage baselines, customization, prioritization requirement, and much more.


Accompa Alternatives

#1 Aylien


Aylien is a leading intelligence platform that comes with an extensive API reducing all the vulnerabilities from news events and stories in real-time. The platform provides you the rich insights for your business that allows you extract more opportunity to identify and investigate risk courtesy of the media signal at a scale. There are multiple features provided by Aylien that include augmented manual workflow, transformed monitoring, discovery, and investigation, build robust models and enrich news content, end-to-end pipelines, and more to add.

Get the advanced end-to-end intelligence right to your system that is mission-critical for your organization so you can make the more informed decision and no missed events at all. Event detection, impact news, service automation, risk signals, and advanced analytics makes Aylien the leader in extracting data that is crucial. Aylien provides solutions whether you need risk intelligence, media intelligence, data science, or any product development you need.


#2 Polarion Alm


Polarion Alm is an all in one application lifecycle management software that is optimized for managing the development of software-intensive products. This technological utility provides everything you need to achieve agility and control over the entire application lifecycle. Polarion Alm is offering both whether you need the simple SaaS cloud solution and hosting to your own private infrastructure, which is something advanced for the enterprise for their startup innovation.

When it comes to providing seamless collaboration, accelerated productivity, and maintaining compliance, then Polarion Alm is the best among all. There are multiple features on offer that are core functionalities, audits, metrics and reports, requirements management, issues, and defect management, test and quality management, build and release, various ALM integrations, and more to add. Furthermore, Polarion Alm is proved to be your unified solution to permit acceleration on connecting teams and projects, improve the application development process by having true coding, testing, and release.

#3 Visure


Visure is a leading requirement management software tool that provides things like tracking, mitigating risk, text management, bug tracking, and maintaining all the compliance need for you. You have advanced support to gather all the requirements to capture elements sources in an intuitive way that will definitely turn the table for automatic importing and round trip. Get a unified solution for your requirement management, having extensive email tracking, change management, impact analysis, and prioritization in place.

You have the leverage of end-to-end traceability from gaining requirement to test, risks, user’s stories, and source, all within the same platform. Visure allows you to generate any reports related to custom specifications, traceability metrics, dashboards, and more to add. There is also a possibility for the users if they develop a catalog, which then is reused by other projects to create or update variants. Furthermore, Visure is also integrating with the third-party tools as well as having an extensive API to have the extended functionalities right into your requirement management services.


#4 SpiraTeam by Inflectra


SpiraTeam by Inflectra is an intelligent application lifecycle management platform that allows you to find the bugs and risks in your systems. There is a sync option as well that will link with your team and so get back to development every-time you need. SpiraTeam is doing remarkable things for you via covering everything from the requirements to test cases and tasks and code, so get started with the robust strategy.

SpiraTeam is managing your tasks and bugs exceptionally well, so be on top-notch with version control, automated testing, and more importantly, you have customizable reporting, so keep tracking everything. Multiple valuable features are advanced project management, extensive tools, source code integrations, task and resource management, build management, bug tracking, exploratory testing, email and IDE integration, and more to add.

#5 ReqSuite® RM


ReqSuite® RM is a pure requirement management tool that is doing an amazing job for the organization to manage and analyze requirements in an extensible fashion. This utility tool is your valuable parent is not only reduces the cost of the project, but also is also simplified the things like analyses, planning, and design used in the development projects.

The software tool is based on artificial intelligence functionalities, and making is the mark for the wide efficiency and quality that allows your business to be at the competent level. Besides, ReqSuite® RM is easy and intuitive and enables novice people to work with it effectively. The software can be directly integrated into the existing RM tools via interfaces, so you do not need to transfer data every time. Furthermore, ReqSuite® RM brings the automated verification of requirements against the best practices and done with the task blazingly fast with the consistent quality.

#6 Modern Requirements4DevOps


Modern Requirements4DevOps is a proven requirement management tool that makes the testing and simplification of tasks blazingly fast and with proper quality control. You have top-notch Tools built to accelerate project velocity, enhanced collaboration, and legitimates you to have track and trace requirements as they alter. More importantly, the software utility is seamlessly integrated with Azure DevOps, which means teams can work together in one unified place.

Modern Requirements give multiple capabilities to you in real-time first provides a single source of reliability; second, it is completely embedding with Azure DevOps; and lastly, you have a complete extensible solution to extend your project into complete RM. Take advantage of the authoring tools that legitimates you to connect your existing requirements or can use new requirements into your project.

There are all the tools available for your team members that allow them to take any approach to create requirements, whether to build diagrams or documents. Each requirement you create will be available directly within your Azure DevOps project no matter Whichever Modern Requirements4DevOps tool you use. Furthermore, you can create traceability matrices in a matter of no time that will let you easily capture end-to-end traceability.

#7 Visual Trace Spec


Visual Trace Spec is advanced requirement lifecycle software that provides you the right way to build your products like applications, software, and systems. You have the best-in-class complete lifecycle management, which ultimately allows you to capture the needs of your customers, test cases, and doing the right thing for ongoing and post-release project management. There is an easy way for you to track requirements, do reporting, and manage by using the views and attribute option.

Visual Trace Spec is doing the things for you that are flexible, process independent, and technologically neutral, setting your way for the software, product, and system development and for the embedded systems. Coming to its versatile features that are coherent framework, unique analysis tool, manage your project files and documents, complete customization, SaaS support, Self-hosting option, and more to add.

#8 IBM Rational DOORS


IBM Rational DOORS is a reliable tool designed for your requirement management that is streamlining your way for capturing, analyzing, tracking, and managing user requirement. This utility can run on Windows, Linux, and Solaris systems as well and, more importantly, come with a built-in database. IBM Rational DOORS is maintaining your all the requirement via providing the rich features and tool that leverage to access and manage requirements. Involve in the development process having an interchange format, so get a chance to work with suppliers and development partners.

Well and truly, Rational DOORS making things easier for anyone in your organization to contribute to the requirements management process. Via Using a web browser, you can get access your database through Rational DOORS and manage changes to requirements with either a simple predefined-change proposal-system or customizable change control workflow.

There is also a possibility for you to link requirements to design items, test cases, test plans and use them for effortless and powerful traceability. Furthermore, IBM Rational DOORS surfaces OSLC specification that will do the trick for management, change management, and quality management to integrate with systems and software lifecycle tools.

#9 IRIS Business Architect


IRIS Business Architect is a collaborative software platform for the business development teams that allows them to make an impact over process workflow. It is easier now to design, architect, and prioritize with IRIS Busines Architect that is hosted on the cloud or on-premises. IRIS Business Architect provides industry-leading software whether you are doing in finance, insurance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunication organization.

IRIS Business Architect delivers the top-notch products for business that brings the reliable results for the clients to not reduce time and complexity via innovating the business processes. Multiple features are impact analysis, organizational map, value stream, asset map, business innovation model, analysis and measurement, Six Sigma SIPOC Report, data integration, model publishing, model version management, various configuration, and more.

#10 Borland Caliber


Borland Caliber is a leading requirement management software that is making its mark with the capabilities like impact analysis, collaboration, and testing in real-time. This utility platform allows you to make productivity on the fly having all the tools in place, having best in class simulations and storyboards for the direct verification over the use of the applications.

Borland Caliber permits delivery teams with the tools to discover, outline and manage application requirements in a transparent way and also creating the possibility for the teams to analyze real-time changes and capture traceable results. There are multiple features to offer that author windows user interface, tracking, real-time impact, and review with feedback, requirement visualization, integration support, agile strategies, and more to add.

#11 Aligned Elements


Aligned Elements is a leading lifecycle management software application for medical devices that is all set for design history file management. The software benefits you in multiple ways, like it saves your time in documentation, frees up staff, and always stays compliant with the regulations. And stay compliant with the regulations. Aligned Elements is helping you out in creating, managing, and trace the Design Control Items of your Design History File.

You will always spend less time on regulatory documentation, which means you can free up valuable resources for innovation. In one single application, you can integrate and trace all design control items for the entire lifecycle, such as requirement, use case, risks, mitigation, design reviews, and more. There are multiple features on offer that cloud and on-premise support, one repository, intuitive management, scanning, complaint risk management, automatic document generation, reporting, web client, modularization, and more to add.

#12 Case Complete


Case Complete is an agile requirement management tool that comes with the strategic approach to have the analysis to capture the real impact out of it. The software provides you all the tools and features that will set your lifecycle journey as a whole and complete all the compliant regulations drastically. Consistency is the name of the game as far as the Case Complete complete is concerning for gathering a significant set of requirements, so do not worry about your next step; go with the flow.

There is a centralized dashboard for you where you can access things with a matter or click like project browser, roadmap, actors, use case, bugs, and much more. There are multiple features on offer that are a quick start, sharing options, professional organizing, enhanced capabilities, efficient development, easy project management, identify sets and more. You have a different version available for download, so get the quote for it or buy it online.