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Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors is an extended taskbar utility for controlling monitors by using the all in one featured rich platform of Actual Multiple Monitors. It is a program that provides a full solution to increase the functionality of Windows user interface for comfortable and productive work with manifold-monitor configurations… read more
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16 Actual Multiple Monitors Alternatives & Similar Software


1. DisplayFusion

DisplayFusion is one of the best task managers for controlling two screens. It is an expert in organizing two monitors by adding a taskbar to each of the users’ monitors. The taskbar on each monitor can then be configured to display all program or windows or only that window or program that is located on that computer. The other features of DisplayFusion are third party start menu support, start button, shows desktop button, button grouping, and many more. The other best things about this small program are that it also provide the features of a title bar, task bar and various other customizable functions that are in addition to the default and basic function of the single monitor. The current version of DisplayFusion is also supported with the latest version of Windows 10 as well. The list of other features include a customizable Windows management, precise monitor controls in the shape of setting, multi-monitor taskbars, powerful functions in the shape of customs keys, remote control for even controlling with phone or tablet and much more that are only for the desktop utility of the DisplayFusion.


2. Dual Monitor Taskbar

Dual Monitor Taskbar is a tool for Windows 7 that allows the users to have a taskbar on each screen. Actually, Windows taskbar enables the users to preview and hover focus but sometimes it can become difficult seeing which windows or program in open on which screen only from looking at the one taskbar. That’s why Dual Monitor Taskbar is called as the second monitor for the system as well that make it easy for the users to move from one opened program to another open one more easily and instantly. However, Dual Monitor Taskbar is available for up to Windows 7 version of the Windows operating systems. These users can enjoy the features of the taskbar on the very connected monitor, auto-hide system, Windows manager, notification area, aero support, availability of pinned programs in both monitors, start button and lot of other features and functions that lets the users to control the second screen as they are controlling the first one.


3. Ultramon

Ultramon is a real-time monitor controller designed with the intention of increasing the productivity of the tasks by allowing the users to manage their tasks and time effectively and efficiently. Ultramon is a program for controlling multiple monitors simultaneously. The functions of Ultramon are manage as many applications as you want with the Smart Taskbar, multi-monitor support, a mirror to the main monitor to secondary monitors for presentations, control applications, etc. It is a program especially for the developers and by using this simple application that can efficiently and instantly move from one Windows to another one and in that’s way can maximize the coverage of Windows across the desktop. Single screen always provides the limited applications to the users but by using two monitors and then using Ultramon will mean managing more applications with the Smart Taskbar of the Ultramon. In addition to basic functions, Ultramon contains a proper application control and positioning system as well for a better command and control over the shortcuts. The support for Ultramon is also available in case of screensavers and desktop wallpapers as well and the users are also allowed to mirror their main monitor to secondary monitors for a better presentation.


4. ZBar

ZBar is a tool for those users who wants to use multiple monitors. If you are using two monitors then install ZBar and enjoy using two monitors simultaneously. The functionalities of ZBar are: it will put a taskbar on the top or bottom of all non-primary screens, provide keyboard shortcuts to move windows one screen along, display six a six-month calendar, and many more. ZBar is a tool for those who use quite a few monitors. If you own a single screen, there is nothing to view there. But if you have multiple monitors then your windows will only put the taskbar at the bottom of one of those monitors, and although you are allowed to move Windows to the other monitor, the taskbar button for those windows still lives at the bottom of the primary monitor. Moreover, ZBar manages your desktop wallpaper one image per screen or one image across all screens. When the first time you will install the ZBar, it will automatically put a taskbar across the bottom or top of all non-primary or secondary monitors by which you will be able to move freely on your desktop with more extended command and controls.


5. Aqua Snap

Aqua Snap is a free utility that augments the way you can manage windows on your Desktop. It provides you the ability to move and resize windows in the same way as you like to, without losing a pixel, with simple gestures that make you more proficient. The key features of AquaSnap include dock window to sides or corners of the screen; snap a window to monitor edges or other tools; enlarge windows by double-clicking on the edge; shake a window to make it top-most, and much more. Use AquaSnap and enjoy the features of multitasking and monitors like a professional programmer and designer. It will make you able to split your desktop in one easy gesture by using the drag and drop system. Either you want to get open windows organized on a single platform or want to get unlimited access to controlling over all the connected monitors, AquaSnap will provide you both. Splitting windows or docking the windows is not an easy task as most of the multitask monitors provider don’t provide the users sufficient command and control over the open windows on multi-screens. However, AquaSnap is an application whose features are available for all connected monitors or screens.


6. Swap Screen

Swap Screen is a simple program for swapping between two monitors. It enables the users to handle various windows in a multiple monitor setup. The best features of Swap Screen is moving of the current window to the next screen and minimizing all windows on a single screen only. The options window of Swap Screen contains five tabs: active window tab, move the active window to next screen, move the active window to the previous screen, minimize an active window, and maximize the active window. The basic tools and functions that are being offered by the Swap Screen are a dual launcher, dial wallpaper, dual wallpaper changer, and dual snap. Swap Screen is not about only providing a system for connecting two monitors only rather it provide the features for all connected monitors that lets the users control the secondary connected monitor as they are using the primarily connected monitor. The other great thing here is the integration of hotkeys that means a simplified process for handling windows in a multiple monitor setup. It even includes the cursor or mouse control as well that lets the users lock the mouse on a single screen or enable its resistance for moving between multiple screens. Whenever the Swap Screen will enable, it will put the notification in the system tray automatically.


7. JeS Multi-Monitor Suite

JeS Multi-Monitor Suite is a simple yet effective solution to enhance the productivity by easy setting up the multi-monitor. Availability of multi-monitor taskbars and virtual desktops system are the common features of the most of the multi-monitor applications but what makes the JeS Multi-Monitor Suite special is the system for hotkeys that lets the users to easily control and monitor the multiple monitors by using the short keys simply. For its intuitive features and functions, JeS Multi-Monitor Suite can be said as must have application for the multi-monitor users. There are a lot of reasons to back this statement like the four basic features that are being provided by the JeS Multi-Monitor Suite in the shape of multi-monitor taskbars, virtual desktops, integrated task switcher and in last but not least the customizable functions to extent the productivity. The other three functions in the above mentioned four functions are easy to understand. The unique one is the customizable functions that mean the creation of own different functions to make the control even easier. These functions are basically used to move the windows, resizing the windows and assigning of own hotkeys to easily manage all windows.


8. MurGeeMon

MurGeeMon is a multi-monitor and screen controller for the Windows operating system for getting control over the multi-monitor easily and efficiently. MurGeeMon is a best one multi-monitoring application for those developers, programmers and designers who have to work on multi-monitor in order to get enhanced control over their ongoing project. MurGeeMon lets the users of all type that lets the users to control their multiple monitors, or enable only primary monitor and disable the secondary monitor or off the primary monitor and enable the secondary monitor all in a quick way and full functionalities. This program can be even used to change the screen saver and background of any selected monitor efficiently instead of forcing one wallpaper or screen saver across their entire desktop. The users can even change the resolution of all of their connected monitors as well and can create desktop shortcuts on each of the monitors. The other great system in MurGeeMon is the system of utilizing the power of either dual or more number of connected monitors to the main Windows computer. By using the MurGeeMon, the users can easily navigate to their desired functions easily. They can control the power of all connected monitors. In short, the functions that you use in the primary monitor will be available in the other connected monitors as well.


9. Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools is basically the set of all those features that lets the Windows users to control all of their dual or multiple monitor setups. Dual Monitor Tools is integrated with all those tools that are first open source and then each tool is independent so that the users can easily install and run those that they want most. The main available tools in the Dual Monitor Tools are a module with cursor movement, Dual Monitor Tools Launcher, Dual Monitor Tools Snap, Dual Monitor Tools Swap Screen, Dual Monitor Tools Wallpaper Changer and Dual Monitor Tools Dual Wallpaper. All these modules are basically the functions of the Dual Monitor Tools as well. The best about Dual Monitor Tools is that it first it is open source that lets the users configure the Dual Monitor Tools according to their requirements. The other best thing above all is that it is the pack of those features that are already mentioned above and the users can either go for those functions that they want or they can install all as well. Each tool and function available in Dual Monitor Tools is independent that lets the users install and run only that for which they are looking for.


10. Matrox PowerDesk

Matrox PowerDesk is a robust desktop and multi-monitor setting application that allow the users to easily and effectively manage and configure multi-display setups. It is included with almost all those features and functions that provide the both beginners and professional to enjoy the comprehensive set of tools to control the variety of their monitors and easily configure the connected screens and monitors as well. Matrox PowerDesk even lets the users extend its features as well that are regarding stretched or independent desktops, pivot, clone mode, bezel management, edge overlap and dozens of others. Although Windows has its own multi-monitoring setting and controlling system but still various key features are still missing in the Matrox PowerDesk. However, it is Matrox PowerDesk that provides the users with a high-end and professional level of control over all of their secondary monitors connected with the primary monitors. First of all, Matrox PowerDesk is integrated with those tools that let the users to easily change their display settings specifically. If talk about the support then Matrox PowerDesk supports all type of graphics cards that are often overlooked by the other multi-screen managing programs and the users continuously face the display issues in case of connecting the extra monitor with the primary monitor.


11. MaxiVista Multi Monitor

MaxiVista Multi Monitor is a multi and dual monitoring program that provide the users with those tools that make it able for the users to even connect even up to four computers with each other and create an independent desktop space on all connected computers and monitors. The best about MaxiVista Multi Monitor is that it even lets the users to even connect their laptop with the primary monitor as well. The new system of MaxiVista Multi Monitor that lets the users display a word processing software, mail program, operate media players and utilize the instant messenger on all the desktop of the monitors at the same time from all of the connected monitors and screens. The can even access the massive collection of the Photoshop toolbars. MaxiVista Multi Monitor easily works with the both primary and secondary PC and lets the users to easily setup the multi-monitor. The users can even use up to three extra monitors with the secondary PC to increase the productivity and create more space for the primary PC. After connecting all monitors with each other, still there will be no deficiency in the all connected monitors. MaxiVista Multi Monitor is the best one multi-monitor setup tools for the developers and professional to combined desktop area of a total of even four laptops as well.


12. Input Director

Input Director is a platform to control the multiple monitors and computers and share the one keyboard and mouse across all connected monitors and computers. Input Director lets the users to easily maintain the multiple monitors and positioned them simply by the drag and drop features to get the correct position on the monitor grid as well. It is not a multi-monitor manager only; it also work as a desktop management tool as well for all the connected monitors with the primary monitors as well. The users can even control the all connected monitors and computers by using the one keyboard or mouse that is attached to the one system, Input Director is basically for those developers who are required to have a large screen to carry on their task in a wide space. By using the Input Director, they will come into a position of easily switching between two screens and moving the cursor or keyboard functionalities to from one screen to the other one. By using the Input Director the users can get the advantage of simultaneously lock all computers, synchronize the screen savers and wallpapers across all the connected monitors, and enjoy the various other transitions features as well.


13. Multi-Monitor Eyefinity

Multi-Monitor Eyefinity is the name of the technology that extends the gaming and developing experience of the users by providing them those tools that let them multiply their screen area by basically connecting the extra monitors with the primary monitors and either working on the connected monitors independently or controlling them from the primary monitor. Multi-Monitor Eyefinity is for gamers, general consumers, professional and developers by using which they can easily connect up to five screens or monitors and carry on their task on a more extended area. It is the solution of the traditional desktops where the users are required to keep only one Windows operational in a single time. However, by using the Multi-Monitor Eyefinity, these users can easily multiply their screen area by multiple monitors and can enjoy a greater workstation either for developing or programming purpose or for enjoying the gaming in an advanced and extended screen environment. If you are a developer then by using Multi-Monitor Eyefinity, you will be able to view large scale multiple applications and models across all screens like they were a single display. Just use Multi-Monitor Eyefinity and enjoy the ability to see entire functions in a single time. In the same way, gamers, professionals, and general users can enjoy the advantages of having extended screens or monitors as well.


14. Synergy

Synergy is basically an application that lets the users share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple monitors. In addition to this, it also combines the various other multiple monitors desktop managing devices all in the cohesive experience. Although, Synergy is basically a mouse and keyboard sharing application but it can still be used for performing various other multi-monitor controlling functions as well. In addition to being the multipurpose application, Synergy is a multiplatform as well that is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems. Use Synergy and easily use one mouse and keyboard from one screen to another screen of the same operating system or even multiple operating systems as well. The main advantage of using Synergy is that it provide the seamless experience, highly compatible with three major operating systems, highly synchronized, convenient that support the drag and drop features, and secure in which most of the functions are encrypted. Synergy is available in two plans that are Synergy Basic and Synergy Pro that are available against $10 and $29. Both versions includes the features of clipboard sharing, auto configuration, drag & drop feature, screen saver synchronization, run as service, hot keys system, and SSL encryption.


15. MultiMon Taskbar

MultiMon Taskbar is a multi-monitor controller that is integrated with the better visual integration features. The main function of MultiMon Taskbar is to show applications from all monitors. It enables the users for normal windows extension to multiple monitors with the multi taskbar. All windows or programs are displayed on the primary monitor’s taskbar regardless on which monitor they are opened. MultiMon Taskbar ranges from the free version to paid version and the how much monitor you can control by using MultiMon Taskbar depends on the plan for which you go for. But the best thing about all plans is that despite the fact that the features of each are different from each other but still MultiMon Taskbar make it is easy for the users to get the support of taskbar in the primary monitor and get the display of all applications installed from all monitors. In addition to simply connecting the other monitor, there is also a system for adding another extended taskbar to the extended monitor as well. Either you want to extend the normal windows to the multiple monitors or want a taskbar on all the connected monitors it is up to you. The option for resizing the windows, moving easily to monitors and even connected via remote desktop are available in the pro version.


16. Actual Window Manager

Actual Window Manager is a multi-monitor and virtual desktop manager and controller that allows you to add new buttons to any windows title bar apart from adding transparency effect to any window, minimize any window to tray or to any corner of the desktop. The application contains the features including clipboard manager, desktop divider, and file folders, individual settings for each window, multiple monitors, additional title buttons, virtual desktops and much more. In addition to provident the users with the system of controlling their multiple monitors, Actual Window Manager provides the users with almost fifty desktop management tools to manage their desktop of multiple monitors in the best way by deploying the automation and window manipulations tools of the Actual Window Manager. Having an only multi-screen or monitor provider is not enough unless it provides the users with the features of multi-monitor setup. But Actual Window Manager is a fully functional desktop monitor for multiple monitors. It is a way to increase the productivity by many times. The other features that will increase the productivity are the availability of fully functional taskbar for each connected monitor, separate screen saver & desktop background management, and various other features for multiple monitors management.

More About Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors is an extended taskbar utility for controlling monitors by using the all in one featured rich platform of Actual Multiple Monitors. It is a program that provides a full solution to increase the functionality of Windows user interface for comfortable and productive work with manifold-monitor configurations. Actual Multiple Monitors makes it easy to move from one window to another. Actual Multiple Monitors puts taskbar to other monitor and the second taskbar contains all attributes of basic taskbar like Start button, toolbars, clock and tray along with notification icons. The features and functions of Actual Multiple Monitors are additional title bar buttons, custom hotkeys, multi-monitor gaming, desktop divider, window snapping, multi-monitor wallpaper, multi-monitor screen saver, and desktop mirroring. Actual Multiple Monitors is especially for those users especially designer, programmers and developers that want to get a fully functional taskbar along with a start menu and system tray on each connected monitor. By using the Actual Multiple Monitors, in addition to getting the basic requirements of a task bar and start menu, users can quickly move windows between monitors. What can be more advanced about Actual Multiple Monitors that you can chat or surf the web on one monitor and can play the game on the other one?