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Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a cloning program to get the real image of the original data. This software can be used for maintaining the entire backup of PC in an accurate configuration including all of its programs, settings and much more… read more
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26 Acronis True Image Alternatives & Similar Software


EaseUS Disk Copy

EaseUS Disk Copy is a disk cloning application that is used for the sector by sector copy. It enables the users to get a 100% identical copy of the original one. The other stunning features of EaseUS Disk Copy are file-level cloning, sector level cloning, backup disk files to images, system state backup etc.

Eazy Image

Eazy Image is a software for creating backup images of HDD or other storage media in a user-friendly environment. The best about Eazy Image is that it can be also used for partition as well.


Clonezilla is a disaster recovery and disk cloning application that is free to use for getting the real backup of an entire system. Either it is about recovery, cloning or for other deployment usages, Clonezilla s one of the best disaster recovery applications that lets the user to easily clone a single system to many systems simultaneously.


ShadowImage is a great solution for volume replication. The best about ShadowImage is that it provides the users with non-disruptive and RID protected features that make the ShadowImage the best option for open systems and mainframe environments.

Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a simple and secure for partitioning, cloning, rescuing and erasing the data. It is an all-in-one program for managing hard disk. It is integrated with the basic functions of disk partitioning, rescue, cloning, erasing and benchmarking.


Fwbackups is a program for getting the backup of your documents and any kind of data anytime and anywhere. Fwbackups is a free to use application for managing all type of data.

Acronis Migrate Easy

Acronis Migrate Easy is basically a program to make the backup of data or transferring the entire data from one operating system or hard disk to another operating system or hard disk.

Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery is a backup, recovery and data transfer application that is based on the advanced recovering technology of Paragon. By using the Paragon Backup & Recovery, users will get the basics advantage of complete & reliable backup, fast & easy recovery, flexible backup & recovery media and partitioning system.

Seagate DiscWizard

Seagate DiscWizard is a program that assist the users in quickly installing the new drive in their system and transferring all of their data securely from the old one to the new one.


XXClone is a brand new and advanced way of cloning the Widows operating systems disk. This easy to use program allow the users to create the backup of entire volume instantly.

DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML is a backup, cloning and recovery program that is integrated with the advanced features of backup, recovery, and partitioning. The technology being sued by DriveImage XML to perform all these functions in the MS Volume Shadow Services (VSS).


PhoneRescue is the most reliable Android and iOS data recovery tool that saves all your indispensable data and files. It is commercial tools that have thousands of users who can use it to recover files and phone.


SugarSync is a file sharing, online backup and cloud storage solution specially designed for individual users and businesses to sync photos, music and fie across any device. Aside from syncing files and other content, it also offers collaboration tools to help business work effectively on team projects, share online files as well as show links to the documents via the web.


LeapFile is an advanced level file sharing solution that eliminates common sharing problems such as compromised security, size limitations and IT overhead etc. It is also known as an all-in-one solution that contains all the major features and services to manage or transfer your files and folders without any limitations.

Curtain e-locker

Curtain e-locker is a leading Data Loss Prevention solution that prevents the unauthorized use of certain applications and protects sensitive data from leakage. It is a powerful solution; companies can rest assured that the vital business information remains known only to those with privileged access.


CloudEndure is an all-in-one Backup solution that provides live migration and disaster management for all applications. The program is specially designed to help enterprises to mobilize their complete workloads across the precisely, with near perfect uptime and no data loss.


Backup, Test or Restore with one click. IvyBackup is a smart backup program that enables users to perform fast and simple backups of their files in seconds. The solution comes with a user-friendly interface and presents no difficulty in usage, even for novice users.


UpSafe Office 365 and G Suite Cloud Backup is a world’s most leading SaaS backup solution specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses that use Office 365 and Google Suite of application including Gmail.


CloudAlly is a powerful cloud-to-cloud backup, management and recovery software that enable businesses to backup daily data changes from their SaaS systems to Amazon S3. The software makes data backups readily available for export or restoration using only a click.


R-Studio is a complete data backup, and recovery solution initially developed for data recovery experts, data specialists, system administrators and IT professionals. It is a little bit complex solution for less experienced users, but it comes with a step by step wizard to help simplify the learning and implementation process.


CloudRanger is a web-based IT Management or Cloud Management software that helps you streamline disaster recovery, backup policies and server control for the AWS cloud with ease. It is a reliable solution and provides great scheduling and automation tools that aid the operation of IT teams, DevOps and enterprise utilizing the AWS.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition provides seamless desktop access to cloud storage from Google and Amazon providers. It keeps your documents synchronized on various computers and create backups based on the folders or files type selections.


Thru is a world’s most leading web-based, enterprise-grade file sharing solution that is specially created to enable business users to sync effortlessly, exchange and share files from anywhere anytime and any device.


EDI HQ is a comprehensive EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) software solution for EDI mapping, integrations, and translation. It optimizes EDI visibility and simplifies all the complicated business processes in order to give users the full control to implement EDI, meet partners’ requirements and integrate data as well as enhance mission-critical EDI relationships.


Firmex is a powerful Virtual Data Room that enables you to securely and confidently share all kinds of private and confidential documents and files for multiple purposes such as financial compliance, internal reviews, and corporate transactions.


HDclone is a universal application for cloning disk and other removable and mass storage data fastly and easily. This program can be used for backups, data recovery, data restore and many other purposes.

More About Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is a cloning program to get the real image of the original data. This software can be used for maintaining the entire backup of PC in an accurate configuration including all of its programs, settings and much more. Acronis True Image is the best choice for those who are planning to shift their digital data from one computer to another one or simply want to share it. By using Acronis True Image, they will surely get a protection of their digital life with the perfect backup solution of Acronis True Image. The plans of Acronis True Image are available for one computer to five computers. The functions of each plan are almost same. The key features of Acronis True Image are full-disk image backup, universal restore, optimization for Windows 10 and Mac OS X versions, fastest backup, faster recovery, security & privacy, easy & simple recovery, flexible file recovery system, advanced backup technology and much more. The features of Acronis True Image are not limited for PCs only. It even lets the mobile users back up their mobile data and access it from anywhere.

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